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Daygame in Warsaw - Field Report

Updated: Mar 29

For a number of years, Warsaw is the best daygame location in Europe for Men who want to meet beautiful women and get laid. A true pinnacle for quality Daygame.

The following events happened during my Daygame Infield Training Bootcamp in Warsaw.

DAY 1 - Warsaw Daygame Grand Opening

I arrived in Warsaw in July at Friday 4:40 PM to coach my client Mark. The flight was slightly delayed. On the flight, there was a busty Polish blonde that already caught my eye but she was wearing a wedding ring so I skipped approaching her. Anyway, it was a good omen as a set of big jugs always brings me luck. I was well rested with my batteries fully charged so I knew I was going to do some epic daygame and put a flag in Warsaw. I was also excited to meet my client Mark and coach him to become a massive player. He was one of those good, well-prepared clients who did not waste time. He read my ebook HOW TO SEDUCE WOMEN a few times so I know he is ready to hit the ground running.

I sensed a pussy in the air the very moment I exited the Warsaw airport to get an Uber. Hot Polish and Ukrainian girls were all around the taxi station.

I took an Uber and went straight to my apartment. The apartment I rented was 2km north of Zlote Terasy mall, a brand new furnished 35m2 studio for €50/day which was a steal. Dropped the suitcase, changed my T-shirt, and applied my longest-lasting perfume for players: Armaf Club de Nuit Intense. Took another Uber and finally I was at a rallying point with my client - Zlote Terasy Mall. On my way between the Uber and the mall entrance, I spotted a hot Ukrainian baddie and immediately approached her with a direct opener about her looks. She didn't understand English very well so I told her "krasyvi divchata" which made her smile and immediately transitioned to Google Translate. Even though she didn't understand my original opener in English she felt well my decisiveness and "ferociousness" of my cold approach. She felt there is "pussy" on my mind, her eyes lit up and she submitted giggling and smiling. I think my Philipp Plein watch: The $kull also made it easier as it's a massive bling and DHV out of the box (particularly when gaming baddies).

Her name is Tanya and she had that typical teen pornstar look with tattoos and naughty eyelashes and eyes.

My client Mark was waiting for me so I just brought her with me on a quick coffee instant date where I could fast escalate and kiss her before I took the number to turn her on (in order to secure the later date and smash) and then got rid of her fast because my Clients coaching comes first. We sat together in the Costa Coffee outside row and I went inside to take 2 coffees I met and greeted my client Mark inside Costa explaining to him that I just picked up a hot one on my way to the mall and that instadate won't take long as I'm an expert in fast physical escalation and fast kissing. Mark agreed and it was good for him to see my capabilities as a coach out from the very beginning. 1 hour fresh out of the airport and I'm already on an istadate touching and kiss closing hot Ukrainian Pornstar grade girl. To have results like this It is important to get rid of any approach anxiety. If you are experiencing approach anxiety make sure to read my ebook JUST FUCKING DO IT™ - How to Get Rid of Approach Anxiety Once and For All and break free from fear to seize life's incredible opportunities!

Warsaw Daygame Infield

I number-closed her because there was no time to pull and smash since I had to coach my client Mark which was a priority.

I knew my next 3 days in Warsaw were going to be Epic! My whole life I was gaming and banging hot girls on 5 continents but as a 38y old man at the pinnacle of his Player career (just before I'm about to get married) I sensed the perfect pussy storm coming my way. Anyway I kiss closed her, took her WhatsApp, and agreed to meet in the following days. (Later that evening she sent me this booty call video on WhatsApp, but I was busy coaching my client Mark)

This is the power of almost 2 decades of experience. This is what I will teach you. How to execute every step in the seduction process and how to do it fast in order to leave a very strong impression on the women you are interacting with.

After I got rid of her, Mark asked me a few questions he had after reading my ebook several times. I answered his questions in an educative simple and applicable way. We were talking about direct cold approach, text game, and pulling girls home. I was just finishing my last answer and a hot girl walked next to our table and touched her hair as IOI (I told Mark with a smirk: "You should go for this one"). He charged like a hurricane toward her and opened. This made me very happy as a coach. How my sheer presence and contagious social energy affect my students. A few minutes later Mark's number closed her and arranged a date 1h later. 😂 He learned my seduction process well from the ebook and man was determined to slay. This is precisely my ideal type of client.

So 40 minutes infield with me my client already number closed his first set and arranged a date. This is the power of our proprietary seduction SYSTEM.

We decided to to the aligator daygame in the mall this Friday evening. As we were scouting the crowd for Polish hotties I noticed another baddie: big bust, fake eyelashes, naughty face, and a fallen alternative Barbie pornstar styling. A proper Polish 9. This was too much of a bite for my client so I stormed to her location and opened her with direct oppener in English, gave her a strong eye contact, and slightly touched her forearm to communicate my intentions right from the very start. Her name is Pola (couldn't think of a more Polish name 😅). We talked and she was giggling and told me she is the owner of a dance studio. 2 min into the interaction and I took her number and touched her lower back - my signature move. We agreed to text each other tomorrow and meet for a coffee. Here (I will post a screenshot from her WhatsApp profile)

You can learn how I number close hotties fast and easily in my Number Close Mastery video course.

Daygaming Warsaw

This is how you fill your dating pipeline, my potential student. Short and to-the-point interactions with hot girls without any beating around the bush!

Getting back to my client Mark it was his turn to pick and approach. He spotted a really nice posh Polish girl in nice expensive clothing. He charged to approach her and stopped her. I was excited. They talked for 6-7 min. I was observing like a hawk in order to provide my client a valuable insight into his and her body language. Anyway, he number closed her and came back to our basepoint - Costa Coffee. He told me she was in Warsaw only for the weekend attending a wedding. I replied he should text her and arrange a date ASAP as a girl told him her timeframe to smash. 😊 I told him what to text her and they agreed over WhatsApp to go to some restaurant later this evening. I could tell Mark read my ebook and was practicing before we met. However, some body language mistakes are hard to correct on your own as you need a third-person view perspective and a very skilled mentor. I advised Mark not to put his hands at his back or in his pockets as it communicates that you are hiding something and the girls might perceive him as dishonest or as if you have some vile agenda. Also, I told Mark not to keep his arms crossed during interaction with girls as it is a bad signal that there is no agreement or communication. Instead, you should move your hands around, gesticulate, and slightly playfully touch a girl. He accepted constructive critique yet in a grand scheme his approaches were already very good because he nailed every other aspect well as he studied the process from my ebook. One and a half hours later Mark went on a date with 1st girl he just met earlier and I went to the fast food area to have dinner. On my way to the fast food section in the mall, I approached 2 more girls. One was in some hurry, other one was receptive and liked attention but she told me she had a boyfriend so I abandoned the set not to waste too much time with her.

40 min later Mark texted me he finished 1st date and we should gather at Costa Coffee. I told him to try to arrange a date with the second girl. And he arranged another date for the same evening 😎. I thought to myself: "The force is strong in this one! With my teaching, the great player will he become. "

We agreed to start moving soon from the Zlote mall to the Nowy Swiat Street (which is a main nightgame zone) where he arranged a date with a second girl he number closed.

Before we left the mall Mark approached another hottie with a suitcase just in front of the revolving door entrance. The girl was kind of gold-diggerishly dressed up and I could tell she was eyescanning Mark's clothes which was modest. He didn't number close her and came back. Then we had a short talk about Pimping his dressing style and scent in order to be able to game and get noticed by hot girls like this one. I explained to him why "London Heroes" and guys like Todd V fall short when it comes to gaming 8+ grade hotties. He agreed to Pimp his style the next day. 😎

We left the mall and did daygame along the way. First I approached another hot Polish blonde Veronica by doing direct game stack and number-closed her in less than 2 min.

Warsaw Daygame

Mark also approached a nice young girl but didn't number closed.

We passed a pedestrian crossing to the park just right from Palac Kultury i Nauki building. I spotted 2 young hotties (one with the snake tattoo on her forearm) heading towards the free bench in the park. I approached the naughty-looking one with an opener in English but she replied in Polish that she barely understands English. I tried to transition to Google Translate but she seemed uninterested. Then Mark approached, opened them in Polish language, and saved the set! What an epic team player. After 1 min of talking in Polish, he reignited the girls and after 5 min of talking, he got the naughty one to write him a number on his phone. Real-life pimping at its finest. Made me proud.

On our way there I approached 2 girls in an open restaurant. She smiled but told me she had a boyfriend so I moved on.

When we reached Foksal Street after the crossing with Nowy Swiat I spotted a super hot slim blonde in an open window of the local restaurant. I went and opened her and her friend. Mark joined the conversation. They told us they were students. They were receptive to our advances. The blonde hot one was Polish. Her name is Angelina and after a few min of talking she gave me the number and agreed to meet tomorrow.

Her WhatsApp profile photo. I think she is some yoga girl or something.

Warsaw Daygame

Me and Mark separated after this set. He went on a date he arranged previously and I decided to stroll Nowy Swiat bar area and approach other hotties.

On the next pedestrian passage, I spotted 2 super hot busty girls on bicycles waiting for a green light. I immediately approached them and opened the hotter one. She is a Belarus girl named Claudia. They were going to some bar in Fabryka Norblina block and invited me to come. I knew it would be easier to pull her if she was alone so I politely declined and instead gave her my phone to write me her number while I was holding her bike and thigh (to keep her on her bike because she is too short and petite to touch the ground with her feet. All 3 of us were laughing. Number closed in 2 min with my standard SYSTEM

Warsaw Daygame Number Close

I moved on further to Nowy Swiat Street.

To fully understand the next event I will go a few days earlier, when I was in Prague I was a little bit saturated with European blondes and had a desire to smash a hot busty Latina with a big booty - a propper Colombian or Brazilian Latina (those who know me know I have a weakness for Latinas calientes 😂) which was impossible in Europe. Funny how the God of Game will send you what you project in your mind if you desire it strongly. I literally manifested what was about to come my way.

20 min later I spotted this mega busty, mega bootilicious, and mega caliente Venezuelan girl Chantal. I approached her like a hurricane.

Warsaw Daygame
Warsaw Daygame

(You see what magnitude of tits I'm talking about)

I did my fast escalation. 4 min walking together my arm was on her lower back. And we were flirting heavily. Pulled her to the first bar - Cocktail Bar Max and Dom Whisky where we had a 1 cocktail. Ah, those Latinas and pina coladas 🥰 She took a margarita cocktail. We talked and gently playfully touched.

I put my hand on her booty and left it there. Her eyes lit up. I was then gently caressing her lower thigh. She was enjoying herself. She touched my chest and asked me where I lived. At that moment I knew it was time to pull. I showed her a map I was close to and told her: "Let's go to my place to kiss and cuddle a little bit". She agreed. I ordered an Uber and kept my hand on her, touching her all over while waiting for Uber in order not to break the seduction. She even quickly voice messaged her sister telling her in Spanish that she had met a seductive "Diablo" 😅 and she would come home later.

We entered the Uber and started moving. I kissed her slowly and kept my hand on hers. Took her into my apartment and a few minutes after we had a glass of water we proceeded to undress in my bed. What a smoking voluptuous body she had. Big round tits with large areolas. I was mesmerized. Her booty was round and meaty, a proper Latina booty. We had some serious vaginal pounding and probably woke some neighbors. I came inside her.

After 40 min we finished in bless and cuddled a little bit more. She told me she must go home. I called her an Uber and we both dressed up and went outside to wait for Uber. I kissed her passionately and wished her a good night.

Now what you learn as a seasoned player is that when it rains it pours'! I decided to head back to Nowy Swiat and see what else I was gonna pull tonight.

I walked until the end and reached another superb nightgame area around Newonce Bar. The area was densely packed with hotties. I spotted 2 hot girls outside and I approached them like a Hawk. I approached the hotter one with perfect legs and with a direct opener in English. It turned out the hotter one had a boyfriend. They were both giggling and enjoying the attention. I usually drop the set as soon as the girl tells me she has a boyfriend but for a god-knowing reason I decided to stay in the set. We were talking for 5-6 min when the third friend joined the set. OMG, what a hottie! 🥰🥰 When I saw her it was a jaw-dropping moment. Dark-haired Polish girl with a curvy body and a pornstar-grade face that resembles that of Sofia Vergara!

I immediately switched my attention to her. I hugged her (and slightly touched her booty to look unintentional) and introduced myself. Her name is Julija.

I told her she looked like a Polish Latina and how much I liked her eyes, brows, lashes, and lips. I even took my phone and typed in Google "Sofia Vergara" and showed the group the resemblance. Another girl took her phone and did a shot of us with me holding my phone with Sofia Vergara's photo next to Julijas who was mesmerized. The entire group was enjoying the time. Then I asked her: "You probably have a boyfriend as well?". The whole group was laughing. Julija replied, "No I don't". I was like: "I just found my future wife". And the group was laughing. I knew it was going to be nearly impossible to separate and pull her from 2 friends so I went for some slight touching and a number close. I knew this girl was gonna be LONG GAME™ 

Warsaw Daygame

Neck kissed her and moved on. I was on fire from sex with a Venezuelan girl. And clearly, that state was intoxicating for other girls. As if they could smell the pussy on you and easily recognize the winner in the crowd. I just don't know how to explain this avalanche effect.

Next girl, I approached in the street and got a number from Malwina. She was a piano player in the orchestra. Very posh rich dressed and educated girl. I approached her savagely and got the number in a few minutes.

Unfortunately, she was going to meet her friends and invited me to join them. I declined because I was on a mission to put the flag in Warsaw (properly with a proper Polish girl. Because Latina and Ukrainians do not count as Poles) 😂

Warsaw Daygame

My Epic quest continues. I was tired from walking and thirsty. I sat in Subway sandwiches outside and took a bottle of water. After a few minutes, a drunk Polish girl with a bloody knee came with her sandwich and sat next to me. She was naughty-looking with a thigh tattoo and pierced nipples which I could see through her thin shirt because she wasn't wearing a bra. At that point, my phone battery was gone and my phone shut down. I knew I must jump her like a lion and pull home.

I just gave her a deep look in her eyes and hugged her. This was my opener. She sensed my lust for her and smiled. I asked her what she did with her knee and she told me she slipped on the edge of the stairs when going to the bathroom in one of the clubs. She was very receptive to my touch and I decided to french kiss her shortly after that. This was a game on a primal level. It is hard to explain this to noobies. Seasoned players will know what I am talking about.

She started touching my face and my thigh while we were kissing passionately while people were walking by. I even put my hand on her pussy over her dress for a moment. It was time to pull! But my bloody phone went 0% before I met her so I had to find a regular taxi because calling an Uber was not an option as my phone died.

We went searching the taxis in the street. Fortune favours the brave and we found a taxi. In the taxi, we continued to kiss and cuddle. At one point taxi driver peaked in the mirror like he wanted to say "Calm down kids wait until you get home" but he didn't say anything.

Finally, we get to my building. My dick was drooling with pre-ejaculate from previous sex with a Venezuelan girl. When we entered my apartment she straight removed her shirt. Her big tits with pierced nipples popped out. She sat on my bed and started unzipping my shorts. She gave me a nice sloppy blowjob after which I ate her pussy. I put the condom and stuck it in her wet drooling pussy. We had a long sex (because the second time I always came harder) and changed multiple positions. She came 2 times. The second time very loud.

She had to pounce extra hard to make me cum. Finally, I came while in her. What a blessing. She was completely worn out and tired. We cuddled a little bit and then she told me she had to work in the morning. She works in a bakery. I was wasted. My phone was empty. Didn't even take her number or ask her name at any point so I don't have a WhatsApp photo. The girl was 6/10 at best but busty short and very horny. We were just 2 horny strangers on a warm Warsaw night eager to get laid.

She called herself a taxi and left. I was so tired that I barely got my last strength to stand up and get a shower. After that, I passed out and slept until 10 AM.

Woke up and writing this as today is Saturday and we continue our Epic smashing in Warsaw.

DAY 2 - Warsaw Daygame Saturday Burnout

The next day we continued the coaching session by hitting the area around the Zlote mall hard. My client Mark got a bunch of numbers from yesterday so he already had a few dates lined up for today. Same for me. We wanted more instadates and numbers in the pipeline so we can schedule many dates (because some of them will flake). This is to be expected.

I approached a hot petite Polish blonde Vicky with my standard approach and got her WhatsApp number in a few minutes. She was heading to meet her friends so there was no chance of instadate. This is her WhatsApp profile photo:

Warsaw Daygame

Mark approached a few more girls and got 2 more numbers. He headed for a date with a girl she picked up and the number closed yesterday.

While waiting for Mark, I've decided to do some alligator daygame (approaching women from a table in a coffee shop). I spotted a tall girl with big tits. Normally I'm not into tall girls but the tits were my kryptonite so I went after that. Direct approach and 5 minutes of talk I pulled her on an instant date in a coffee shop. Her name is Diana and she is a Ukrainian girl from Lviv who came to do some shopping in Warsaw.

Daygame Poland

We had an interesting conversation. I fast escalated with touching her and cuddling her thigh. She was giggling and she showed me what she purchased - red lingerie panties and a big bra for her melons. Her tits were so big compared to her waist that she was wearing this shirt to conceal them from the sides. 😅 Anyways later in the conversation I found out she needed to get on the last train to Lviv which was quite early so SDL was not possible due to time constraints. I chose to end the date in order to not waste any more time. As I had 1 more day in Warsaw so couldn't close this one.

I got back to my client Mark and we did more daygame in the mall. We both get more number closes.

I approached this Ukrainian hottie Anastasia (also from Lviv) and number closed her by using the technique I described in my ebook (didn't push for instadate since she was getting on the same last train as the one I went on a date before)

Daygame in Warsaw

When daygaming, sometimes you just get a streak of bad luck and there is nothing you can do but to continue daygaming other women.

Earlier that day I applied Texting Mastery to get Veronica on a date.

Later at 7 pm, I went on a first date with Veronica, one of the girls I met a day before.

(My client Mark also had a date lined up at 8 pm so we split here and agreed to meet later at 10 pm in Nowy Swiat to do nightgame.)

She is an ultra-fit 44kg runway model-looking girl. Slim as fuck. She is quite educated with flawless English so the date was easy. She taught me some words in Ukrainian. I managed to physically escalate by touching her and french kissing her from 2nd attempt but she just won't let me pull her home. So after 1 and a half hours, I ended the date with the false time constraint and marked her contact for Long Game so I could smash her the next time I visited Warsaw.

After her, I had 1 and a half hours to have dinner and roam and cold approach girls before I met with my client again so I decided to use it wisely.

On my way to Nowy Swiat bar area, I saw this cute Ukrainian girl Angelina so I approached her with my fast escalation sequence. 10 min later she was eating from my palm. 😅 15 min into the interaction I found she is a single mom so I decided to pass. Milfs are not really my thing and the night was young so I expected more opportunities.

When you go to a place like Warsaw with an abundance of beautiful women, you become very picky and your criteria will rise because you can cherry-pick.

I rejoined with my client Mark at the agreed place and we hit Nowy Swiat. It was super crowded and hectic. The first hour we didn't have any luck. So we decided to change the venue and go to Discoverer's Park next to the river bank to try our luck there. Once we got there we scouted the area. Mh client Mark approached a very nicely dressed solo girl who was waiting for her friends. There was no time to waste. He opened her and initiated a conversation. I could tell it was on by her body language. In 15min Mark number closed her and arranged a date for tomorrow. I was quite pleased with how fast he progressed by learning from the old Player - me. At midnight the riverbank venue started to slow down so we headed back to Nowy Swiat. We did a walk through Nowy Swiat. I approached two 2-sets with no luck. And Mark approached one 2-set with no luck. We headed over to Newonce Bar block area. This area was densely packed with bars and clubs and super crowded. At the entrance, Mark approached a nice solo girl who stayed in the set for 20 min and got her number. I was roaming nearby but couldn't find any hot girls in that crowd.

Eventually, I saw two hot sisters with black hair and bronze tan big round booties, and very small waists. They stood out in the crowd. I thought: "Definitely not Polish". One of them was already interacting with one guy. But the hotter one appeared bored with her arms crossed. I approached her and she told me they were from Portugal but their one parent was British. I did my best but the girl gave me friction so I just said "Listen just take it as a compliment" and abandoned the set. It was 2 AM, I was tired as fuck with low energy. I smashed twice the day before and wasn't really super motivated. So me and Mark decided to end the coaching session, sleep well, and start at 2 pm tomorrow on Sunday.

DAY 3 - Warsaw Daygame Epic Finale

That Sunday I slept until 11 AM. Took a shower and went to the Zlote mall to have a massive lunch. After that, I took a huge sorbet ice cream portion to top up my energy.

On my way to the Costa Coffee, I met a hot Polish bombshell, a proper 9. I approached her like a storm. This is one of the moments when you are fully rested and really like the girl so you are super motivated. I did my AAA game. And the girl could just feel that enthusiasm.

Two minutes after I pulled her on an instant date.

Warsaw Daygame

We had an engaging conversation while I was touching her arm, her lower back, and her thigh and grabbed her around her small waist. She was giggling and enjoying our time. I mouth kissed her on a high note in the interaction and made sure she had a memorable experience.

I got the celebrity treatment because of my style and game. I'm dressed as if I own the mall. And my game is congruent with my style.

The girl was so into me that she asked to make a video, pulled out her iPhone, and recorded this.

I can't stress enough the importance of Pimping My Style before I went to Poland (or any Eastern European country). Make sure to always PIMP Your Style in order to be able to game the hottest women.

After that, I went to meet with my client Mark. He had 3 dates lined up for today! 3 dates! The guy who struggled with women, and after 2 days of learning from me he already has 3 dates. His first date was in 1 hour. We sat and talked about his sticking points. He already mastered cold approaching (with some minor mistakes) so I gave him instructions about alpha body language. His current sticking point was how to gradually and smoothly physically escalate on a date and when and how to kiss a girl in order to turn her on and pull her home. He was failing at this step in the seduction process on his last few dates.

I gave him the following instructions on how to smoothly touch a girl, starting with accidental touch and lingering touch and building towards very sexual touching like touching a girl's inner thighs on a date, and how to make it look completely natural. I also instructed him how to gauge girls' receptiveness when to go for a kiss and how long to kiss a girl. Also how to recover and retry if he screws up and the girl rejects the kiss the first time. These are all critical steps you must do before you pull a girl home to get laid.

Mark went on 2 dates which he lined up one after another like a pro player.

The foot traffic in the mall was slow because stores are closed on Sunday so I decided to head towards the old city center and game there. When I got to the city center I walked for about 30 min looking for talent.

I saw a super hot Asian girl with two ponytails, socks, and that naughty Asian Teen look and suddenly I got Asian Fever. 🤣 I will always go for a good exotic Asian (same for Latinas). She was with her friend. Seating near the local monument statue. I approached her with a direct opener introduced myself and asked to join them. Her name was Na Na and she is 27y. The girl was smiling and said something in some Asian language with a confirmative head nod. They were both from Vietnam and working in some Asian food store in Warsaw. They were eating some dried octopus chips and offered me some. It smelled like fish food but the taste was ok.

She was so hot with her petite body, short cheerleader skirt, and white socks. I transitioned to Google Translate and started my seduction process. She was in the middle with her friend left of her and me right of her. I was slowly and gently touching her body. Transitioning from her arms to her lower back to her thighs.

Daygame at night in Warsaw

At one point I rested my hand next to her ass while partially touching her ass over the short skirt. She was enjoying herself as her friend couldn't see what was going on as she was on her other side. At one point I slipped my hand below her skirt, gently grabbed her ass, and left my hand there. She had a tight small but perky ass. She was giggling like crazy. So I used the high point in the interaction to make a short video about the octopus chips.

At one point my client Mark asked me about one of the advanced physical escalations moves from my ebook when you put your head in a girl's lap. So I decided to do it, take a shot, and send him an example.

Date in Warsaw

The girls love this move but you need to hit the timing right otherwise girls will reject it if done too early.

It was really on and I wish it was only two of us. Even dough her friend was polite and didn't cock block me at all, she wouldn't leave us alone and she was looking at us like a hawk because she sensed I'm a player who wants to smash and dash. 😅 I tried to pull Na Na but she wouldn't leave her friend. (If it was only 2 of us this would be an easy lay). I decided to number close and bounce. I have only a short time tonight in Warsaw (flying tomorrow) so I was looking only for an SDL (same-day lay ) opportunity.

I met with Mark to conclude his infield coaching. We summarized how many numbers he got and how many dates he had over the course of 3 days. What did he learn and what were his current sticking points I gave him actionable advice on how to improve his game to overcome his current sticking points. He got almost 20 numbers and went on 9 dates during our boot camp which is an insane good result for a guy who used to be a noobie. But again his extreme motivation and my coaching propelled him to do so. He was already getting the taste of Player Lifestyle.

He had one more date after our final meeting. I encouraged him to go for the close and pull the girl home and I told him all possible objections and LMR (last-minute resistance) scenarios that might happen so he was well prepared to overcome them.

We parted ways and I decided to walk home and approach and pull women along the way. There was no time for clubs and areas distant from my apartment.

I was 20 min on my way home when I saw a hot busty blonde in a bright yellow dress with perfect meaty ass and small waist. It was GAME ON! She turned around and gave me a look. I instantly charged to her and opened her with my standard daygame approach. Her name is Veronica, she was carrying the near empty bottle of red wine and was thrilled when I approached and opened her. She was like a Polish dream. A propper busty, bootylicious petite Polish blonde bombshell with a cute face. She was exactly the type of Polish girl I was looking for. This was why I came. The Gods of Game have heeded my call and sent me what I was after.

Hot Polish Blonde

I talked with her for 2 min. She told me it was her last night in Warsaw before she left for Krakow. She offered me to try her red wine. It was some Spanish wine, quite sweet and I liked it. She told me she was happy to leave Warsaw and slightly touched me. I grabbed her around her waist with my both hands and started slowly dancing with her in the middle of the street. She was so busty and sexy that I lifted her and spun her 360° and brought her back to the ground. I told her she was light. She tried to convince me otherwise. She turned around and showed me her booty and slapped her ass cheek. I grabbed her for her hand pulled her into me and kissed her passionately. It was a long French kiss. I could tell she likes me and she enjoys my energy. It was time to pull her home with me. All stars were aligned and my apartment was near.

I recorded this selfie video on our way to my place

We entered my apartment, had a glass of water, and immediately started to kiss passionately. I grabbed her neck gently while we were kissing. I grabbed her tits with my hands. Ah, what a blessing from the Gods of Game. Big firm natural tits. Exactly how I love it. We went into the bed and started to slowly undress each other. I gave her some dry rubbing and gently fingered her afterward. She was moaning from pleasure. She was so beautiful naked exposed and at the same time powerful (because of her hourglass figure) and vulnerable (because of the way she submitted to me).

We had passionate sex and cuddled afterward. I was playing with her nipples and areolas while we were gently talking. I genuinely liked her. She could as well become my trophy Polish bombshell wife. 😅

At 3 AM she took an Uber and left. We had a hard time letting each other go.

When she left I checked my phone. Saw a message from my client Mark. He pulled a girl from his last date home! 🤗 Grand slam! Made me so proud.

I am genuinely grateful to Poland. I have so much in this country. I got more than I bargained for. I feel deep appreciation and love for Poland and its beautiful women. Maybe I was not born in Poland but I could definitely end here. For me, Poland is and remains the Ultimate Daygame country in Europe and in the world. The pinnacle of busty blonde bombshells. A true pussy paradise.

But my Epic Daygame adventure in Warsaw doesn't end here. Keep reading...

DAY 4 - Leaving Warsaw

I woke up, showered, packed, and left my apartment. Went straight to the mall to have breakfast and a coffee. I had 40 min before I had to be at the airport so I decided to Daygame for 30 min. In the first 10 minutes, I hit this hot Polish fitness girl Daria, and number close her.

Warsaw Daygame

Decided to keep her as a lead for Long Game for the next time I come to Warsaw.

Called an Uber to pick me up in front of the Zlote mall. While waiting for Uber I spotted a hot redhead walking by. I approached her with a standard Ardent approach and opened up. She smiled and told me she is a Ukrainian girl Halina. I introduced myself and went straight for number close as my Uber was just about to arrive. This is her WhatsApp profile photo.

Warsaw Daygame

I went to the Warsaw airport and passed passport control 1h before my flight. I had some time to stroll the Duty-Free Shops and Daygame at the airport. I found nothing really interesting since my last lay skyrocketed my criteria. When I was back to my gate I noticed a hot blonde with bright green cat eyes in the last row of seats. She felt my gaze and slightly looked at me and excitedly touched her hair. She was a proper 8.5/10 girl in expensive designer clothing and with a Dior handbag. I went through the gate to the airport shuttle bus. 30 sec after she entered the shuttle bus and came right next to me. I knew this is because I have PIMPED My Style well, which is an integral part of my game.

I opened her in English with a direct compliment about her big green eyes and asked her where she came from. She told me she was Latvian and smiled. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Anastasia. The entire shuttle bus was staring at her. When we were in front of the plane I helped her with her cabin suitcase and asked her what is her seat number. I had to position myself to enter the plane first and occupy the seat next to hers (which was not mine) and ask the person whose seat that was to go take my seat. And this is exactly what happened. The guy accepted. Me and Anastasia were together next to each other in a plane that was delayed for almost a full hour. What a blessing from the Gods of Game 🤗🙏🙌.

Warsaw Daygame

Again I got celebrity treatment because of my game and how I roll.

We talked and joked and touched each other a lot. I jokingly grabbed her hand while the plane was taking off. I gently touched her eyebrow and hair. And finally her inner thigh. I just rested my arm there while we were talking. To cut the story short we were both heading to Prague and near the end of the flight I primed her so much that I invited her to stay with me in the apartment I rented and she accepted. 😄 I haven't even landed yet in Prague and I already have secured a lay.

This is my future student some next-level daygame I'm going to teach you. I will turn you into a massive player with my world-renewed


Apply now and save yourself a decade of trial and error with women.

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

World Daygame Champion 2021, 2022 & 2023

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