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99% of the Dating Coaches for Men just talk the talk but don't walk the walk.
I walk the walk 😎. But this is not about me.

This is about what I can teach you!


This is my promise.
Andreas Ardent
World's Best Dating Coach for Men


As a shy introvert with no dating skills I struggled with women in my 20s. My loneliness and suffering was profound, so if you are reading this, I know exactly how you feel. Note that you will never be happy or fulfilled as a man until you learn how to get the women you like.

In 2016. I embarked on an epic mission: to test and perfect my SEDUCTION SYSTEM and pickup women and get laid in every major country worldwide. To this day, I have the most advanced seduction system in the world which greatly surpass Mystery Method and London/NYC Daygame Model in terms of success rate. With my SEDUCTION SYSTEM I want to cure global epidemic of single men and incels and turn the tide for this groups of men. I solve the biggest problems of modern men - how to get laid and how to get a beautiful girlfriend or a wife. I want to save you a decade of grind and learning by trial and error!

You're incredibly fortunate to have found this website, as the knowledge and empowerment my ebooks and coaching and blog content offers is unmatched and it will truly bring you an abundance of women, no matter where you are!

The skillset I will teach you is applicable to seduce any woman, regardless of age, nationality, language, religion or race, beauty or body type, sexual experience, education, profession or background, etc.

However, there are certain specifics from region to region which I can also teach you.

My goal is to pass my tremendous experience to my Clients so that my Clients can excel in interacting with beautiful women with learned skill set.

This is a learnable skill set so don't worry, you won't die alone or have a fat wife.

I am on the epic mission to help men worldwide to get laid and ultimately get a beautiful girlfriend or wife and have a fulfilling life. I will teach you how to do this. This is my superpower.


So far I successfully seduced, slept and had relationships with girls from the countries marked with green. All of the girls I have been with so far, regardless of nationality, race, or religion, were exquisite and unique and the sole center of my attention at the time. I enjoyed our moments together very much and it is my duty as gentlemen and ladies men to be discreet and keep their identity our secret. No names will appear here at any point.

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