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Become the Alpha Male: Unlock confidence, attract beautiful women, and unleash your full potential.

Apply now for Alpha Male Training.

There are only 2 types of males: Alpha males, wanted by all beautiful women and all other males, despised by most of the women.

You've established your business or career, finally got your big house / penthouse, a one or few supercars, maybe you've even built your body in the gym and finally figured out beautiful women don't give a fuck. Women are not chasing you and you still suck with beautiful women. Now what?

Learn how to become a Wanted Alpha Male that gets beautiful women and make your dreams come true!

How do I know this? Well, I have been in your shoes. I will personally Train and Mentor you over the course of 1 year in this Exclusive, one of a kind, Alpha Male Training and Mentorship Program (from a self made Alpha Male to aspiring Alpha Males)

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Alpha Male Training and Mentorship Program


Alpha Male is the most assertive, dominant or powerful man in a particular group. A male having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy and access to females.

Note that if you don't have access to beautiful females, you are inherently a beta male, but don't worry, as you are about to become as Alpha as it gets. 

Coached by Alpha Prime


We all know that wealthy males who are not Alpha Male type get obliterated in relationships, used as providers for their Beta bucks, cheated on sooner or later and eventually get divorced and lose half of their wealth. This is because chasing only money turns you into a Beta Male. Alpha Male Training is designed to transform you into a lover type, Alpha Male, desired and cherished by beautiful women.


Alpha males are very confident. They exude self-assurance, and they don’t let other people's opinions influence their own. Alpha Males hold firm in their beliefs even when challenged. 

True Alpha Male is confident in his ability to get what he wants– including beautiful women. Alpha Males don’t let self-doubt cloud their judgment or let it get them down. An Alpha Male unapologetically pursues a woman he wants.

Alpha male has great respect for himself and others, and he requires respect from others in return.

An Alpha Male is assertive and dominant with women, but he isn’t controlling as stereotypes suggest. He knows what he wants and will fight for it, but not in a domineering way.

An alpha male is very emotionally intelligent, self controlled and self-aware. Alpha Male knows who he is, who he wants to be, and what he likes and dislikes. And he’s good at communicating this information to others.

Alpha Male doesn’t shy away from obstacles or seasons of change. He thinks rationally and shows empathy. Rather than lose his cool, an Alpha Male maintains control of his emotions even in the most trying of times and stays unfazed by female challenges.

The alpha male faces challenges with an open mind and understands the consequences of his actions.

Alpha Male Training and Mentorship Program will give you necessary confidence, assertiveness and emotional intelligence to be successful with beautiful women.


You can  be the best looking dude with six-pack abs, rich, successful in business with high social status in your group and STILL suck with beautiful women. Looks, Money and Status don't automatically translate into being Alpha Male with women. There is no better indicator of being a high value Alpha Male than being successful with beautiful women and having abundance. And this is precisely what Alpha Male Training and Mentorship Program is designed to teach you.


You can have all the money or looks in the world but if you lack the skill to obtain and retain beautiful women and pass your genes you are an evolutionary loser. This is the one and only skill you will need to fulfill your purpose in this world and create an offspring with top tier woman. Otherwise your genes will be wiped out from the genetic pool by the process of evolution and natural selection. Alpha Male Training and Mentorship is designed to teach you to adapt your beliefs, behaviour and skills in order to become an Alpha Male that beautiful women desire and Win the Evolution Game.


Anyone who knew you before will be able to tell the massive transformation that’s happening to you. You can feel the alpha male you’ve become and the change in how people treat and respect you. Say Goodbye to your inner Mr Nice Guy simp. Women are increasingly interested in you. You are shedding off the old personality and embracing your new alpha one. My experience shows that most guys who take Alpha Male Training and Mentorship Program face resistance from inner self and other people. It is because you are stepping out of your comfort zone, and you are becoming the best version of yourself, and that can be intimidating. It is at this phase that I also guide you on how to overcome that battle Vs Yourself. You better get used to success with women because that’s what your new alpha personality commands.​

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. It is the best investment you can make; you can never go wrong with it. It is the true way to improve yourself to be the best version of you.

Apply for Alpha Male Training and Mentorship Program and Learn How to Become a Wanted Alpha Male that gets most of (beautiful) women and Make Your Dreams Come True!


Type of training:

Transformational training

Duration: 1 Year


Combined 1on1 infield training in 4 different countries + weekly mentorship calls


Beta to Alfa Male Conversion, Introvert to Extrovert conversion

Main Benefit:

Massive success with beautiful women, having aboundance

Side Benefit:

You will feel invincible in other areas of your life




I first heard of Andreas Ardent from a good friend of mine who was trained and mentored by him. I looked for him on Google. I did my research and I was fascinated by convincing proof, and I signed up for the Alpha Male training program. I am 40 years, and when I thought I had nothing more to learn, my mentor proved otherwise. I wish I had taken this program before because it helped me grow my personality. It unveiled a side of me that I wasn’t connected to. I am single now by my choice, because I'm seeing multiple women. But I am never lonely. Women definitely like me more since I became Alpha. Particulary the attractive ones.

Ethan, USA

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