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Over the course of the last decade I've seen many of my new clients and in general guys who are practicing daygame and night game dressed like shit and failing miserably. I've seen the bad, the ugly and the even uglier.

What makes the situation even worse is that most of "Pickup gurus" that many of these guys watch, follow and try to imitate and replicate are plainly said: dressed like shit and set to fail when it comes to gaming top shelf women who are above 8 on the looks scale and dressed exceptionally well in the most of the cases.

As a pinnacle of the entire shitty clothing, servant-leader, hipster entrepreneur trend you can often see very rich and successful men like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk also being dressed in plain $10 T-shirts and baggy jeans so this has been accepted as a norm by the wider male population in western countries.

I find it fascinating that many men will invest in a big house, few supercars and other useless stuff, but are completely oblivious when it comes to investing into their personal style and investing in themself.

In reality women don't give an F about your bank balance, your supercar or big house if you dress poorly and look like a broke boy. Top tier women will filter you out ruthlessly in a split second.

I saw a necessity in writing this eBook to educate men who are socially conditioned to dress modestly (read poorly) and to enable such men to Pimp their style in order to have success with top tier women.

I have personally done this with great success in my own example and with the majority of my clients as well.

If you are already familiar with my style of writing then you know it's time to grow da fuck out of the average $10 faded out black T-shirt and Walmart baggy jeans, PUA incel uniform and PIMP your style!



Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men



1. Before you approach a 9 or 10…

1.1 Why 9s and 10s walk past you & won't stop when you approach them

1.2 Why are 9s and 10s rude or get angry when you cold approach and open them

1.3 Are you dressed like a broke boy?

1.4 Are you dressed like "London Heroes"?

1.5 Before you say: "I'm not comfortable investing in clothing. & That's not me."

2 Why are 9s and 10s so valuable and picky

3 What 9s and 10s want

4 Indirect DHV

4.1. How to peacock properly (not what Mystery and Krauser teached you 🤣)

4.2 How to get noticed by hot women and command attention

4.3 Stopping Power

4.4 DHV spike (out of the bat)

5 Why visual DHV always beats verbal DHV

6 Power of designer brands and how to market yourself

7 Your target female audience

8 Which brands to wear to appeal to 9s and 10s

9 Head turner perfumes to use to get noticed by hot women

9.1 Perfume for each season explained

9.2 Designer fragrance Vs cheap cologne

9.3 What not to use

10 Watches

11 Jewelry

12 Haircut and facial hair styles

13 Conclusion

PIMP MY STYLE - How to Game 9s & 10s eBook

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