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So far my system for seducing the most difficult women (most beautiful, rich and famous women) has been well kept secret, normally reserved only for my rich and famous clients. However in 2023. I have decided to go public and give this knowledge to a wider audience in the form of this ebook. At the time of writing, there is no similar ebook on how to get difficult women written in the world. I have developed this system over the course of many years and many famous women (you can see me with at my website gallery) were not immune to my charms. Not to mention beautiful rich girls from very wealthy families and many super hot girls with armies of Instagram followers and practically infinite choice with men. They all had one thing in common: they were in very high demand therefore they were a difficult nuts to crack. However I crushed it and the rest is history. I will teach you how to get difficult women. You know, the most beautiful, rich and famous ones. Women with many options with men. It takes a true grandmaster who seduced numerous women, refined the process, filtered out all that doesn’t work in order to condense the knowledge and teach you this with “less than 50 page” ebook format. Well luckily for you this is not one of those long useless books stuffed with references and filler text to make the book look bigger and more significant. This is not an entertainment ebook! This ebook, LONG GAME How to Get Difficult Women, is step by step, easy to follow applied guide. There is no theory or bullshit text in it and that's precisely why it worked for so many guys.



Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men




1. Mindset for Seducing Difficult women

2. Time works for you, not against you

3. Accept that you are just one of many

4. Two types of Long Game: Social Circle Long Game Vs Cold Approach Long Game

5. Social Circle Long Game

• Being around

• Touch subcommunication

• Friend Zoning her

• Friend Zoning her even more

• Sudden change of heart

• Closing

6. Cold Approach Long Game

• Initial approach

• Radio silence

• Timeframe

• Pinging

• Closing

• Added benefit: Wild sex

7. Long game in a Nutshell

LONG GAME How to Get Difficult Women ebook

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