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To maximize your results with women I offer one-on-one dedicated live infield daygame or nightgame coaching over 5 days at the location of your choice worldwide.

Schedule personal, one-on-one infield daygame or nightgame coaching with me if you want a customized 1 on 1 infield coaching for your specific challenges and sticking points, and rapid progress with women. 

I will coach you 1 on 1 infield to enable you to achieve life-changing success with women rapidly and sustainably! (I am available to travel worldwide, at the location of your choice.)

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

How does it work?

Book 30 min Online Cocahing Session 

so we can get to know each other and

make the plan of action based on the skills you want to improve.

I will fly to the location of your choice to train you infield (Daygame or Nightgame).

We will meet in public locations, approach beautiful women and I will analyze what you are doing well and what skills you must improve while showing you practical examples infield.

We will focus on skills to be improved and you will practice with women infield

to develop the skills you need to fully learn and understand pickup, seduction and dating process with the end goal of you being able to consistently get laid with women, have aboundance and be able to choose your girlfriend.

Remember: "Practice makes perfect! There is no education like adversity you will experience and learn to overcome infield"

Along the way you can ask any questions or anything that is of interest to you.

We conclude the Live Infield Coaching and talk about the success and progress you have made and what further skills you should improve.

I will give you practical examples and advice on how to improve these skills.


After we conclude the training I will always be there for you via quick online consultation if further skill development or just advice is required.

Pricing depends on location and duration. Contact for individual offer.

(You can choose any of OUR DATING COACHES. I have personally seen them in action and they are all lethal in slayin' pussy business. Each one in his own unique way.

I hire only the Best of the Best)

Our satisfied clients are from various countries, mostly from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

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