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SMASH From Zero to Hero eBook by Dating Coach Andreas Ardent


is step by step ebook on how to pickup, seduce, date and get laid with beautiful women. In this practical pickup ebook, I have explained the fundamentals for success with women and whole pickup and seduction process step by step, in easy way so that anyone can learn it. Seduction process I developed enabled me to sleep with many beautiful women in 57 countries! There is no similar ebook in the market.

This ebook is intended for men who want to learn and master all stages of dating. Whether your goal is to pickup and have sex with as many hot women as possible; attract, pickup, seduce and bed very beautiful women, or just being able to date few women to find the right one for you and make her your girlfriend; or to have the skill to pickup and seduce women in any foreign country, you will learn all of this.

SMASH ebook is the very testament of my pickup, seduction and dating skills, shaped and refined over 16 years of constant application around the globe. The skills I acquired picking up, seducing, bedding, and dating women of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, religions, and social backgrounds, from teens, waitresses and strippers to directors in fortune 500, milfs, actresses, and members of wealthy families... I have mostly seen it all.

The goal of this ebook, based on Natural game, is to give you applicable pickup,  seduction and sex foundation in easily understandable, concise and structured format without any theoretical, philosophical, historical, academic, analytical, or PUA bullshit.

In short, to cut the fluff and keep it simple!

Now let's get started!



Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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1. Master fundamentals (mindset, motivation, style, smell, personal fitness, smile, posture)

2. Define the type of woman that attracts you the most

3. Why being Passionate is important

4. Why being Discrete is important

5. Why being Non-Judgmental is important

6. Scoping for babes in heat – signals to recognize

7. Direct Cold approach

8. How to talk with a girl directly and attractively

9. How to make an instadate

10. How to take her number and filter out time wasters

11. When and how to text a girl

12. Master Logistics - How to plan and set up productive date that leads to sex

13. Maintaining momentum

14. How to touch a girl to turn her on

15. When and how to kiss a girl on the first date

16. How to pull a girl to your or her place

17. Taking ownership and full responsibility for what is about to happen

18. Foreplay

19. How to transition from foreplay to sex

20. Overcoming potential objections and resistance

21. Sex: How to excel - the best positions for maximum impact

22. Hard and long lasting erections every time - Naturally

23. How to give her orgasm

24. How to give her multiple orgasms

25. Bonus: How to give her a squirting orgasm

26. Why having Sex ASAP and performing great is important

27. Cuddling and aftercare

28. Vulnerability (perfectly imperfect man) and how to establish deep connection with a girl

29. How to get her addicted to you and fiercely loyal (Mother / Daughter instinct)

30. Maintaining the relationship

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