SMASH From Zero to Hero eBook by Dating Coach Andreas Ardent
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is step by step ebook how to pickup, seduce, date and get laid with women you like. In this exclusive pickup ebook, I have explained the fundamentals for success with women and whole pickup and seduction process in easy way so that anyone can learn it. Seduction process I developed enabled me to sleep with and date over 1000 women in 46 countries! There is no similar book in the market! This is exactly the reason why my book is banned from major platforms.

This best pickup and seductiion book is intended for men who want to excel with women. Whether your goal is to pickup and have sex with as many women as possible; attract, pickup, seduce and bed attractive women, or just being able to date few women to find the right one for you and make her your girlfriend; or to have the skill to pickup and seduce women in any foreign country, You will learn all of this in this best pickup book ever writen.

This book is the very testament of my pickup, seduction and dating skills, shaped and refined over 16 years of constant application around the globe. The skills I acquired picking up, seducing, bedding, and dating women of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, religions, and social backgrounds, from teens, waitresses and strippers to directors in fortune 500, actresses, and members of wealthy families... I have mostly seen it all.

The goal of this book, based on Natural game, is to give you applicable pickup,  seduction and sex foundation in easily understandable, concise and structured format without any theoretical, philosophical, historical, academic, analytical, or PUA bullshit.

In short, to keep it simple!

Now let's get started!



Andreas Ardent

The Infamous 1000+ lay count Dating Coach for Men

You are in disbelief?

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1. Master fundamentals (mindset, motivation, style, smell, personal fitness, smile, posture)

2. Define the type of woman that attracts you the most

3. Why being Passionate is important

4. Why being Discrete is important

5. Why being Non-Judgmental is important

6. Scoping for babes in heat – signals to recognize

7. Direct Cold approach

8. How to talk with a girl directly and attractively

9. How to make an instadate

10. How to take her number and filter out time wasters

11. When and how to text a girl

12. Master Logistics - How to plan and set up productive date that leads to sex

13. Maintaining momentum

14. How to touch a girl to turn her on

15. When and how to kiss a girl on the first date

16. How to pull a girl to your or her place

17. Taking ownership and full responsibility for what is about to happen

18. Foreplay

19. How to transition from foreplay to sex

20. Overcoming potential objections and resistance

21. Sex: How to excel - the best positions for maximum impact

22. Hard and long lasting erections every time - Naturally

23. How to give her orgasm

24. How to give her multiple orgasms

25. Bonus: How to give her a squirting orgasms

26. Why having Sex ASAP and performing great is important

27. Cuddling and aftercare

28. Vulnerability (perfectly imperfect man) and how to establish deep connection with a girl

29. How to get her addicted to you and fiercely loyal (Mother / Daughter instinct)

30. Maintaining the relationship

How is this best pickup book different from other best selling pickup and seduction books? Why is it better and easier to apply?

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists (book published 2005, 452 pages) by investigative reporter Neil Strauss is a chronicle of his journey and encounters in the seduction community. The book is ethnography and lacks any practical “How to” dating advice so it's pretty much useless.

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed (book published 2006, 240 pages) by Erik James Horvat-Markovic, The First Pickup Artist (PUA), is a system for meeting and seducing women based on PUA techniques. It is entirely Nightgame oriented and completely useless for Daygame pickup. Largely outdated in 2022. dating market, it has few major flaws, like assuming that a man is of lower value than a woman he approaches therefore a man must use gimmicky techniques (Negging, push-pull, cocky-funny etc) which is cringey, unnecessarry and will backfire in most of the cases. Many guys have tried to apply this and failed miserably to achieve any results therefore in Intermediate and Advanced Pickup Community, the book is also known as "The Misery Method". It is worth to mention that former RSD (Real Social Dynamics) company, which was the largest company that offered Live Infield Training completely ripped off and based its teaching on Mystery Method.

The Art of Seduction (book published 2001) by author Robert Greene is a comprehensive Academic style (512 pages) seduction piece based exclusively on historical characters and refferences to other books. Author lacks any practical real life experience in the sexual market and dating world of the present. Regardless the author is one of the best selling so I recommend this book only for advanced guys (100+ lay count). The average Joe will struggle and just be confused by the ammount of information presented in this book.

SMASH from Zero to Hero (published 2020) by Andreas Ardent, The Infamous 1000+ lay count Dating Coach, is a practical step by step book How to pickup and seduce women and get laid. The goal of this pickup book is to give you applicable seduction and sex foundation in a concise, easily understandable and structured format (less than 50 pages) without any theoretical, philosophical, academic, analytical, filler text or PUA bullshit. In its own sense the book is refination of the previoisly mentioned books (minus all the stuff that doesn’t work to save you years of trial and error). Book is based on Natural Game combined with elements of Romeo Pimping at its finest and brings innovation in a stale pickup world so far based on outdated and flawed Mystery Method.

How to use this book?

-Read this book 5x minimum. Save it on your smartphone so that you can easily read specific chapter again if needed, beffore you apply it in your dating life.

-Regarding cold approach part, you will need to approach 100 women in order to "seal the deal" with 5-10 of them. Do not approach only few women and give up after being rejected few times in a row. In the beginning of your journey you will get a lot of rejections until the point you become skilled enough to pull this off consistently like I do. The key is to stay persistent and to plow through rejection!

-Do not try to alter the process I have explained in the book or to improvise. Have trust in the process. In the past 16 years I've tried it all, trust me... I know what I'm doing. This is the reason why I am the only author who presents proof of me and beautiful women from all arround the world on dates together.