Best Daygame Cities 2023

Updated: Nov 14

Are you a single guy looking for the best daygame cities? These are the best cities for daygame in 2023.

Keep reading as we will dive deep into this topic and explain best daygame cities in depth.

I have choosen the following cities by applying some common sense criteria after actually been there, daygamed, got laid there and coached a bunch of guys how to do the same. This is not some fluff article with generic immages. This best daygame cities list is based on my extensive personal experience. In this article I will provide you with the insider video/photo material from actual infield in these cities so that you can have an idea about looks of women, difficulty and overall vibe. Stay tunned as there is no similar article on the whole Internet!

On top of this I will provide you map for each city with charted daygame routes and locations as curtesy of Ardent Dating Team.

My criteria for selection of top cities for daygame is:

  • Average looks of women you will meet in everyday locations (obviously the higher rating, the better as nobody wants to travel just to meet mediocre looking women) Both facial beauty, body fitness and boobs and booties size and shape are taken into consideration

  • Foot traffic density (in other words talent pool), higher is better

  • Receptivenes of women to cold approach (easiness to stop and initiate a conversation with women in public places) and make an instadate/get a number. Easier is better we all agree on that

  • DTF (down to fuck) factor, cultural factor determined by local dating culture, how sexualy receptive and uninhibited women are on average (this is something that no other coaches mention, because most of them are focused on just approaching/not getting rejected. I am all about getting laid so this is a major make it or brake it factor if you ask me)

  • Logistics (is there a smaller area with high foot traffic of beautiful women or if the tallent is scattered all arround the city which is undesirable situation as it requires very high searching effort to find the beautiful women)

  • Overall quality of living (weather, best time to visit, costs, infrastructure, safety, English levels)


Average looks of women: 4/5

Paolistana women are well built (majority of population goes to gym), mainly short and fit with pronounced asses and solid boobs as well. What makes them unique are their big beautiful warm smiles and also pretty good looking faces. You can find all races and all shades and mixes in between. I find Sao Paulo women to be best looking in Brazil (I was also in Rio and Florianopolis but the average quality is higher in Sao Paulo). Because Sao Paulo is main business city and most developed city, eventually most of best looking Brazilian women from other regions come to Sao Paulo to live and work so there is no point going to other cities at all. Also Paulistana women have highest income so they are the best dressed with lots of makeup and they do few plastic surgeries as well.

Foot traffic density: 5/5 Very High

With 12.3 million people living in Sao Paulo (half of that being women) you literally have infinite pool to approach and cherry pick from. Foot trafic in Avenida Paulista, its 3 malls and Rua Augusta is literally insane. Every 2-3 min you are going to see a 7/10 girl with a great body worth approaching. You will seldomly see 9s and 10s in the day (for top tier women, you will have to do nightgame). But don't get me wrong here because the sheer volume offsets the average quality so its very easy and frequent to spot 7s and 8s during day. I would define Sao Paulo as city of easy 7s.

On friday and saturday evenings (at 7pm-9pm) you will see rivers of girls walking along Avenida Paulista and Rua Augusta (part close to Avenida Paulista). You can just stand in the sidewalk and approach. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. I actually advise doing Daygame on Friday and Saturday in the evening.

During the day it's also worth going to Oscar Freire street, have a coffee in one of its fancy coffee shops or restaurants and approach women passing by (which I call aligator game).

On the weekends 1pm-5pm it's also worth going to Ibirapuera park as it's flooded with fitness type girls.

Receptiveness of women to cold approach: 5/5 Very High

Brazilian women are very friendly and highly receptive to daygame cold approach. They particulary like foreigners so if you are a gringo it's an easy mode here. You should alsways approach directly with a bald compliment and express your interest and not beat arround the bush. If they like you they will immediately let you know with smile, gestures and staying in the set. It's easy to get Sao Paulo women on instadate and to land a mouth kiss within first 5 min. (In Brazilian dating culture kissing is not a big deal and they gladly do it) so you need to land a kiss as soon as you gauge a good vibe and receptiveness from girl. Regarding language barier, just learn first few sentences in Portuguese to open and then transition to Google Translate. This is how I managed my cold approaches with no issues whatsoever.

DTF (down to fuck) factor: 5/5 Very High

I'll be short here. Brazil is the easiest country to get laid in the world! In Brazil, sex is the national sport. If you can't make it happen here, don't even bother going to other places. Brazilian women are highly sexually receptive and uninhibited. (If they like you, they will have sex with you fast) Mostly you can do SDL (same day lay) here. In the worst case you will smash on the second date.

Logistics: 4/5 Very good

Where to daygame:

Stick only to best daygame location, Avenida Paulista, back and forth in marked area with ocassional breaks in one of its 3 malls to have lunch or snack. On a rainy day hit Shopping Cidade Sao Paulo or Patio Paulista mall and do daygame there. You can do aligator game in front of McDonalds or from Charme de Paulista or Starbucks coffee shops. Alternatively you can go to Oscar Freire street in the afternoon. On weekend (saturday, sunday 1pm-5pm Parque Ibirapuera is also crowded.

Pull all of your Instadates to above mentioned coffee shops or malls (fast food section).

Good place for a second date is Gula Gula Sao Paulo which is an upmarket fancy coffee shop and is a place to impress.

(Sao Paulo Daygame map)

Where to stay:

Make sure to stay in or close (first paralel streets) with Avenida Paulista. This is by far the best daygame area and richest and safest area in the city. On top of this Avenida Paulista is situated on a very top of a steap hill so it's a very steap incline to get there if you are more than 2 min walk away.

Fortunately there is a lot of good nice and affordable appartments, rental options in this area.

Overall quality of living: 4/5

Weather: nice and sunny

Best time to visit: December-March

Costs: cheap (with only exception of branded clothing and phones and electronics which is significantly more expensive than in US/western Europe)

I was renting 2 rooms newly furnished appartment with queen bed, AC and 50" tv, Nespresso machine and huge bathroom in a nice new building with cameras, security and reception, biometric access, shared rooftop pool and gym for $29/ day which is ridiculously cheap. The appartment was 2 min walk from Avenida Paulista. Nice cooked meal in one of Avenida Paulista malls will cost you ~$5, coffee in premium place is like $2. If you wanna go wild with some rich Brazilian girl you met in Oscar Freire street (rich people area) you can go to Fogo de Chao Jardins or Casaria SP which are top tier restaurants for upper middle class and rich people. (Yeah you guessed, my guides are not for backpacker gamers)

Infrastructure: 3/5

The city itself is a concrete urban jungle, but don't get me wrong here, there are beautiful neighbourhoods like Jardim Paulista. In Sao Paulo you can buy all products or anything you need just like in any other large city in the world. I didn't used public transport because Uber is super cheap there.

Safety: 3/5

Safety is good if you stay within advised area I described. Make sure to stay 2-3 min walk max from Avenida Paulista. This is the richest and safest area in the city swarmed with heavily armed police. Every 200m there is a police patrol car or horseman patrol. I haven't seen any crime happening there. I was dressed up in Ralph Lauren and Armani-s filming in the street and I haven't experienced any problems whatsoever.

It is still important to say that in Sao Paulo 8 people get missing every hour (official statistic) so don't go anywhere furfher from Avenida Paulista and Oscar Freire street. After 9pm make sure to use only Uber (which is super cheap) and never walk alone in the street past 9pm as all the street scum emerges at night. If you are a solo traveler skip the nightgame completely (you won't really need it as you will have tons of hot leads from daygame and smashing in the evening most of the time so you won't even have time for nightgame).

Stay away from Centro, Mercado Muncipal, Pinheiros and other shithole areas recommended by other guides as there are very high chances to get robbed there.

Carry only your phone, $20 and photocopy of your passport with you. You can pay anywhere with Google Pay (Wallet app) and Apple pay. If you stay in recommended area you can take safety as 4.5/5

English levels: 2/5

Sao Paulo is as business and metropoliten as it gets in Brazil. I found that most of educated women I approached spoke solid English. However the average girls won't speak any English at all. Still this represents no problem to pickup and pull home. It's easy with Google Translate.

If you haven't already do yourself a favour and watch my video: How to pick Up a Girl if you don't speak the same language


Sao Paulo is the highest ranked daygame city for a number of key reasons. It scores very high in average looks of women, foot traffic density, receptivenes of women to cold approach, DTF factor and logistics.

Brazilian women are the ultimate sweethearts. They will pamper you, cook for you, do things for you. They are the warmest of all the women, highly passionate, affectionate and hard working. They are extremely feminine, sweet and funny to be arround. And not to forget they rock in bed department. If you haven't experienced a relationship with a Brazilian woman, I have no words to describe the difference compared with Anglosphere and western European women, Brazilian women are the polar opposite. I actually recommend you to go to Sao Paulo, find a decent middle class or upper middle class / rich family girl and get married. In a long run you won't regret it. Latina wife = happy life


Average looks of women: 5/5

Polish women from Warsaw are mainly fit blondes with hot bodies and pronounced facial beauty. Average bust is also very solid there. I haven't seen any chubby women. Polish women take great care about themselves, are well dressed and wear medium makup. Polish women are very feminine and cheerful.

Since 2022. there was a large influx of young hot Ukrainian women fleeing Ukraine which raised Warsaw average quality for a notch as Ukrainian women alongside Russian women are on average the hottest in the world. Effectively this made Warsaw Poland the best place in the world to daygame hot blondes because no one will be going to Ukraine or Russia anytime soon.

Foot traffic density: 4.5/5 High

Warsaw is home to almost 1 million women. And now with large influx of Ukrainian women there are even more hotties to approach there. Main and best Daygame area is Zlote Terasy mall and 2 parks surrounding Palac Kultury i Nauky building. The area is packed with beautiful women. In Zlote Terasy mall you will see an 8/10 hottie every 2-3 min. From all the places I have been to daygame arround the world, this particular Zlote Terasy mall has the highest foot traffic of hot girls (8s and above) by far. As expected the place is swarmed with noobie and brokie backpacker daygamers but for experienced guys like my crew of coaches it doesn't present a problem. This is one of my personal top 3 places to daygame in the world.

Receptiveness of women to cold approach: 4/5 High

Polish women are friendly and very polite. Neither I, my coaches or any of our students experienced any harsh rejections here. This makes a Warsaw Poland a good place for beginners or guys with severe approach anxiety to get some traction and overcome it. Polish women mostly speak and understand English quite well. Striking a conversation is fairly easy.

DTF (down to fuck) factor: 3/5 Medium

To get laid with beautiful Polish women (and now also Ukrainian women) is medium difficulty. SDL (same day lays) are rare here. Dating culture is more conservative and it will take you 2-3 dates on average. However don't get me wrong it's nowhere near as conservative like in hardcore Catholic countries (which are a social graveyards) like Germany or Italy for example. Only go to Warsaw if you intend to stay 10 days at least. You might still get lucky with hot Ukrainian women which are now slightly easier (than before in Kiev). Note that they are still not an super easy mode (like Brazilian or Chinese women) but instead just easier than beffore.

In the spirit of capitalism this opportunity should be used to the max now while it lasts.

Logistics: 5/5 Superb

Where to daygame:

Main and best Daygame area is Zlote Terasy mall and 2 parks surrounding Palac Kultury i Nauky building in the city center. Don't waste your time going anywhere else (I explored the city above and beyond and I found it is a waste of time to daygame anywhere else). In Zlote Terasy mall you will see an 8/10 hottie every 2-3 min. From all the places I have been to daygame arround the world, this particular Zlote Terasy mall has the highest foot traffic of hot girls (8s and above) by far. It is an absolute gold mine for daygame. It doesn't get more efficient or easier to spot hot talent than here. Zlote Terasy mall is directly connected with main train station on one side and biggest park on the other side so every woman will get through it eventually. Don't go to the east further than Marszalkowska street as it is a waste of time. Just circle arround the mall and approach women or sit in Costa Coffee or one of the Ice Cream bars in the ground floor and do aligator game approaching walking women from a seated position. Or go to Hard Rock caffee which is positioned outside the mall, in front of the bussiest pedestrian crossing connecting main park with the bussiest mall entrance. From Hard Rock caffee you observe this entire area and all girls are passing by within 10m from the first row of outdoors tables.

(Warsaw Daygame map)

Where to stay:

Make sure to stay within 10 min walk from Zlote Terasy mall. This is where all the action is. No point staying in further areas as it will just make your pulls harder to execute. Note that it is quite difficult to find nice appartment in this area (as everything good is rented out in advance) so plan your trip months ahead and book ahead to get nice appartment in good location.

Overall quality of living: 5/5

Weather: nice and mild sunny

Best time to visit: May-September

Costs: medium

Rents are medium priced the rest is kind of affordable. I was renting nice 1 bedroom serviced appartment with AC and new furniture in a new building with cameras in a quiet street for $69 per day. The apartment was 10 min walk from Zlote Terasy mall. A cooked meal in the mall is arround $10. A coffee is arround $2.5, ball of craft ice cream or sorbet is $1, drinks are $3-6, double cinema tickets were $10. Uber is medium priced.

Infrastructure: 5/5

Warsaw was completely destroyed in WW2. The entire city is brand new. With modern nice buildings, brand new electric buses, modern new clean subway and flat new asphalt streets. Warsaw has very modern malls and modern, premium looking restaurants and bars. The city is sparkling clean. It is the most modern looking capital city in Europe. And I particulary like it because of this brand new and super clean vibe. You can find or buy anything in Warsaw just like in any major city. There is a good reason why Warsaw people are so proud of their city.

Safety: 5/5

Safety is excellent. This is one of the safest cities in Europe. I haven't seen any homeless people or street scum here at night. There are 0 African and Syrian asylants here. The whole city is perfectly safe to walk whole day and night. Polish people are nice and Police is very strong there.

English levels: 4/5

Majority od Polish women speak and understand English very well. It is easy to start a conversation.


Warsaw is the best European city for daygame. Polish women from Warsaw are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Since 2022. due to large influx of Ukrainian women fleeing war, the average quality got even one notch better. Everyone who is into Ukrainian women should go to Poland instead. This is my preffered Daygame destination in Europe due to unmatched quality/quantity/logistics ratio.

However Polish women are not fast to jump into bed with you first time you meet them. Skill and time/patience is required. Polish women are feminine, beautiful, educated and cheerful and make an excellent choice for LTR / wife.


Average looks of women: 5/5 (Pornstar grade)

Romanian women have sexy looking faces, with long black hair and big natural tits on average with petite bodies, super small waist and skinny legs with perky round ass on average. They have very beautiful distinctive facial features (that resemble combination of latina women and slavic women). On top of this Romanian women use heavy makeup (fake eyelashes and lots of mascara are standard there) which gives them a naughty, kind of a Playboy centerfold model look. I personally find this body type the most appealing. Obese women are practically non existent in Romania.

Foot traffic density: 3/5 Good

Bucharest is home to ~900 000 women. Besides being a capital city, it is also main university city buzzing with young hot women from other parts of Romania. Foot traffic in main daygame area is good. (However a very high average looks of women offsets it so you will encounter a lot of hotties)

Receptiveness of women to cold approach: 3.5/5 High

Romanian women are polite and above average receptive to daygame cold approach. Romanian women standardly speak and understand English quite well. Striking a conversation is relatively easy if a girl likes you. The key here is to nicely dressed (designer clothing) in order to project value out of the bat. Keep approaching hot women and gage interest until you hit one that is receptive and likes you and than invest more energy in that particular interaction, go on instadate and push towards close (get laid).

DTF (down to fuck) factor: 4/5 High

Romanian women are quite slutty in bed but not super easy to pull home. Once you find the one that likes you in cold approach, you need to put your A game to pull her home and smash. Romanian women are dynamite in bed. Some of the most insane fucks I ever had were with Romanian women. They do all kinds of naughty stuff and are pretty uninhibited once you bring them to the point of no return (horny state)

Logistics: 4/5 Very Good

Where to daygame:

Best daygame area are city center streets forming circle arround Parcul Unirii park. You can just walk in circles here approaching women and when you get tired sit in Starbucks (Franceza street) outdoors which is the best place to do aligator game (approaching from seated position). On top, this Starbucks is high traffic and always loaded with hot girls inside and outside.

Now pay attention as following sentences are not really about free coffee! Just across Starbucks (10m away) is the bussiest DM store (makeup, cosmetics and pharmacy franchise) always loaded with hot girls comming in and out. Hottest Romanian women really like to use heavy makup and shop often in this store. The average looks of women shopping in this store is like in a porn movie. The hottest women you can immagine. Literally a Playboy centerfold grade looks.

You can enter the store and if you buy anything (pack of bubble gums) you can make yourself a free coffee at automated coffee machine and sit at one of the tabourets close to the coffee machine and super efficiently approach passing hot women who are shopping and are not in hurry. Just make sure to be very low key and discreet as otherwise security guard will ask you to leave the store. (Funny thing how this DM store is one of the best places in the world to meet 8+/10 grade women in large numbers. It has more 8+ talent than any of the top clubs in Miami, FL)

Every Sunday they close Calea Victoriei street which becomes dense pedestrian zone loaded with hotties and with bunch of coffee shops along the way. The best Calea Victoriei stretch to daygame on Sunday 11AM-6PM is from Sarindar fountain to Cascara coffee roastery.

In the evening head to pedestrian walking area loaded with restaurants between Bulevardul Unirii and Dambovita river as it is loaded with hotties.

On a rainy day, I advise you to go to the AFI Cotroceni mall or Mega mall walk in circles approach hotties, rinse and repeat.

(Bucharest Daygame map)

Where to stay:

Stay within 10 min walk from Parcul Unirii park (with exception of Old Town yellow area as it is loaded with bars and clubs with very loud music working all night 7 days a week. It is a very noisy area and you will have trouble to fall asleep if you decide to stay in this area.)

Overall quality of living: 4/5

Weather: nice and sunny

Best time to visit: April-October

Costs: cheap

Daily rent of nicely and newly furnished 2 room appartment 5 min walk from Unirii park was arround $50, food in the reetaurants is dirt cheap. A drink in the main daygame area is arround $2. This is one of the overall cheapest daygame cities in Europe.

Infrastructure: 2.5/5

Streets in downtown are full of potholes. Buildings are old and facades are crumbling down. The city looks relatively dirty for an European city.

Nevertheless you can find and buy any goods or any major brand here with bo issues. The city kind of looks like a mix of Italian and French city. Regarding night life, Bucharest is the sin city of Europe. Old town is loaded with nightclubs and restaurants with loud music and the whole area is packed with beautiful girls.

Safety: 5/5

The city is very safe both at day and night you can walk anywhere in the main area. There is a strong Police presence in the mentioned areas. Pretty much any Eastern European capital city is as a rule of thumb much safer than Western European capitals.

English levels: 4/5

Majority od Romanian women speak and understand English very well. They have a strong accent. It is easy to start and run a conversation.


Romanian women from Bucharest are amongst the hottest looking in the world. The average quality you will meet everyday in the streets easily beats Brazil or Colombia for 2 notches. Looks of women here is kind of "evil twin" of Polish women. Romanian women have black hair and dirty, sexy, kind of a pornstar vibe due to heavy makeup and sexy body build. They take great care about their looks and project very sexual vibe. This is my second prefered place as it is a true gem for meeting smoking hot women. Note that it is not the easiest place to cold approach and start a conversation.


Average looks of women: 3.5/5

Hungarian women are short and petite with big boobs and solid asses on average. Facial features are good (but nowhere near Russian/Ukrainian or Polish/Romanian standard). Hair color is quite diverse so you can find Hungarian wonen who look like Swedes and on another spectrum you can find a black haired girls that look like Turks with all colors in between. They do have typical eastern European faces and can look quite hot. Hungarian women are quite friendly and willing to help tourists.

They are more relaxed dressed. Hungarian women don't use a lots of makeup. They really excell in boobs department and easiness. I find Hungarian women to be the easiest in Europe.

Foot traffic density: 4/5 High

Budapest is home to 900 000 women. It is a bussy university city. On top of this Budapest is a very touristy city and 5th most visited capital in Europe. The city is packed with solo female travelers from all over the world.

Receptiveness of women to cold approach: 4/5 High

Hungarian women are easygoing. It's easy to approach them and start a conversation (provided they are not in hurry to get somewhere). There are also a lots of tourist girls who are in easy mode regardless where they come from. This is the easiest European city to land an instadate.

DTF (down to fuck) factor: 4/5 High

Multiple of my Clients picked up Hungary as their favorite country in Europe for meeting beautiful and easy women.

Hungary is the #1 world country with the most adult movie stars per 1 million people. Hungarian women are good looking and kind of slutty on average which makes Hungary one of the easiest countries to get laid in the world, a perfect location for daygame and nightgame.

Logistics: 4/5 Very Good

Where to daygame:

Main and best daygame area is located in the city center, encircled by Jozsef Attila street, Karoly krt street, Kossuth Lajos street and Danube river. The area is packed with good looking women, particulary in the afternoon and evening, the square in front Insula Lutherana church (which is an entrance to the Fashion street, the main daygame street) and Fashion street itself. Best place for Aligator game is Starbucks at the beginning of this street, Pastaio and Hard Rock Caffee. (All 3 have outdoor seating with good foot traffic nearby)

Another gem is Arena mall. I managed to do 2 instadates and pick bunch of numbers from hot looking girls in 4 hours spent here. Best place for Aligator game is fast food area. Skip all other streets recommended by other guides or coaches, I tried them all and they are a waste of time.

(Budapest Daygame map)

Where to stay:

Anywhere within 10 min walk from Fashion Street. (With exception of Gozsdu Passage and paralel streets as this is the main nightgame area densly packes with loud music nigh clubs which is a guarantee for a bad sleep)

Overall quality of living: 5/5

Weather: nice and sunny

Best time to visit: April-September

Costs: cheap

A rent in 4 star newly furnished aparthotel with a very large room in the best possible location 3 min walk from Fashion Street was $60 per day. The food and drinks at the restaurants are also quite cheap. A cooked meal in a Fashion Street restaurant will "set you back" $8-10, and an energy drink is like $2.5 in the best area. Coffee is standard $2.5. Branded clothing is very cheap in the malls for some reason.

Infrastructure: 3.5/5

The main described daygame area in city center is nice and renovated (I would give it 4/5) however the rest of the city buildings are old and outdated so I gave it 3.5 as an average score. If you stay in the area I described you will have a better overall experience. Public transportation looks ok. Uber is cheap so I didn't used any public transport. Budapest city kind of looks like and has a similar architecture as Vienna, it's just dirtier and less maintained. You can buy all major brands and goods here just like in any other major global city.

Safety: 5/5

City is very safe, you can walk anywhere whole night. I haven't encountered or saw any problems here.

English levels: 4/5

Quite good. All younger women speak and understand English. It is easy to converse.


Hungarian women are good looking and kind of slutty. They are also easy to approach and start a conversation aka daygame. Instadates and Same day lays are very common if your daygame is supertight and calibrated like mine. Keyword: easines.


Average looks of women: 4/5

Serbian women from Belgrade are mainly tall brunettes with long legs and big natural booties and solid facial beauty. Average bust is small there. These are big women with big skeleton frame on average so I recommend this place only for tall, well built men.

Since there is a direct flight from Moscow to Belgrade, since 2022. there is a large influx of young, hot Russian women fleeing Russia due to economic uncertainty and potential large scale war caused by Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Russian influx raised average Belgrade quality for a notch as Russian women are on average the hottest in the world. Effectively this made Belgrade even better place to daygame hotties because no one will be going to Moscow in Russia anytime soon. Majority of hot women I approached in Belgrade turned out to be Russian (which for me makes sense as I approach only the hottest girls). If you are asking yourself question where to game hot Russian women now, the answer is Belgrade. Beautiful Russian women were always hard difficulty in Moscow. However the situation now changed and the hot Russian women I met and smashed in Belgrade were lower dificulty than ussual. So now you have a perfect situation to game Hot Russian women in easier mode than usual, and in much cheaper city (Belgrade is 2.5x cheaper than Moscow plus you don't need a Russian visa). It doesn't get any better than this. In the spirit of capitalism you should take advantage of the situation and exploit it to the max while it lasts.

Foot traffic density: 4/5 High

Belgrade is home to 700 000 women, main university city loaded with young hot girls and on top of this now it's flooded with beautiful Russian women. Since the beginning of the covid it became quite touristy city due to relaxed covid regulations since the word spread fast.

Receptiveness of women to cold approach: 2.5/5 Medium

Serbian women have the strong masculine frame. They are mostly not receptive to cold approach and if they do, they will shit test you a lot. Like my wing Ty from Chicago said: "In Belgrade you need to be a fuckin' Terminator".

Bring your A game here as you will need it.

However take note that Russian women I encountered there were easier to cold approach, converse with and insta date. So this is why I gave it 2.5 overall rating. Otherwise it would be less.

DTF (down to fuck) factor: 2.5/5 Medium

If you manage to puncture through initial wall, you will still get arround 60% flakes. So it's hard to pin them down. Serbian women there have just way to many options so you need to close fast. Ideally on the first date.

Russian women are slightly more DTF (3.5/5) (because they try harder to lock someone outside of Russia as a backup plan in case shit hits the fan in Russia and WW3 starts).

Logistics: 5/5 Superb

Where to daygame:

Main and best daygame area is Knez Mihajlova street and Obilicev Venac street. It's pedestrian zone crowded with women and coffee shops, bars and restaurants. It's a stretch where all the action and crowd is. This entire area is perfect for Aligator game (approaching women from a seated position) due to large number of restaurants with outdoors seating in this street. I find restaurants at republic square to have the best position for this. It is a waste of time to go anywhere outside this area. In a rainy day go to Galerija shopping mall instead (which is the biggest shopping mall there).

(Belgrade Daygame map)

Where to stay:

Anywhere within 10 min walk from Knez Mihajlova street. It will be challenging to find appartment in this area since everything is rented out by Russians.

Overall quality of living: 5/5

Weather: nice and sunny

Best time to visit: March-June and September-December (avoid July and August as it gets very hot and incredibly humid)

Costs: cheap

I was renting a really nice, renovated, newly furnished, two rooms appartment with AC and all appliances and very fast internet connection in the best downtown area for $50 per day. In the described daygame area, a nice, cooked lunch in premium Boutique restaurant will set you back $8-10. drink is arround $2-2.5 and coffee in coffee shops is $1.5-2.5.

Infrastructure: 2.5/5

The main described daygame area in Knez Mihajlova street is kind of dated. However the restaurants are really nice, look premium and renovated (I would give it 5/5 for restaurants) however the rest of the city buildings look old and facades are falling appart so I gave it 2.5 as an average score. If you stay in the area I described you will never need to use public transportation. Uber doesn't operate in Belgrade. The local equivalent is CarGO app which is cheap so there is no point using public transport. You can buy all major brands and goods here just like in any other major global city.

Safety: 5/5

City is very safe, you can walk anywhere whole night. I haven't experienced or saw any problems here.

English levels: 4/5

Quite good. All younger women speak and understand English. Even Russian women I encountered, which are mainly doing remote jobs, spoke good English.


Serbian women are very tall and good looking but kind of difficult to get laid as local dating culture is more conservative. However real silver lining here are Russian women (who are the best looking in the world on average) which are now in easier mode (than ussual in Russia). Since 2022. Belgrade is like little Moscow when it comes to gaming hot Russian women.

I will keep this article updated as I intend to add more best cities for daygame in the future.

I coach guys Daygame pickup in all above mentioned best daygame cities.

You can apply for daygame coaching with me here:

My coaches and I coach groups in many major cities worldwide. You can check complete list and schedule on my homepage.

Andreas Ardent, Best Daygame Coach


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