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White women Vs Black women Vs Latina women Vs Asian women Vs Arabic women Vs Indian women

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

White women Vs Black women Vs Latina women Vs Asian women Vs Arabic women Vs Indian women

Which are the best? Which are the prettiest? Which are the easiest to get laid with? Which make best girlfriends and viwes?

You are about to find out in this ultimate smackdown!

As someone who have had relationships and sexual encounters with more than 1000 girls from 57 countries on 6 continents and spent significant amount of time overseas coaching guys pickup and seduction at my Geomaxed™ Live Infield Trainings in North and South America; West, Central, Eastern, North and South-East Europe, Asian countries, Australia and in the Middle East, I am uniquely qualified to talk about this topic as over time I have amassed large amount of empirical data.


The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no point discussing about taste however every man will agree that beautiful facial features and big tits/ass on a slender body are universaly attractive feminine features.

1st place: White women have the prettiest faces on average. Here particulary Slavic women dominate the spectrum. Tits and asses are also solid on average. The problem is obesity as they age.

2nd place: Latina women have very feminine faces on average. By far the best stacked bodies with the biggest boobs/asses on average.

3rd place: Asian women with their specific facial features also have very feminine faces on average. With short and slender feminine bodies, they age the best out of all.

4th place: Arabic women have pretty faces and good tits and assess but a little bit chunky bodies on average.

5th place: Indian women have ok relatively pretty faces with petite feminine body frame yet big tits and round asses are rare on average.

6th place: Black women have on average the least bautiful facial features and the chunkiest bodies. Also they age the worst out of all and are mainly obese once they hit certain age treshold.


1st place: Latina women

2nd place: Asian women

3rd place: Black women

4th place: White women

5th place: Indian women

6th place: Arabic women


1st place: Arabic women

2nd place: Latina women

3rd place: Indian women

4th place: Asian women

5th place: White women

6th place: Black women


1st place: Latina women by far. Best curves, super stacked bodies and some of the prettiest faces on average. Passionate, fiery and affectionate latinas won't let you down. Latinas are the second most feminine and submissive right after Asian women.

2nd place: Super slim, feminine and submissive Asian women. Hard working and shy. With hairy pussies (full bushes) and girly voices, they orgasm very easy and like to cuddle. You cannot but not to love them. They are also the most materialistic out of all.

3rd place: Next best thing are Arabic women, similar stacked bodies like Latinas just different facial features. Be warned as Arabic girls are natural pleasers and fatal seducers.

4th place: White women, I personally somehow feel them like vanila flavour. The hottest of them originate from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and south/eastern Europe.

5th place: Indian women, warm, intelligent and loyal. They have a great long hair and a big hearts. Good choice for a wife yet not my flavour due to a lack of big boobs and round booties on average.

6th place: The lionesses of savana, black women, hot and spirited, loud and wild in bed and biggest drama queens if not smashed well enough are only for the bravest of men.

That's it guys. Take your pick wisely!

Every type of women comes with their pros and cons. There is no such a thing as perfect.

If you want to learn how to seduce specific type of women book one on one online coaching with me and I will be happy to assist you as women are my passion. Seducing beautiful women arround the world is what I do.

Cheers! Andreas Ardent, The Greatest knower of women among all Dating Coaches

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