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Countries where women have the most beautiful faces on average

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Countries where women have the most beautiful faces on average are:








Make no mistake, when it comes to facial beauty and which countries in the world have girls with the most beautiful faces on average, Eastern European countries reign supreme. Slavic women have by far the most beautiful faces and out of all Slavic women, Russian, Belarus, and Ukrainian women have the most beautiful facial features on average.

Slavic faces tend to be symmetrical with high cheekbones and balanced features.

Gentle, highly feminine facial features with big eyes, a small nose,s and chin, and puffy lips are all typical for Slavic girls. They have great smiles and lasting beauty.


Russian women have the most beautiful faces in the world. Period!

The facial shape of Russian women is like that of a Barbie doll - an oval face with high cheekbones, a straight or small nose, large eyes, small jaw, and puffy lips. They have mainly green, blue, and brown eyes.

A common feature is blond hair (light blond, fair hair, dark blond) and light eyes (blue, green, gray). The looks of Russian women are mainly natural with plastic surgery being rare. Russian women wear discreet makeup.

(Most of the models come from Russia. If you put a Russian 8/10 beautiful girl in a city like New York or London she instantly ranks as a Supermodel 10/10 grade compared to local girls!). Russian girls are mainly short, very slim with small waists and nicely shaped perky asses. Big boobs are rare. They have various complexities of healthy skin from porcelain white to tanned.

Russian women's skin remains smooth and youthful for longer due to a lack of strong sun. You will often see Russian women in their late 30s still looking youthful with cute faces.

Russian women know how to look elegant and fashionable, and it does not whether they go to a fancy dinner, party, or a shopping trip, they are mostly dressed elegantly.

If you combine Russian women's facial and physical characteristics with their sense of style, you’ll get yourself a natural-born model.

One reason Russian women are motivated to take great care of themselves is the high proportion of women to men in Russia. There are 88 men per 100 women in Russia, compared to 97 men per 100 women in the United States. It is a country with fierce female competition. Many women maintain their looks hard in order to lock down a top-tier man. Most Russian women are on a permanent rigorous diet. It is a cultural thing and one of the reasons why women look so slim and beautiful.

Russian women are on average highly educated and independent, very feminine and traditional. However make no mistake Russia is not an easy place to get laid as Russian girls will require 2-4 dates to get laid with. Hookups or same-day lays are very, very rare there. Russan girls are a complete package; beautiful and smart, they know their value. This makes Moscow one of the most difficult cities in the world for daygame and nightgame pickup. Even though English language skill is common in educated Beautiful Russian women, I rate difficulty in Moscow as High. To successfully pick up and seduce beautiful Russian women, you will need good clothing style, solid fundamentals, a great game and an understanding of local dating norms which I will teach you at my Moscow Russia Geomaxed Live Infield Training which is recommended for guys who are intermediately skilled with women and have a niche taste for beautiful female faces

(Note that Moscow is not a place for newbies or broke boys).

Out of all the nationalities I have dated, Russian women are by far the most educated on average. Some of the hot beautiful Russian girls I seduced and dated were: Bankers, Corporate lawyers, Nuclear Physicists, small business owners, etc. They were all stunners. Very nicely dressed. At first glance, I thought they were some kind of model. I recommend my Moscow Live Infield Training for guys who want to find a very beautiful highly intelligent and university-educated girlfriend and potential wife.


Belarus women have on average very beautiful faces with large eyes, small noses, standard Slavic high cheekbones, small pointed chin, and meaty lips, which makes the facial features of the entire nation very aesthetically attractive.

Belarusian women have fair skin, blue eyes, and long, blond hair. This unique phenomenon is quite common in Belarus.

Typical body features of Belarus women are being petite with long slim legs with slim thighs, small waist, slender neck, and spirited features – this is the standard of fashion models all over the world.

Belarus women on average are mainly light-haired slim ladies with a perfect sense of style and a desire to care about themselves. Belarus women are very feminine and always wear fashionable outfits that emphasize their natural beauty. They apply makeup, wear high heels, and choose special clothes for different events.

On average Belarus women are also highly educated just as Russian women. English levels are good in educated Belarus women.

Minsk in Belarus is not an easy place to pick up and seduce beautiful women, however, it is easier than Moscow. Women have fewer options there. The looks of Belarus women overall is very similar to Russian women.


Women from Ukraine are reputed all over the world as stunning beauties.

They as well on average have typical Slavic features: very beautiful faces, all colors of eyes, straight small noses, high cheekbones, soft hair, light skin, low average weight, and hight with tiny bone structure.

Ukrainian women dress to impress and like to wear heels because their legs look awesome. Even in winter, you can see a girl walking on the slippery road wearing high-heeled boots.

Ukrainian women know how to wear a lot of make-up and do nice hairstyles. Unfortunately, some girls become too professional in it, and you risk not recognizing her in the morning without her usual makeup. Also, minor plastic surgeries are popular here. Girls like to change the shape of their lips, try permanent makeup, draw eyebrows, apply fake eyelashes, have injections of botox, and so on. Even though Ukrainian facial features are excellent naturally on average. Ukrainian women have a more "naughty", kind of pornstar look.

In terms of difficulty, Ukrainian women score as high (even dough slightly easier than both Russian and Belarus women).

Also on average they drink and smoke more and are less educated than Russian and Belarus women. Ukrainian women are on average more materialistic (with gold diggers being common in 8/10 and higher grade-looking girls.)

Due to the unfortunate war in Ukraine, no one will be going there any time soon so I have canceled my Kyiv Geomaxed Live Infield Training. However, there is a large influx of (hot) Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Even before this Poland was an excellent place to meet beautiful women. And now with a bunch of Ukrainian women in, Poland scores one notch higher than before due to average quality being raised by Ukrainian women!

Seducing and getting laid with Ukrainian women is somewhat easier than with Russian and Belarus women. To successfully pick up and seduce beautiful Ukrainian women, you will need great style, strong fundamentals, a tight game, and understanding of their dating culture which I will teach you at my Warsaw Poland Geomaxed Live Infield Training which is recommended for guys who have a niche taste for beautiful female faces:


Romanian and Bulgarian women on average have very beautiful faces. The only difference is that they have dark hair (black and brown) on average, dark eyes, slightly tanned skin, wear aggressive (pornstar-grade) makeup, and have curvy bodies (with big boobs and round asses). Both countries are a solid option for "face guys" who don't like blondes or super slim women.

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In Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco women have exceptionally beautiful and feminine faces on average. They are the "crème de la crème" of Arabic women when it comes to facial beauty. It's a different kind of beauty compared to Eastern European women and they can be quite hot. And the most beautiful of them you can find in... Paris!

Thats right. All 3 of these countries used to be French colonies in the past. Naturally, the most beautiful women from these countries move to France, in Paris particularly. I have been to Paris a few times and I can confirm this from my wast experience with women. When you approach them in Paris these women are relatively easy to hook up with if your game is tight and you are skilled in picking up women in public. Learn my seduction process here.

You can apply for my Paris France Live Infield Training where I coach guys on how to approach seduce and get laid with beautiful women from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia

You can read more on How to Approach Pickup and Seduce Middle Eastern and Arabic Women here


Brazilian and Colombian women also have attractive faces. Latinas particularly excel with a smile. They have some of the most beautiful smiles in the world. Brazilian and Colombian Latinas can be quite hot. On average they are not on the same level as Eastern European or women from mentioned 3 Arabic countries. Still, they are near the top which is considerate when you take into account that in Brazil and Colombia women have the best asses and tits in the world on average. All of this stacks up.

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When it comes to Asian women I find that Chinese and Thai women have the most beautiful faces on average. I would give an advantage to China since it is more developed so Chinese women have more money to spend on beauty and makeup.

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Women from Eastern European countries have the most beautiful faces on average. They are unmatched when it comes to natural facial beauty and slender figures. Most of the world's top models originate from Eastern Europe, particularly from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Women from the US / Canada / UK and other Western countries are nowhere near the top when it comes to facial beauty on average.


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