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Where to Meet Single Women (5 Best Places to Meet Women as a Single Guy)

Updated: Jun 20

If you are a single guy wondering what are the best places to meet single women, keep reading as we will teach you the best places to meet single women easily!

This article answers the following questions:

Where is the best place to meet single women?

What are the best places to meet single women?

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What are good places to meet women?

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Where to meet single women?

Best places to meet single girls?

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Where to meet women during the day?

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Where to meet women besides bar and clubs?

Where to meet women besides online?

Best places to meet beautiful women?

Appart from bars and clubs, what are some good places to meet single women to date?

Before you scroll down to the list of best places to meet single women, take one major piece of advice first: By far the best places to meet women are places where you can meet women solo (1 on 1) and there is no competition. In other words, places where women aren’t expecting to be hit on or approached. Meeting solo women is way easier than when they are surrounded by friends in groups. There are no male friends you have to befriend or fat jealous female friends to sabotage you. This makes interaction with women the easiest possible and pretty straightforward.

The best places to meet single women are places where women are solo.

This is why we recommend mainly Daygame venues for meeting single women.



Yes, believe it or not, the best place to meet women with the highest number of solo young women are streets. Particularly bussy pedestrian streets. All women, hot or not, walk in the streets every day on their way to work, university, supermarket, mall, hair stylist, gym, manicure, coffee shop, to meet with friends or whatever their destination is, they all have to navigate the streets. You can meet by far the biggest number of women in the streets (bigger than all other venues combined). This gives you a massive opportunity to cherry-pick and approach many women without being noticed when you get rejected. You can stay in one place in the street, approach and meet a woman and if you get rejected, you can keep standing in the same place and in 1 min there will be completely different people around you in the street so you can approach and meet another 20 women and nobody around you will know or care.

But what if you are living or visiting a city that is not pedestrian friendly like Orlando or if it is located in extremely hot or cold climate zones like Dubai, Montreal, or Moscow. What's the best place to meet women?



The second best place to meet women are malls and shopping centers due to the large volume of female visitors they attract. The female-to-male ratio in shopping malls is on average 70:30. Further, women who visit malls to do shopping will usually allocate time to do this so they are not in a hurry. You also need to be aware of single women who are doing "shopping therapy" to relieve stress and feel happy. They are ideal to approach and meet as they are actually looking forward to meeting someone. This is the main reason for their unhappiness. You can easily approach, meet, and close such women. Don't only look in the mall halls. Also, look around you in the stores. You will certainly see some attractive solo women in stores. You should enter the store, pretending you are looking to buy something, and approach and meet a woman. But do it selectively, if it is a female lingerie store, better wait outside as other women will look at you if you enter female-only store.



Another great place to meet women is coffee shops. Particularly large coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa Coffee. You have probably seen many times a hot woman in the street holding a Starbucks cup, it's almost stereotypical. One thing is common for all of these women, they actually have to come to Starbucks to get their coffee. And let me tell you something about women who take their time to go all the way to Starbucks just to get a coffee (they could have made it at home in 2 min): they are not busy! That's right, they are not in a hurry and most of them are single. So I advise you to just dock yourself in a very busy Starbucks (preferably sit at tables overlooking outside) and approach and meet women as you see them passing by or exiting the coffee shop. You can rinse and repeat for hours and collect a bunch of numbers and pull some of them on an instadate at the same coffee shop. It's super effortless as it doesn't require walking. And if some women don't go to coffee shops they will certainly go to



Fast food chains like McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King are gold mines for meeting women due to being very high-traffic places. Rest assured even the hottest women will go there on their food-cheating days. If a solo woman comes to McDonalds to have an Ice Cream it's because she is not in a hurry and has no better things to do. Women in fast food restaurants are ideal to approach and meet. I suggest meeting them when they are solo, seated eating, or exiting since it's easier, and not while they are in a line surrounded by other people.

If a woman is craving fast food or ice cream, that's because she is unfulfilled in other spheres of her life. So this is your chance to "fill the hole". Same as in Coffee shops, you can easily turn meeting a woman to a food date as you have all the prerequisites for this to happen. When women satisfy their sweet tooth, they have to spend these calories somewhere and some of them will go to



Some women prefer to enjoy the sun and fresh air, walk, or just sit and read a book in parks. Even Dough parks are not as high-traffic as Streets and malls, they are still some of the best places to meet women. Women visiting parks typically won't be in a hurry which gives you plenty of time to meet them, strike up a conversation, and even turn this into instadate. I suggest you focus on solo seated women and solo walking women. For best results avoid groups. It's a bit more difficult to stop women who are jogging as they are purposely in a park and usually won't stop for too long. Just like in the previously mentioned best places to meet women, you can meet women, see how it goes and if you get rejected, just repeat.




When it comes to bars and clubs, the reality is that most men and women do nothing, aside from staring at each other the entire night. The men who are successful play a great game, and unfortunately, most men can’t even compete on their level.

Even if you ramp up a number of approaches in a club, don’t fool yourself. Women notice when a man gets rejected, even if he’s halfway across the room. Most guys keep trying over and over, and by the end of the night, their heads hang down low and they reek of desperation. Will they see success after the twentieth time?

Sure, they might. However, most guys don’t have a large enough emotional stamina to handle that much rejection, especially in one single night. Why go through all of that, let alone deal with all the competition if you don’t have to? In reality, you can be a woman’s best and only option by selecting the 5 best places to meet women.


You can try to meet women on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble but in reality, unless you are in the top 0.1% of men in terms of facial aesthetics and overall beauty you will most likely have diminishing results. On Dating apps, it is easy even for below-average-looking women to swipe a guy left because you cannot convey your confidence and assertiveness through only a few photos. Further, the best-looking women (8s, 9s, and 10s) won't ever be on Dating Apps because they get approached in real life and don't have time to waste on dating apps. On top of this, there are tons of fake profiles and AI (Artificial Intelligence) operated profiles designed to keep you using dating apps. You don't believe me? Have you ever texted a girl on Tinder and received only one short generic response after which all communication from her stopped? Guess what, it's not your message game. You just encountered a bot profile (AI) which is designed to keep you hoping and using the app.

And even if you match and land a date, chances are she might look like in her photos since women heavily edit their photos plus they like to use old photos, while in the meantime they have gained weight. Don't waste your time, be smart and quit dating apps.


This is a great idea (as it makes things easier) but what if your social circle is small? What if you don't find any woman from your social circle attractive? What if you have a niche taste for women who are not normally in your social circle? Some guys might be lucky to find a match in their social circle, but the reality is the majority of men won't.

By meeting only women from your social circle, you are severely limiting yourself to many great options that exist outside of your social circle. And why would you do this to yourself? If you are smart, you don't!


With pandemics being over, there are no more lockdowns and curfews. So there is no reason to stay home and keep swiping anymore.

Meeting women during the day in public places like streets, malls, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and parks is the best way to meet women efficiently. You will have the greatest choice and there is the least competition from other men.

As an alternative (for experienced guys only) meeting women during the night in bars and nightclubs is a good option.

If you are lucky to have attractive women in your social circle, this is the best way to go.

For the apex 0,1% of best-looking men, dating apps will provide a plethora of women willing to meet. However quality is lower compared to women you could meet in public places.

What is your opinion? If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section below. 👇


Some men have approach anxiety and are not comfortable meeting women in public places like streets, malls, coffee shops, fast food, and parks. Let's be honest it takes a great deal of courage, self-confidence, and skill to approach strangers and successfully meet women in public.

Otherwise, everyone would do it. The majority of men don't do this due to a lack of skill and confidence. This is exactly the reason why it is so a powerful skillset to have. It gives you the capability to meet women practically anytime, anywhere. And you will have practically no competition. This enables you to be ahead of the pack all the time.


This is precisely what the Ardent Dating Team is teaching men around the world. How to meet women in public places during both day and night and not just that, we do it in global cities known for the most beautiful women on the planet!

Our DAYGAME Coaching is tailored to help you overcome approach anxiety and make it easy to meet new women. To the point you can pull off same-day lay in less than 1 hour from initially meeting a woman,

or get a solid number from complete stranger in less than 2 minutes of interaction,

we will also teach you how to meet large groups of women,

and how to get physical fast (even when meeting groups of women)

You can read more about our world-renowned Daygame Coaching program and watch infield videos here

If you have any doubts about me please visit my Homepage and see the women I have met while doing Daygame in Best 5 places to meet women, recommended in this article.

I help men meet and get the Woman they want and have the relationship they deserve.

Keep smashing!

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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