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First Date Ideas (That Will Get You Laid)

Updated: Mar 29

My clients often ask me to give them some good first-date ideas. In this article, I will give you the best first date ideas to make sure you get laid on a first date (and avoid being ghosted).

A successful first date requires thorough planning.


The only purpose of a first date is to break the ice and improve your logistical situation before you pull a woman home to get laid. Date is not to chit-chat and go to pointless places that will not help you get intimate with a woman.

Remember the main purpose of dating is getting laid. You can have fun with your friends but with a potential girlfriend, you need to get laid as soon as possible, otherwise you will be ghosted. It's that simple. Until the point you are getting laid with a woman, you don't have a girlfriend, but just a platonic friend.


Only go to venues where you can get seated next to her and not the opposite of her, in order to be able to escalate easily (touch and kiss her).

As close as possible to your home. Optimum within less than 10 minutes walking distance so that you can easily pull her home and get laid.

Without further fluff let's deep dive into best first date ideas.


Yes! A good old coffee date is still the best first date idea. And there is a very good reason for this. It's simple, in a quiet place where you can sit next to your woman, talk and escalate (touch and kiss her) which is required to seduce her. Make sure to check in advance if the coffee shop offers seating one next to the other. Choose a coffee shop close to your home so that you can pull her easily when the time comes and get laid.

A coffee date is the optimal option for the first date in the daytime.


This is a recommended date idea for an evening first date. Same as a coffee date just with a 1-2 alcohol drink to loosen things up. Select a lounge bar where the music is not too loud and the place is not too crowded. This will allow you to have conversation and fun and to escalate (touch and kiss her) in order to warm her up for the pull home and get laid.


If there is a cinema close to your place this could be the perfect idea for the first date. Cinema dates are seriously underestimated when it comes to getting intimate on a first date. The dark will give you the perfect opportunity to hug, touch, and kiss your woman and she will be receptive to it because she knows no one will ever see it. Communication will require whispering in her ear which gives you an easy opportunity to get close to her and she will feel your breath in her ear as a turn-on even before you touch her or hug her. Try to get a "love seat" for 2 persons.

(Even if there are no available love seats, cinema date is still a good option because you can pull off all of this even in separate seats. Just take your seat next to hers.

If you are not a smooth talker / best conversationalist, I recommend a cinema date idea to you.


Another great option (if you are lucky to live in a warm climate close to a beach) is beach date. You can lay down next to her and playfully escalate (touch, rub her with sun protection lotion, and ask her to rub it at your back because you cannot reach it yourself). It's great because you can see each other's bodies. I suggest you take her hand and lead her in shallow water just to play a little bit. Sprinkle her with water. Once you are inside the water (and nobody can see) you can touch her under the water's surface (take her for waist, gently touch her arm, booty etc.). Recommended for guys with good overall fitness because your body will give an advantage at the beach.


A walk date can be a good option if you have a park or river/beach promenade, a mall, or any other venue where eventually you can seat one next to another. You can start your date walking (potentially doing some activity together) and then transition into a seated position or another venue. You can still escalate by holding her hand, briefly holding her back, or give her a lasting one-side hug while walking. You can land a kiss and pull her home when you feel she is comfortable.

Recommended for active people if both of you are into walking.


As you can see there is nothing crazy about best first date ideas. The best first date is a simple and efficient first date where you can easily sit next to her, talk, touch kiss her, and pull her home in order to get laid!

The simpler to execute, the better.


And now I'm gonna go through the worst first date ideas to give you a heads up and stop you from failing on a first date. I have seen this terrible first-date idea portrayed as good first-date ideas in the top 5 Google search results. People who wrote these articles have no experience with women and frankly, no idea what the hell they are talking about.

So without further delay let's mention the worst first date ideas:

-Rock climbing


-Any intensive physical activity like running, sports, or gym date






-Big bike ride


-Ride a rollercoaster

-Ride jet skis

-Dinner or Lunch date

-Museum and art gallery date

-Classes together (with the exception of dancing classes which can be quite good because of intensive body contact)

-Painting together


-Escape room


-Play at board game cafe (unless you are both nerds and you can sit next to her)

-Walk your dogs

-Picnic outside (unless you two are alone in a secluded place with nobody around in warm weather)

-Chocolate tasting

-Check out Farmer's market

-Go to a wrestling match

-Male a meal together (this would only be good to get her to your place and then beffore you actually eat the meal derail the date and pull her into your bedroom)

-Bird watching

-Tarot card reading

-Group walking tour

-Play poker

-Public pool date

There are a few things in common that make these first-date ideas bad:

-They are in venues far away from your home so you can't pull her home easily and get laid

-Either they are some kind of intense physical activity where you won't be able to get close enough to touch and kiss her easily plus you will be exhausted and fail to pull her home. You should save your energy for a bedroom.

-Eating on a first date is a big no-no because you will both be "food stoned" and with a full stomach. Guess who doesn't get laid? People with full stomachs!

-Activities where you will be surrounded by huge crowds of people.

I hope these first date ideas will help you to get intimate fast and get her as your girlfriend.

If you want to learn when and how to touch and kiss a woman on a first date and how to pull her home and get laid fast, get a copy of my eBook HOW TO SEDUCE WOMEN

Keep smashing!

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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