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How to choose a Dating Coach?

Updated: Jun 20

If your dating life is struggling and you’re just not meeting the kinds of women that you want to attract and be with, a good dating coach can help you improve your dating skills and become the attractive, confident man who is successful with women.

However, finding the right dating coach can be difficult.

Improving your dating skills and relationships requires a lot of work and it’s important to have a qualified and skilled mentor to walk you through the journey and help you achieve success.

But here’s the catch: Not just any dating coach can give you the results you need. When looking for a dating coach to help you navigate the complex, confusing, and intimidating world of dating, social, and intersexual dynamics, you need to do your homework.

So just how do you choose the right dating coach?

These tips will guide you through the selection process so that you can make an optimal decision when choosing your dating coach and mentor:


Note that Female Dating Coaches will be useless. A female will never reveal a true female nature to any man due to the fear of being slut shamed (even if she is a coach). The following example is exactly what you should avoid:

(A rabbit like Marni Wing Girl can't teach you how to be a hunter.)

An alpha wolf can. You need a world-class, experienced male dating coach with a lot of proof of success in dating women to actually teach you how to approach, seduce, get laid, and date women. And this is exactly what our dating coaches are.


You should specifically look if a dating coach has a lot of social proof (photos, videos) that he himself is successful with (preferably attractive) women. Does he have a beautiful girlfriend? Does he have a beautiful wife?

(Julien Blanc's ugly wife. RSD Julien was one of the most famous pickup guys yet he couldn't catch and retain anything better than his ugly 4/10 wife)

Is this the caliber of girl you want to get laid with or make an LTR partner? I can tell you that I wouldn't even talk with such an ugly woman. Why? Because I have abundance of better looking women and I will coach you how to obtain the same.

It's one thing to get women who are 5s and 6s, but it's totally different game to seduce 9s and 10s.

If a dating coach cannot provide at least 20-30 photos or videos of different attractive women, how the hell is he going to coach you to be successful with women?

In the dating industry, there are many pure marketeers who cannot provide any proof of success with women. These are the coaches that you should avoid if you want any results. Avoid any purely theoretical dating coaches (inner game or text game focused, who just talk theory but do not live the life themselves and don't have to showcase any results in the form of photos and videos of them with hot women).

(Tripp Advice is a perfect example of a purely theoretical coach with over 1 million subscribers yet zero real results shown with women. Skip the mental masturbation to save yourself a bunch of time and money)

Also, check if the dating coach has a nerd vibe/background. A dating coach who is a natural with women (successful with women from an early age with massive lay count) will teach you way better than a nerd who struggled with women most of his life and then he learned some game, banged 2 ugly girls and he started coaching guys. Who do you think is gonna teach you better? Obviously a natural guy with more experience.

(Todd V Dating is a good example. On the photo left you can see he doesn't understand girl's negative body language signal which means "get lost". Do you really think a guy like Todd V gets laid? Let me tell you: Of course not.)

Next, you should select a Dating Coach who can provide proof of success with women in real-life situations (like 1 on 1 date).

Avoid any purely marketing-oriented Dating Coaches like the following:

(James Marshal from Natural Lifestyles on the photo with a bunch of obviously paid models. If it looks too good to be true = it's not real)

Or delusional club promoters trying to sell lifestyle coaching with obviously paid bottle service girls as some "Social circle game" nonsense

(Club promoter Michael Sartain with a bunch of bottle service girls who work for the club. They are also called "fluffers" as clubs employ them to stimulate male club guests to spend more money on bottle service)

Theoretical Coaches and Ph.D. Relationship Therapists or Practical Dating Coach with real-life experience and a massive track record with women and coaching other guys?

Always choose a Coach with practical experience. Someone can theorize or have PhDs but if he only had 3 girlfriends in his whole life he won't teach you anything useful as such Dating Coach lacks critical real-life experience with women which you only gain by practice and which cannot be taught at university.


A good dating coach will take you way outside of your comfort zone in order to help you achieve personal growth. You need to have an open mind, and you need to be ready to test the limitations of what you thought you could accomplish socially. It’s not an easy ride.


With advancements in technology, many dating coaches moved to the Internet and provided sessions online via video calls or other video meeting platforms, or via phone. Online and phone sessions are typically just as effective as in-person sessions, especially since much of your dating journey is done in between sessions through reading and video materials, practical homework to challenge yourself, and reflective periods. If, however, in-person sessions are more interesting for you due to practical application and real-life practice, that’s ok, too. Many coaches offer both in-person and online coaching sessions – just ask when contacting them.


It can be tough justifying an expense that seems so selfish. It’s crucial to realize that this investment could be one of the most important investments you’ll ever make as Dating and relationships are the most important thing in a man's life. Of course, you’ll need to have an approximate idea of how much you can afford, but if someone you resonate with is just outside your budget, it’s worth finding a way to make it work. You really can’t put a price tag on inner peace, joy, and happy relationships with the women you find attractive. Many dating coaches offer different packages at various price points and you can often purchase coaching sessions lasting from an hour to annual subscriptions or dedicated 3 days of infield coaching. Many coaches have their packages listed on their website, and if they don’t, don’t be afraid to ask what their fees are.


Before starting any dating coaching program, take some time to work on yourself. Place yourself in uncomfortable social situations, interact with people you wouldn’t normally talk to, and just step outside your comfort zone. This will help to prepare you for the program, and it will make the experience far less overwhelming.

As with all personal journeys, finding the right dating coach for men is ultimately a personal decision. With a little guidance and some research, you will be able to find the right fit for you.

What is your opinion? If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section below. 👇

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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