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Dating Coaches for Men

We are the best Dating Coaches for Men. We coach Men how to pickup and date Women, get laid and get a girlfriend. We are into Smashing Pussy business and our business is Booming!

Night Game Auckland New Zealand.jpg
Night Game Auckland New Zealand.jpg

Dating Coach for Men


Speciality: Natural Game, Daygame, Nightgame, Cold Approach, Physical Escalation, Same Day Lay, Style, Mindset, Dating,

Sex Coaching, Relationship counseling,

Alpha Male Training and Mentorship

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Dating Coach for Men

(Canada, France, Belgium, rest of Europe)

Speciality: Daygame, Confidence Building, Overcoming Approach Anxiety, Cold Approach, Dates, Long Game, Difficult Women, Eastern European Women

(English and French speaker)

Daygame Paris.jpg
Daygame streets.jpg

Christian Grey

Social Skills Coach

(Europe and South America)

Speciality: Social Skills, Daygame, Nightgame, Verbal Game, Charisma Coaching, Overcoming Approach Anxiety, Cold Approaching Groups, Opening and Hooking Large Groups,

High Energy Communication, Flirting

(English, Italian and Portuguese speaker)

Dating Coach for Men North Europe.jpg

Andrew Nomad

Dating Coach for Men

(North Europe)

Speciality: Daygame, Natural Game, Text Game, Confidence and Masculinity Coaching, Male Grooming, Overcoming Approach Anxiety, Cold Approach, Playfulness and Teasing, Physical Escalation, Closing

(Ex Team Tusk Coach)

(English, Swedish and Spanish speaker)

Dating Coach for Men North Europe.jpg
Coaching with Yad

Colab with Yad

Dating Coach for Men


(We do our London UK Bootcamp in Colab with Yad)

Speciality: Daygame Pickup, Cold Approach, Instant Dates

(one of the most experienced Daygame Coaches in the world)

(English speaker)

Citrus Fruits

Colab with Bradicus (aka Brad Hunter)

Dating Coach for Men

(Australia, New Zealand)

(We do our Sydney Australia, Auckland New Zealand and Cancun Mexico Live Infield Training Bootcamps in Colab with Bradicus)

Speciality: Daygame, Tinder Game, Pulling, Closing

(One of the highest lay count Coaches in the world)

(English and Spanish speaker)

Colab with Bradicus aka Brad Hunter.jpg
Dating Coach China.jpg

Brandon Yang

Dating Coach for Men

(China, East Asia, South East Asia)

Speciality: Natural Game, Daygame, Long Game, High Profile Women, Rich Women, Asian Women,

Seduction, Long Term Relationships, Marriage Counseling for Men

(One of the most famous Players in Asia)

(English and Chineese speaker)

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