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Chicago Daygame 🇺🇸 How to Approach Women and Get Laid

Updated: Mar 29

Are you a single man looking to improve your dating life in Chicago? If so, then you may be interested in the world of daygame. Daygame is the art of meeting women during the day, rather than relying on nightclubs or dating apps. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what daygame is, why it's a great option for men in Chicago, and how you can get started.

What is Daygame?

Daygame is a simple concept: it's the practice of meeting women during the daytime. This could be while you're out running errands, walking in the park, or grabbing lunch. Unlike traditional dating methods, daygame doesn't require a lot of preparation or planning. You don't need to spend hours getting ready for a night out, or crafting the perfect dating profile. Instead, you can simply approach women who catch your eye and strike up a conversation.

Why Daygame in Chicago?

Chicago is a vibrant city, full of attractive women who are out and about during the day. Chicago has many great areas for daygame, including popular shopping districts such as the Magnificent Mile and State Street. These areas are filled with women who are out and about, so it's a great place to start. Whether you're in the Loop, on Michigan Avenue, or in one of the city's many parks, you're bound to encounter women who are open to meeting new people. Plus, daygame allows you to take advantage of the city's great weather during the warmer months. Instead of being cooped up in a dark nightclub, you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while you practice your social skills.

Where to Daygame in Chicago

Absolutely! Here are some of the busiest pedestrian streets, malls, and coffee shops in Chicago that are great for daygame and approaching women:

Pedestrian Streets:

  1. Michigan Avenue (also known as the Magnificent Mile) - This iconic shopping street is lined with luxury stores, restaurants, and hotels, making it a popular spot for daygame. With plenty of foot traffic, you can strike up conversations with women who catch your eye and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

  2. State Street - This historic street is home to several department stores and shops, as well as the famous Chicago Theatre. With so much to see and do, it's a great place for daygame. Just be sure to approach women respectfully and considerately, and focus on building genuine connections.

  3. Rush Street - This street in the Gold Coast neighborhood is known for its high-end shopping and nightlife. During the day, it can be a great spot for the daygame, with plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations with women who are out and about.


  1. Water Tower Place - This eight-story mall on Michigan Avenue features over 100 stores and restaurants, including popular brands like Macy's and The Cheesecake Factory. With so many people coming and going, it's a great place for daygame. Just be sure to approach women respectfully and considerately, and focus on building genuine connections.

  2. The Shops at North Bridge - Located on Michigan Avenue, this mall features over 50 stores and restaurants, including luxury brands like Burberry and Gucci. The elegant and upscale atmosphere can be a great setting for daygame, with plenty of opportunities to meet women who share your interests and passions.

  3. Woodfield Mall - Located in the northwest suburb of Schaumburg, this massive mall features over 300 stores, including anchor tenants like Macy's, JCPenney, and Nordstrom. With so much to explore, it can be a great spot for daygame. Just be sure to approach women respectfully and considerately, and focus on building genuine connections.

Coffee Shops:

  1. Intelligentsia Coffee - With multiple locations throughout the city, Intelligentsia is a popular coffee shop chain known for its high-quality, artisanal coffee. The spacious and stylish atmosphere of their cafes can be a great spot for daygame, with plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations with women over a delicious cup of coffee.

  2. La Colombe Coffee Roasters - This coffee shop chain has several locations in Chicago and is known for its specialty coffee drinks and cozy atmosphere. The relaxed vibe and comfortable seating areas can make it easy to strike up conversations with women during the day, making it a great spot for daygame.

  3. Dollop Coffee Co. - With several locations throughout the city, Dollop is a popular local coffee chain known for its delicious coffee and pastries. The casual and welcoming atmosphere can be a great setting for the daygame, with plenty of opportunities to meet women over a cup of coffee or a tasty treat.


Chicago is home to several beaches along Lake Michigan, such as North Avenue Beach and Oak Street Beach. These can be great places to daygame and approach women who are enjoying the sun and the water.

Remember, the key to a successful daygame is to be genuine, respectful, and confident. Strike up conversations with women who seem open and receptive, and focus on building connections rather than just trying to pick up women.

How to Daygame in Chicago

If you're interested in daygame, there are a few steps you can take to get started:

  1. Find the Right Locations: Chicago is a big city, so it's important to know where to go to meet women. Some great spots for daygame include Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the Magnificent Mile.

  2. Brush Up on Your Social Skills: Daygame is all about being able to strike up a conversation with a stranger. If you're shy or introverted, you may want to practice your social skills before you hit the streets.

  3. Dress to Impress: While you don't need to wear a suit and tie, it's important to dress well when you're out and about. This will help you feel confident and attractive, which will in turn make it easier to approach women.

  4. Be Confident: Confidence is key when it comes to daygame. Remember, you're not doing anything wrong by approaching women during the day. You're simply being friendly and trying to make a connection.

Here are a few additional tips for those looking to try daygame in Chicago:

  1. Approach with Genuine Interest: When approaching a woman during the day, make sure to approach with a genuine interest in her. Don't just use the same pickup lines over and over again. Instead, try to find something interesting or unique about her and use that as a conversation starter.

  2. If women don't stop when you approach them and walk past you or they are rude or uninterested when you stop them, make sure to read my ebook: PIMP™ My Style - How to Game 9s & 10s and apply it in order to get noticed and be successful when cold approaching hotties.

  3. Practice Active Listening: Once you start a conversation, make sure to practice active listening. Pay attention to what she's saying, and ask follow-up questions to show that you're interested in what she has to say.

  4. Don't Be Discouraged by Rejection: Remember, not every woman you approach will be interested in talking to you. Don't take it personally, and don't let it discourage you from trying again. Keep in mind that rejection is a normal part of the dating process, and it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you.

  5. Be Respectful: When approaching women during the day, it's important to be respectful of their boundaries. Don't be overly aggressive or pushy, and if a woman indicates that she's not interested in talking, respect her decision and move on.

In addition to these tips, there are a few other things to keep in mind when it comes to daygame in Chicago. First, be aware of your surroundings and stay safe. Stick to well-lit areas with lots of people around, and don't approach women who seem like they're in a hurry or who are otherwise preoccupied. Second, be aware of cultural differences and respect the customs and traditions of the people you meet.

Overall, daygame can be a fun and effective way to meet women in Chicago. By following these tips and being confident, respectful, and genuine, you can make meaningful connections with women during the day and enjoy all that the city has to offer. So why not give it a try and see where it takes you?

How to Approach Women in Chicago?

Once you've identified a potential target, it's important to approach her in a respectful manner. Start with a friendly greeting or a comment about your surroundings. For example, if you're in a coffee shop, you could comment on the aroma of the coffee or the décor of the shop. This will help to break the ice and make the woman feel more comfortable.

When approaching women during the day, it's important to remember that they may not be expecting to be approached. So it's important to approach them in a way that is respectful and non-threatening. Avoid using pickup lines or making suggestive comments. Instead, try to engage the woman in conversation by asking open-ended questions. For example, you could ask her opinion on a current event or a book she's reading.

As you continue the conversation, be sure to listen actively to what the woman is saying. This will help you to build a connection and find common ground. Remember, the goal of the daygame is to build genuine connections with women, not just to get a date.

Another important factor to consider when approaching women during the day is body language. Make sure to stand up straight, maintain eye contact, and avoid fidgeting or nervous movements. This will help you to appear confident and self-assured, which is attractive to women.

It's also important to remember that not every approach will be successful. Some women may not be interested in talking or may already be in a relationship. If this happens, don't take it personally. Simply wish them a good day and move on. There are plenty of other women out there to meet. With the right approach and mindset, you can enjoy all the benefits that the daygame has to offer.

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Tips for Daygame in Chicago

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It's important to be genuine and authentic when approaching women during the day. Don't try to be someone you're not or put on a fake persona. Women can usually tell when someone is being insincere or trying too hard to impress them. Instead, focus on being yourself and letting your personality shine through. Another important factor to consider is timing. While it's important to be confident and approachable, it's also important to be respectful of a woman's time and boundaries. Avoid approaching women who are clearly in a rush or appear to be preoccupied with something else. It's also important to respect a woman's personal space and not invade her personal bubble. Keep a respectful distance and avoid touching her without permission. When engaging in conversation with a woman, it's important to be respectful and mindful of her feelings. Avoid making comments that could be perceived as offensive or inappropriate. It's also important to avoid pressuring her into giving you her phone number or going on a date with you. Remember that building a connection takes time and effort, and it's important to respect a woman's decision if she's not interested. Lastly, it's important to have fun and enjoy the experience of daygame. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to get a date or a phone number. Instead, focus on having interesting conversations and meeting new people. The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll become with approaching women during the day.

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In conclusion, daygame - approaching women during the day can be a great way to meet new women and potentially find a romantic partner in Chicago. Remember to be confident, approachable, and respectful, and to focus on building genuine connections with women. Keep your conversations interesting and enjoyable, and don't put too much pressure on yourself to get a date. And always remember to be authentic and true to yourself. Happy daygaming!


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Tay, Dating Coach for Men

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