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Players International Community Subscription is a premier service reserved to a limited number of members.

Stay in the loop with the most innovative and cutting-edge knowledge there is out there.

You will have immediate access to the Executive team of coaches to personally guide your journey in game to reach mastery.

Connect with like minded men.


(Recommended for all experience levels, especially those who are serious about getting this part of your life handled for good)


The fastest way to get what you want out of life is to hang around men who are committed to mastery. Andreas has been deep in the seduction trenches for over two decades and have steadily built one of the most hyper-engaged peer groups online.

"I have brought this Elite WhatsApp group together for you... All in one place. In our early days, we remember how frustrating it was to constantly hit the same roadblocks over and over again - fumbling for answers we knew would sky-rocket our game. And, more importantly, we also remember how crucial it was when a more advanced mentor or coach unlocked a door in a matter of minutes that would have taken us years to figure out on our own.

The new Players International Community is our new tribe. It’s the ONLY place where we share with everyone exactly what we are doing right now. And, in the most detail (infield videos, detailed posts). The privacy of this group allows us to be the most graphic and x-rated with our teachings and advice. We hold nothing back.”

Players International Community subscription

Price Options
€199.00every month for 12 months
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