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How to Start Approaching Women

Updated: Jan 7

Today I'm gonna teach you how to start approaching women.

If you are unsure how to get started approaching women and you are one of those technical perfectionist guys who need to watch 100 videos and learn game for 1 year beffore they actually approach a woman, I'm not surprised you suck with women.

I want you to approach 5 women today!

Not tomorrow!

Not for the weekend!


And I mean it!

Watch my video: How to Cold Approach a Woman to educate yourself for free:

One of the 3 things is gonna happen. 

You're gonna watch this video and think:

"Mmmm Nah" 

You are the weakest of all! Wussy!

If you are a quiter I want you to quit reading this post right now and leave my website! You fuckin coward!

If you approach 5 women how is that gonna harm you in any way? It can only make your life better! 

You might end up in a situation in a next few weeks or months where you see your perfect woman and she looks at you and smiles at you, and she might be a perfect girlfriend for you and you don't approach because you are unsure how and you miss the opportunity. If you have done these 5 approaches you will be at least comfortable enough to approach and strike a conversation with her and maybe make her your girlfriend.

Cuz life is like that, it's that close sometimes. 

So you need to start approaching women and do this 5 approaches TODAY.

You ain't got no time to waste!

You don't know what's gonna happen in the future. You might need this skill. 

So if you don't do 5 approaches, you are a real wussy!

Second there are gonna be people watching this video and think:

"I'm gonna do 5 cold approaches. I'm gonna do it." And they are gonna go out and approach only one or two women, they are gonna get rejected and they are gonna say: "Well I tried, It's not bad for the first day. Thats a good start"

NO! I said five approaches! Not one, not two, not four. But FIVE!

So you are quitting to! There are women all around you and you can approach. But your ego won't allow you cuz its hard to get rejected! 

And you are wussy too!

Third are kind of people that are gonna lie in YouTube comments. 

"I did 5 approaches bla bla bla"

No you didn't. Shut da fuck up because you are fuckin liar!

And there is less than 1 percent of you who are gonna read this post and say:

"You know what, Fuck it, lets do it!"

I'm gonna approach 5 women today! It's gonna be hard and I'm gonna wanna quit but I'm actually gonna do it!

If you genuinely approached 5 women today. Genuinely! Then you are not a weak man! You will have success with women.

I want you to write their 5 names in YouTube comments below.

I am gonna coach you and turn you into a massive player who is going to sleep with hundreds of hot women!


You need to relentlessly consistent keep approaching women every day. You should zealously approach women. This needs to become your religion. Determination is key for success.

We will inspire and motivate you to start approaching women.

And just to give you a heads up how dramatically your dating life is going to change when you apply for Coaching with me or one of our Coaches, watch the following videos:

Coached by

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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