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How to approach a Geeky / Nerdy Girl

Updated: Mar 29

How to approach a geeky girl

Do you like geeky/nerdy girls but you are not sure how to approach them or do you have approach anxiety? You don't know what to say to a geeky girl or how to carry yourself? And not to mention how to run a date, pull a geeky girl home, and have passionate sex with her?

This post is for all guys who are into Geeky / Nerdy girls.

First, you need to acknowledge that the majority of the nerdy/geeky girls are shy or introverts. They will act coy and might be a little cold in the beginning. It doesn't mean these are their character traits by any means. It's just a behavior caused by their lack of social skills and experience and not your lack of game.

Geeky girls won't make any moves and you will have to do pretty much all the pushing (plowing forward) towards a close (smash) yourself. They won't make it any easier for you. Sometimes when I look back on my rich sexual past, on many occasions it was way easier to approach, seduce, and pull super hot, pornstar-grade girls than some geeky girls. It's just a funny fact. Anyways as your game progresses and you become experienced you should be able to adapt and recalibrate yourself and your approach, on the spot in any challenging situation with girls.

I will explain how to pull nerdy girls from start to finish.

How to approach nerdy girls


Make sure your initial approach is very strong, direct with strong eye contact and body language, and high confidence. Note that you will have to add up energy and confidence for the geeky girls' lack of confidence and social skills.

While driving my car, I saw this nerdy girl waiting for the bus at a bus station. She had a nerdy face but a super slim, banging body with fit legs and some C-cup perky boobs. Was enough to capture my attention.

I literally stopped my car in a bus lane in front of her, exited my car, approached her with a smile and strong eye contact, and said: " Hi, I was driving, saw you and I think you are absolutely gorgeous. You have a killer legs. I like your dress and sandals, they fit you well".

Initially, she gave me a frosty response but she giggled so I knew I needed to plow forward. I was talking monologue first 40 seconds and then she engaged. (The key is to keep talking confidently and with conviction until you reach a hook point. You must not allow an awkward silence to happen!)

Shy introvert girls will be amazed and amused by your ballsy approach and confidence and naturally intrigued. The reason is that every girl wants a partner with traits she doesn't possess or lacks massively.

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After some random 2-minute chit-chat I asked her for a number and handed her my phone so that she could type it herself. While she was typing I grabbed gently her lower back with my hand while looking at the phone screen (Andreas Ardent's signature move). 10 sec after she gave me her number a bus came and started to honk behind my car, stopped in a bus lane. I told her: "I have to go, where are you going?". It turned out she was going downtown a place close to where I lived. I told her: "I go in the same direction. Jump in!". She was hesitant for a moment and replied "But, I don't know you." I turned around and came back to her handshake and replied to her "My name is Andreas. Now you know me. Let's go" and she entered my car.

I took my car to the free bus station for the bus waiting behind me.

This all happened in less than 3 minutes in front of a bunch of people in a busy bus station.

On our way downtown in my car, she told me she was studying banking and finance and that crunching numbers was always her passion. Apparently, she won a few math contests in high school and now wanted to enter the world of corporate banking.

We were both busy for an instant date but I guess a 20 min "car date" can count as an instant date. We agreed to meet on the following day and specified the place and time.

I drove her to the point, hugged and kissed her before she exited my car. I continued driving to my home.


Because we already agreed about place and time there was no need to do this over the text. I just texted her the next day to confirm the time.

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The next day we went to a lounge bar close to my place and both ordered some nonalcoholic cocktails. We spent about 30 min talking about some random stuff. I was cuddling her the whole time and kissed her gently once. I noticed she enjoyed it and the temperature was high and decided it was time to go to my place.

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How to approach a geeky girl


I told her "Let's go to my place to spend some time together and maybe watch some movie". She said "OK". I paid the bill and we bounced to my place.

(It is important that you keep momentum and conversation fluid and not allow an awkward silence. If awkward silence occurs, the nerdy girl will give you more resistance once you are back at your place.)


At my place, we sat comfortably on my corner sofa and started watching an animated movie: Alita Battle Angel. She wanted to watch this particular movie. I served us some Ice Cream. We were cuddling gently while watching the movie. Somewhere in the middle of the movie we started French kissing passionately. I knew it was time to get to the point. I undressed her slowly while kissing her. At one point she stopped me from removing her panties. Since I was already all over her I knew she just needed more time. I overcame it and started fingering her.

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After I ate her pussy, my D was already erected and I took her head gently and guided her close to my D.

She gave me a delightful BJ.

(If you are unsure how to ask a girl to give you Head please make sure to watch my free YouTube video

What I learned from many years in the game so far is that female BJ skill level is not correlated with girls' looks, confidence, or even age or experience. Either they do it right or not.

We started having passionate sex. We changed 2 positions and I gave her a moaning orgasm.

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I wasn't really blown away by this girl overall because I just have a plethora of options with women due to my skill and experience so I decided to Smash and Dash 😊.

However, if you like a girl, you two are a good match, you see a long-term relationship perspective and you decide to make a girl your long-term girlfriend you will have to display some vulnerability (to start opening up) to a girl in layers in order to establish a deep connection with a girl and make her fall in love with you. Note that this will also make her loyal in long-term relationships.

This is also where many inexperienced men fail miserably which leads to harsh breakups and expensive divorces only a few years in the downstream.

(To prevent this from happening, make her fall in love and stay loyal in a long-term relationship, read and apply the following chapters of my eBook HOW TO SEDUCE WOMEN -Vulnerability (perfectly imperfect man) and how to establish a deep connection with a girl

-How to get her addicted to you and fiercely loyal

-Maintaining the relationship

All of this will help you tremendously in your long-term relationship.)

In this post, I have included everything you will need to successfully approach, pick up, seduce, get laid, and have a long-term relationship with a Nerdy / Geeky girl.

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Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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