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What's Easier: Daygame or Nightgame?

Updated: Mar 29

Dating is a popular topic and it's natural for people to wonder which approach is easier for meeting new women: daygame or nightgame.

Both daygame and nightgame have their own unique challenges.

Daygame typically involves approaching women during the day in public settings such as malls, streets, parks, or coffee shops. The advantage of daygame is that women are often more relaxed and open during the day, and there is usually way less competition for attention compared to nightgame. However, it can also be more difficult to start a conversation with a random woman during the day since people are often busy or in a hurry.

Nightgame, on the other hand, involves meeting women in social settings such as bars, clubs, or parties. The advantage of nightgame is that women are usually under the effects of alcohol and in a more social and outgoing mood, making it easier to strike up a conversation. However, nightgame also comes with its own challenges, such as dealing with loud music, cockblocking ugly friends, crowds, and fierce competition from other men trying to socialize.

Both daygame and nightgame approaches have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we'll explore the various factors that can affect the easiness and success of daygame and nightgame.

Ease of Approach

Approachability is one of the most important factors when it comes to meeting new women. In general, women are more approachable during the day than at night. During the day, women are usually in a more relaxed and open mood, making it easier to start a conversation. Women are often more receptive to meeting new men during the day because there are no friends around to judge them and compete for their attention.

On the other hand, women can be less approachable at night. In social settings like bars and clubs, women are often surrounded by friends and may be less open to meeting new people because of judgemental and cockblocking friends. Additionally, the atmosphere of a club or bar can be loud and distracting, making it difficult to have a meaningful conversation with someone.

VERDICT: Daygame is way easier to get started approaching women, and much more beginner-friendly. Nightgame is not noob friendly and requires more experience and skill.


Competition is another important factor to consider when it comes to daygame and nightgame. During the day, there is virtually no competition for attention compared to nightgame. In a mall, street, coffee shop, or park, for example, there may be on very rare occasions men trying to approach the same woman as you. This makes it easier to stand out and make a lasting impression.

In contrast, nightgame is very competitive. Bars and clubs are often crowded, and there are likely to be many other guys trying to approach the same hot girl as you. This makes Nightgame significantly harder to stand out and create a memorable impression.

Age Demographics

Target age demographics relate to the dominant age group who frequents Daygame and Nightgame venues. While in Daygame venues you can find attractive women of any age, chances are that in nightgame venues you will find the majority of female demographics to be 18-25 years with some occasional 25-35 years old female visitors.

Your age demographics can also play a role in determining whether daygame or nightgame is more successful. Generally speaking, younger men (until their 30s) tend to prefer nightgame, while older men over 30 years are more likely to prefer daygame.

Younger men often enjoy the social atmosphere of bars and clubs, where they can dance and drink with friends in order to loosen up. Older men who have to sleep earlier and work the next day may prefer the more relaxed and casual environment of a street, mall, coffee shop, park, or beach.

Quality of Women - Looks

At Daygame venues you can definitely find beautiful women. You will meet more naturally beautiful women.

But you will meet more made-up, sexy, hot (we’re talking perfect hair, perfect makeup, 5” heels, sexy dresses, or slutty behavior) women during the nighttime. Different guys go for different things. If you are more excited by genuinely beautiful women than you are by made-up, dressed-up, sexy, hot women, you’ll like daygame more. If you are more excited by made-up, sexy, hot women who work hard to amplify their appearances, then you’ll like the nightgame better.

You will meet more women who do not go out at night as much, during the day than you will at night. This is good if you like these kinds of girls; it is bad if you like wild revealing-looking girls. So, again, it’s going to depend on what your tastes are. However, don't take this as a rule of thumb as the majority of my same-day lays were actually from Daygame and not Nightgame. Also in some countries, women are fully dressed up with heavy makeup even in the daytime so it also depends on location.

This one therefore comes down to what you’re after.

Want the hot slutty extroverted fun club queen girl? Then you’re going to view nighttime as the best time to meet your kind of woman.

Want an easy-going natural beautiful girl in casual clothes? Then you’re going to view daytime as the better time to meet the girls you want to meet.

Important to read: Note that Nightclubs employ hot girls (who are dressed just like regular guests, and not to be confused with hostesses) to fill the club and attract and stimulate male visitors to spend more money on bottle service. In the Nightclub business model these girls are called "fluffers". Note that these girls are in most cases in a relationship and won't be picked up by a random guy as they are working for money. Therefore it's very important for young and inexperienced guys who are trying to do Nightgame to know how to recognize fluffers in order to save themselves time and instead approach normal female guests with whom they can seal the deal. You will recognize "fluffers" by being in a group of 2-4 girls with every girl in the group being hot. And they will always have a bucket with 2 bottles of vodka or whiskey with a bunch of Red Bulls in the bucket. This is in order to stimulate male guests to spend more. Normally you should avoid fluffers (in order not to burn a club for a fluffer), however in some situations, you can smash a hot fluffer if you are skilled enough and if you approach near the club closing time so keep this in mind.

Quantity of (Hot) Women

There is far more quantity during the day in busy pedestrian zones of urban cities than in any particular nightgame venue (even if there is an entire street loaded with night venues). Simply put Daygame venues are unmatched when it comes to quantity (volume). In comparison you can enter one club, and there might be one or few women you find attractive but as soon as you approach one, most of the women in the club will notice you and you have "burned" that club. If you are lucky you might approach 2 women. And if you fail your only option is to leave that club and go to the next one.

In comparison this "burn effect" doesn't happen in Daygame venues due to the constant flow of people. You can approach a new woman every 2 minutes and no one will know because women who were around you in the street 2 min ago are already gone by the time you spot and approach another attractive woman. This makes it way easier to approach large numbers of women. Some people will argue that women in clubs look hotter, and are better dressed with more makeup. This is not true because if you hit any upmarket pedestrian zone during the day, you will see equally well-dressed and made-up women.

Quantity of Obstacles

In Daygame you can focus on solo women who are the easiest to approach, start a conversation, seduce, and get laid. If you focus on solo women (like I do) there are practically no obstacles.

In comparison to Nightgame, women (particularly the hot ones) will be surrounded by large groups therefore you need to focus and talk with the entire group and spend way more energy, otherwise if you don't give any attention to her ugly friends and male orbiter friends, and ignore them you will be cockblocked very soon. Nightgame has way more obstacles like loud music, people around, competition, etc.

Ease of Getting Number

It is much easier to get a number during a solid Daygame approach compared to the Nightgame approach. In Daygame you can get a number within the first 2 minutes if you are skilled (like I am). Getting numbers in Nightgame venues is way harder because no girl will give you a number fast if she is surrounded by friends due to fear of being judged and slut shamed by friends. Don't get me wrong women in nightgame venues absolutely want to get laid. They just don't want all their friends to know about it. What I advise you to do in Nightgame is to actually approach solo women in toilet queues and outside of the club, in the line, and in designated smoking areas. It will be way easier to get the numbers quickly because there are no judgmental friends around.

Ease of Getting Dates

It's way easier to get a solo woman you approached in daygame venue only a few minutes ago on instadate than to separate the hot girl from a group of her friends in clubs and bars in order to go somewhere more private with her. You will face way greater resistance in doing second.

Regarding dates from numbers, I find Nighgame numbers to be more flaky and unreliable. Most of the numbers you will get are from girls who are somewhat under the influence of alcohol. When they wake up the next day, chances are they will barely remember you. Club high will wear out and they will ghost you in most cases. In nightgame venues, you should always strive for instadate followed by pull and same-day lay. In comparison, Daygame numbers tend to produce more reliable dates afterward.

Ease of Pulls and Same-Day Lays

In regards to which is easier to pull a woman home and get laid, I would say Daygame while Nightgame is close enough. In Daygame if you pull a solo woman on an instadate and you know how to escalate fast (touch and kiss), you can very easily pull her home and get laid (same day lay).

In comparison pulling women from groups and their social circle during nightgame is way more difficult and I would say opportunistic as the majority of pulls to your place will be from outside of clubs, smoking areas, and toilet queues. However, women will be slightly under the influence of alcohol so if you are as skilled as our Dating Coaches are then it's only slightly more difficult than pulling from daygame.

Time Constraints

Time constraints can also affect the success of daygame and nightgame. During the day, people are often busy with work, school, or other activities. This means that they may be more likely to be in a rush and less likely to have time for a conversation.

At night, people may have more free time and be more open to meeting new people. However, the social atmosphere of bars and clubs can also be distracting and make it harder to have a meaningful conversation.

Social Context

The social context of daygame and nightgame can also have a significant impact on the success of each approach. During the day, women are usually in a more relaxed and casual environment. They may be out running errands or taking a break from work. This can make it easier to strike up a conversation and establish a connection with someone.

Nightgame, on the other hand, takes place in a more social context. People are often out with friends and in a party mood. This can create a more lively atmosphere, but it can also make it harder to have a meaningful conversation with someone.

Personal Preferences

Finally, personal preferences are a key factor to consider when choosing between daygame and nightgame. Some people may prefer the relaxed and casual environment of daygame, while others may enjoy the social atmosphere of nightgame.

As a general rule, Daygame is easier and better for introverts, while nightgame will be better suited and easier for extroverts and more experienced guys with intermediate and high lay counts.

Some guys who do not drink alcohol, dislike smoke, and loud music will find Nightgame venues repulsive. This also applies to professional men over 30 years old who are business owners or employed and need their heads clear the next day.

Younger guys in their 20s who are party animals will prefer Nightgame.

The success of each approach depends on your own strengths and weaknesses as a social person.


Ultimately, which one is easier depends on your own preferences and strengths as a social person. Some men may find daygame easier because they are more comfortable approaching women during the day, while others may prefer the social atmosphere of nightgame. It's important to find the approach that works best for you and to practice your social skills regularly to improve your chances of success in either setting.

So, in our final Summary Comparison:


  • Scarier when new, but after some experience becomes easier to approach

  • Very low competition

  • All female age groups available to approach

  • Higher quality (if you like natural looks casually dressed girls)

  • Much higher quantity

  • Virtually no obstacles (if you focus on solo women)

  • Easier to number close and more solid numbers

  • Easier to get instadates and dates from number

  • Easier to pull and same-day lay (if you focus on solo women)

  • Bigger time constraints and less time to hesitate

  • More suitable for introverted and professional men


  • Easier to start, but greater resistance to approach and requires more skill and energy

  • Fierce competition from other guys who also want to approach her

  • Mainly younger and good-looking female population

  • Higher quality (if you like made-up, dressed up, slutty looking, flashier extroverted girls)

  • Lower quantity

  • Lots of obstacles from her friends competing for her attention

  • Harder to number close in front of her friends (but easier once she is isolated). However, in general, Nightgame tends to produce more flaky numbers

  • Harder to get instadates and dates from numbers (unless you focus on isolated girls in front of the club, smoking area, or toilet queues)

  • Equally easy to pull home and same day lay (if you focus on isolated girls and also at the end of the evening, at closing time of the club)

  • Less time constraint and more time to cherry-pick, alcohol boost for guys with mild approach anxiety

  • More suitable for extroverted and young men (not suitable for noobies which is a paradox)

Which should you choose: Daygame or Nightgame?

Depends on what you’re after.

If it’s lots of dates, a beautiful (or conservative) girlfriend, less competition from other men, or to integrate pickup in your daily life, you’ll prefer daygame.

If it’s quick flings and one-night stands, flashy/slutty/hot girls, and less worrying about time constraints or girls, you’ll prefer nightgame.

My strong advice for noobies is to start with Daygame as it is easier and more forgiving. Nightgame is for intermediate and advanced guys.

If you have the time (and the inclination), my real suggestion is you spend enough time to get at least okay with each style of game. Reason being? You will find things you didn’t realize you could like once you are out infield running these types of game. No way to know what those are until you encounter them.

And another reason: you may find as you journey through life that your dating preferences change. So while you might want the sweet girlfriend now, you may want a bunch of flings later. Or while you may want a string of one-night stands now, you may want to be able to line up coffee dates once you tire of the club scene. Having the ability to run any kind of game gives you the flexibility to change styles when it suits you.

If you are struggling with Daygame or Nightgame and not getting the results you want I advise you to book Infield Coaching with one of our Dating Coaches. We are specialized in both Daygame Coaching and Nightgame Coaching to give you the best possible real life education.

Andreas Ardent,

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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