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Why is dating so hard for men? Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend?

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If you are wondering why dating is so hard for men and why is it so hard to get a girlfriend, you are on the right track because dating is hard for most of men regardless how good-looking, rich, or smart they are.

The dating process is fairly complex and hard to master on your own and requires a high level of confidence, experience, assertiveness, and social and emotional intelligence, which the vast majority of men do not have.

To be successful in dating you must have experience with women and to have the experience you must have initial success which is a kind of catch-22.

Now I will explain why the Dating/Seduction process has a steep learning curve.

Whether you want a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, make no mistake, every relationship starts with sex. If you don't have sex with a girl, you just have a platonic relationship aka friendship which basically means - nothing.

Let's break the Dating process into a sequence of steps/skills that guys need to understand and execute flawlessly in order to get laid, start, and maintain a relationship:

  1. Understanding Fundamentals for success with women

  2. Scoping for babes in heat – recognize Female signals of interest

  3. How to approach women

  4. Talk with a girl directly and attractively

  5. Make an instadate

  6. Take her number and filter out time-wasters

  7. When and how to text a girl to land a date

  8. Plan and set up a productive date that leads to sex

  9. Maintain Momentum

  10. Touch a girl to turn her on

  11. When and how to kiss a girl on the first date

  12. Pull a girl to your or her place

  13. Taking ownership and full responsibility for what is about to happen

  14. Foreplay

  15. The transition from foreplay to sex

  16. Overcome potential objections and resistance

  17. Sex: How to excel - the best positions to make her cum

  18. Hard and long-lasting erections every time – Naturally

  19. How to give her an orgasm

  20. Why having Sex ASAP and performing great is important

  21. Cuddling and aftercare

  22. How to establish a deep connection with a girl

  23. Make her fall in love with you and keep her loyal

  24. Maintaining the relationship


If you fail at any of the steps in the process, a girl will almost never give you a second chance and she will most likely ghost you. Therefore you effectively have to start all over again (with a new girl) each time you fail at any of the steps in the seduction process. There is a massive learning curve in order to learn how to smoothly execute each one of these steps with a lot of trial and error. (I had clients who were trying and failing for more than 10 years before they found me and I coached them and set them up for success)

Unfortunately, the Dating, Pickup, and Seduction process is not taught at school/university. Pretty much all of the "officially educated" relationship counselors are useless. How are they going to coach you if they haven't had more than 5 girlfriends themselves on average?

On top of this majority of popular YouTube Dating Coaches and "Pickup Artists" come from "nerd" backgrounds and are simply inexperienced/unqualified enough to train others and they tend to produce overcomplicated, useless, and confusing learning material.

The typical examples of these are companies and coaches like RSD (Real Social Dynamics), PUA Mystery, Natural Lifestyles, Based Zeus, Todd V, Tripp Advice, etc).

The typical case is when you have a "nerd" guy who identifies himself with some of these coaches who have nerdy vibes, looks, or vocal tonality. They think: "This guy is nerdy, like myself, so he must be a good one to coach me. Right?"


If you need to learn mathematics would you take private lessons with a teacher who barely finished his training or with a teacher who won a bunch of international competitions? If you were to learn Boxing would you rather have a coach who entered a ring a few times in his life or a coach who is a world-class heavyweight champion? If you were to become fit would you hire a fat coach to train you in the gym? If you were sick and needed surgery would you rather go to an inexperienced novice surgeon or to a world-class top surgeon in his prime?

If you are about to learn how to make money would you hire a poor person to coach you how to do this or would you rather learn from Warren Buffett?

So why bunch of guys follow and hire these nerdy-vibe dating coaches? Because it is easier to identify with a loser "who worked his way out of being a loser" if you are a loser. It gives you a false hope.

What is your opinion? If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section below. 👇

The majority of Dating Coaches show 0 results and receipts (proof that they are successful with women like photos and videos with women).

They talk the talk yet don’t walk the walk.

I walk the walk my whole life, and I’m going to teach you how to do the same! I’ve been in the game for the last 16 years, with over 1,000 lay count in 57 countries. Coaching guys how to excel with women at my Live Infield Trainings hosted on 5 continents.

I was never a nerd. I lost my virginity back when I was 15 years old due to the exceptional social and emotional intelligence I displayed at an early age.

But before you trust me or you buy my book or services I want you to visit my homepage and my portfolio page to see the results with women I am talking about.

If dating for you looks like a mountain, note that for me it is merely a bump in the road.

This is why I embarked on a mission to Help 1 Million Guys to SMASH. I want to devirginize the West! Someone real has to teach you.

Click on the link to learn my world-renowned SYSTEM on how to approach women you find attractive, seduce them and rapidly build a connection, get laid, and get yourself a girlfriend. The system is optimized for fast lays and infield tested worldwide. My clients and I used this SYSTEM to get laid many many times in 58 countries!

I coach guys infield how to pick up, seduce, get laid, and maintain successful long-term relationships with women.

By doing 1 on 1 coaching or group infield coaching with me, you will be standing on the shoulders of giants and your dating life will benefit from my massive experience. I have mastered, perfected, and refined the Seduction process to get you on the fast track quickly.

Dating made easy!

Keep smashing!

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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