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How to Approach and Get Laid with White Girls as an Indian Guy (by Maharaja)

Updated: Sep 17

Hey player if you are reading this, you’re probably looking at a reflection of yourself. See I was just like you a few years back. I fantasized about getting laid with white girls as an Indian guy. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, all sorts of thoughts of white babes popping up and down my dick every day... but there was one small issue. I had to figure out how to do that and achieve my dreams. Hence, “encouraged” by popular culture I started looking at Eastern Europe since they are known as being more feminine & sexy than their Western counterparts. I started looking at the biggest country in Eastern Europe, the country famous for being the garage birthplace of the sexiest and most plentiful white girls on the planet: mother Russia. Back at that time, I was just like you: I was desperate. I was mesmerized, by the idea of conquering these white pussies .. and I had to take immediate action as an Indian guy. I focused on the most important aspects of myself that I possibly could. I focused on my perceived sexual market value. Whatever I project to the world, it’s all that matters. After all, that’s what life and game are: smoke and mirrors. That’s the most important thing for an ethnic minority. When you want to game lots of hot white girls, expand your options and game ruthlessly without rejection. Style, personal, grooming, fancy haircut, and expensive designer clothing are must-have. The number one thing that separates Russian girls from their Western counterparts is that they do not beat around the bush too much so you can be direct. You can open up with a cheesy, strong, masculine, embarrassing, direct opener, whatever you like. But make sure that it contains an essence of your core inner Game, which is what I’ll TEACH you. These hot white Russian girls adore a quality in a man called “Primitivity”. We are all animals from the inside yet hundreds of years of cultural development have made you suppress your “natural Primitive instincts”. It’s time to awaken the Beast within - my desi warrior. Join me - the champion fucker of Russian girls to awaken this burned-out flame inside you. This is the key quality that has guided me on my journey and helped me get laid with 70+ beautiful white Russian girls on my Russian trips despite being an Indian guy. Apart from that these white girls, Russian girls are very feminine and obedient & just need a spanking dominating hair Pulling daddy. One Real story: One cold grey morning I was walking near Centre Moscow. I saw a lonely sexy teen blonde girl strolling, all covered up and looked even “snobbish”. I approached her with my Game: Just took her for an instant date and consistently spiked her emotions .. as soon as she was at her “high melting point”, grabbed her head and made out with her.

My tongue down her throat. The result -I got an instant same-day morning PULL within 30 minutes of meeting This girl. She turned out to be an Aeroflot cabin Crew Stewardess ;) sexy, hot blonde, and barely 19 years old. As soon as we got to my hotel, she asked me to pull out my phone and start recording videos !! This girl was freaky wild - hiding behind the disguise of an innocent 19-year-old Barbie doll who was on her period that day 😉

This is an actual true story with proof - and this is just a small example of what happens if you can enhance your game and properly leverage your SMV - you can bang and conquer white girls as an Indian guy. Yes, they love brown dick.

These white girls equate brown color to the color of dark chocolate. It’s enticing and exotic to them. However, without unleashing your inner hidden Bengal Tiger, you’re just another one of the million, guys who happened to just walk by her on the street, grabbing your dick with your hands, and just keep fantasizing all day about fucking her brains out - that is, unless you take action by getting coached by the most infamous world-renowned Indian dating coach exclusively for taming white pussy - that’s ME ;)

I'm gonna teach you how to hunt for white pussy like a Royal Bengal Tiger.

So, after total looksmaxing and conquering the internal demons, I finally took my first trip to Russia. I always approach from the front, rightfully as it should be done, notably because it creates a subconscious aura of male dominance that the female is literally forced to respond to - after that, it can easily be leveraged to my favor and escalated all the way. All lays I had in Russia have come literally through the same method - it is literally a Foolproof method to get as many white girls as you can as an Indian guy. One fine evening, I was strolling the streets of Russia after dinner. I wasn’t even in the mood that much just wanted to go home and get some sleep. However, I saw this insanely gorgeous, big-titted, blonde-haired MILF walking towards me. As usual, my predatory instincts kicked in, and I stopped, and instantly approached her from the front using my main magic technique. I saw the sparkle in her eyes, and she immediately felt mine. Instantly, I took her hand and asked her to accompany me towards the night beach embankment. Some moderately escalating conversation, her continuously feeling my heated-up energy and pheromones, and me regularly touching her in the “naughty” zones.

As soon as we reached the beautiful quiet seaside - it was time to escalate, I pulled her towards me, looked into her eyes, and sang a beautiful, stupid old Aerosmith song that just came to my mind. She could feel every molecule of me .. as soon as she was at her low melting point .. the Bengal tiger inside me struck, grabbed her throat, and jammed my tongue inside her mouth, passionately making out. Seduction was complete for the night. Sexual comfort was established. The deal was sealed. Her weak last-minute hesitations didn’t mean shit. It was literally child’s play to take her back home after that. Apart from being incredibly curvy, busty, and sexy, she was loving and caring as well and made me an amazing dinner. Once we reached her place yes, you heard it right “ her place” — she took me back to her second empty apartment after “kissing goodnight” to her sleeping husband and kids in her first one. Naughty white MILF 😉😈 yeah. It was a long taxi journey to the other side of the town. This hot, busty, curvy Russian milf was all wet, and couldn’t wait to experience her first Indian cock. And it was rough, passionate sex all night long until dawn.

This absolutely proves that virtually anything is possible when you have the right mindset and smooth game, which contributes to your cold approaching momentum - that only I — the Desi champion fucker of white women, can incorporate into you. So what the hell are you waiting for? Book Coaching with me now and learn how to get laid with hot white women.

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