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How to approach and get laid with Pornstars: A Comprehensive Guide

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Approaching and seducing a pornstar may seem like an unattainable fantasy, but with the right approach and mindset, it's entirely possible to connect with these intriguing individuals on a personal level. In this guide, we'll explore strategies and techniques for successfully navigating daily encounters with pornstars, using real-life experiences as valuable lessons.

This is a story how I, (Nick, the best French Dating Coach for Men) approached, seduced and got laid with Victoria June, American latina pornstar from NYC (with 1,4 millions followers in Instagram).

It was an easy daygame pull.

How to approach and get laid with Pornstars

It was a nice april day in NYC and I was walking down the lower Manhattan.

I saw this hot girl and we had eye contact but unfortunately I didn't have time to approach her, because she entered the swimsuit store.

I sensed desire in her eyes so I decided to be persistent and wait outside of the atore for her to come out.

I was waiting outside the shop and I approached her and opened her around 20 minutes later. I said with passion: "Hi, I noticed you previously. I like your eyes and your toned figure." She smiled and continued conversation.

At the beginning she told me that she was shoping because she is an actress.

She seemed quite open. I suggested quickly that we go for a drink and she accepted.

After some initial talk and introduction I asked what type of actress she is and she told me that she is doing porn.

A silence had settled. I was a little bit surprised but in my mind i was saying perfect let's go.

It started to rain and finally we found a nice place with a sofa the Marriott Downtown.

We ordered two cocktails. We talked about her job so it was easy to sexualize the conversation.

She showes me on my phone the sex toys she likes to use and I take the opportunity to make a screenshot.

I ask her some questions like :

Which position do you like?

Are you more submissive or dominant?

I told her that my ex girlfriend said that my massage are amazing.

I don't remember exactly when but I took a selfie with her and after that we kissed. It was hot and I was feeling that she was horny.

I show her the picture with the book "s

She comes first" and i asked her did she read this book.

We talked about it.

She asked : so how do you do?

Me: I use my tongue to give multiple orgasms and sex toys. Do you know Hitachi?

She : I love it.

After some time of conversation I physically escalated touching her arms and going down on her inner thighs. I could easily tell she liked it very much as she was giggling.

I after suggested that we go to my place, telling her that I didn't have any massage oil.

She proposed to go to a sexshop first and was checking on her phone. It was late but we found one open.

So we bought the oil with the vibrator she has chosen. She said smaller are the better.

We called an Uber.

Later, in the Uber I was a little bit nervous. It happened so fast and was so easy.

After 15 min ride we came to my Airbnb.

At my Airbnb she sit on my bed while I went to the bathroom and she had prepared two glasses of water.

I did my slow erotic massage routine at home: after which she became very horny and we started an amazing sex. She started by giving me an amazing blowjob. Her technique was very good. She mentioned she enjoys choking.

I asked her how she liked to be choked and she told me that she likes when the man fuck her mouth and when it suffocates her. She likes it when the cock swells in her mouth. So I obliged with great pleasure.

After that I fucked her dogy style, enjoying the majestic view at her bouncing bubble but. I came on top of her ass and splashed her pussy as well. After that we cuddled and kissed gently.

She told me also that she doesn’t fuck with New Yorkers because everyone knows her and what she does.

The next day she has two scenes to shoot. She was tired but finally she proposed me to joined her at cafe Chelsea and after we went to a rooftop lounge.

We were walking at the rooftop lounge and she told me that she feels horny near me because of the way how I touch her.

At the rooftop we talked about her life and i propose to go to my place to spend some time together.

She told me that it will be less intense. When we came to my place, she asked me for a t-shirt.

She decided to stay to sleep without asking and the next morning she gave me a massage and a blowjob. She was so into it that she swallowed my load and we were joking about it later.

She puts on my perfume and leaves my apartment with my t-shirt.

I felt like a king after. Nothing charges yo


Approaching and getting intimate with pornstars requires courage, skill, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. By following these principles and learning from my real-life experiences with Victoria June, you can embark on a journey of success. Remember, at the heart of every encounter lies the opportunity for genuine connection and mutual pleasure.

What is your opinion? If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section below.


If you genuinely want to learn how to approach, seduce and get laid with pornstars, contact me today and I will be happy to teach you in person. I recommend going to Budapest Hungary with me due to biggest pornstars per population ratio.

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Nick, Best French Dating Coach for men

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