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Good looking and rich but can't get a girlfriend?

Updated: Apr 28

You are good-looking and rich but still can't get a girlfriend?

I recently had a good-looking and rich client who hired me for 1 on 1 live coaching. He is way better looking and richer than me, has a gym body with 6 pack and an interesting lifestyle yet struggled to get a girlfriend. He told me: "Why do so many ugly or fat guys get hot girlfriends but I can’t? Women tell me I’m good-looking, but just aren’t interested in me and those conversations lead to nowhere. Why can’t I get a girlfriend?”

You have your six-pack or gym body, you have a 6-figure or higher income, you bought a big house and fast car but Girls still don't chase you and don't give you the attention you deserve?

In this post, I will explain why good looks and money don't automatically translate into success with (hot) women and what you will need to learn in order to master dating.

Due to the media and Hollywood movies (scenes where the hot actress is jumping on a good-looking guy with abs) and due to Red Pill coaches teaching that Looks, Money, and Status are all that matters, many guys fall for this and commit all the time to go to the gym and making money. They believe that if they are good-looking enough and rich enough women will chase them. Yet, in reality, that isn’t what happens at all.

If you are good-looking and rich women ain't magically gonna fall from the sky on your dick!

This is not how human mating dance works no matter how good-looking or rich you are. Men are the ones who do the chasing (at least in the beginning).

You will have to put time and effort into learning pickup, seduction and dating process and get some game. You can learn how I approach, seduce women, and get laid here.

The stuff that Red Pill coaches teach men like "Just be a high-value man" or "Be on your purpose and women will chase you" or the best one "Be on your grind and women will flock behind" 🤣, this is all being preached by men who don't understand women and can't display any real results (photos, videos) with women.

Spoiler: It is not how it works at all.

Don't get me wrong, looks is important but women place less importance on looks than most men think.

Solely looking good or being rich will rarely get you anywhere with women.

It’s true that there are some women out there who will only ever accept an extremely good-looking guy for a boyfriend, lover or husband.

Women like that will simply reject any who doesn’t appear to be good-looking according to her standards.

Yet, those women are the minority.

The majority of women have what I call an Open Type, which means that they are open to being with many different types of guys (in terms of looks, race, financial status, height, weight, etc.) as long as the guy can make her feel attracted and drawn to him in other ways.

I would add that even an ugly guy can smash if he is skilled enough and plays his cards right. Once he smashed (and gave the woman orgasm), the dynamic changed and the woman started chasing him. But note that this doesn't happen before you have sex with a woman and give her a great sexual experience!

To get to this point (sex) you will need a formidable skillset which I have explained in another article

If a guy is simply “good looking” or "rich", but he lacks sexual confidence, assertiveness or appeal (e.g. he is a boring conversationalist, is too nice to her hoping to be liked for it, is nervous or unsure of himself and makes her feel like more of a friend than feeling girly and sexual around him), most women will reject him.

Some women will feel attracted to him and even try to pick him up, but those women will usually either be fat or unattractive.

Most attractive women who are normal, confident, and looking for a real man will not accept a good-looking guy who lacks confidence around her or who doesn’t know how to seduce her or make her feel girly and feminine.

People can say whatever they want, but what you should focus on is what they actually do. A woman might say that she wants a good-looking athlete or a rich businessman, but she will happily have sex with or even marry a guy who isn’t either of those things, as long as he can approach her, attract her, seduce her, get her laid, give her orgasm and make her fall in love.

You either believe what you see in the media and what women say or you watch what people actually do.


Attracting women is simple, easy and effortless once you know what you’re doing. However, if you choose to remain in the dark about attraction, it will continue to feel like one of the most difficult, frustrating, depressing things that you ever have to deal with in your life.

If you want to stop saying to yourself, “I’m good-looking and rich, but can’t get a girlfriend,” then let me help you right now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that looks and personal wealth don't matter. I'm saying that there is a point of diminishing returns with both. And having only looks or wealth on their own won't get you anywhere with hot women.

The 3rd component you are missing is called Game.

In my best-selling eBook

explained How to approach, seduce, get laid with women, give them orgasms, deeply connect, make women fall in love with you, and make the one you really like your long-term girlfriend and keep her happy and loyal.

I have described in a simple and easily applicable way how to apply the seduction system I developed and refined over the course of 16 years which enabled me to sleep with many women on 6 continents and make dozens of them my girlfriends.

Use this knowledge wisely!

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Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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