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Updated: Jan 29

The main advantage of Geomaxxing is placing yourself in an environment where your preferred female body type or specific facial features and racial type is very common, so you can daygame and nightgame approach women offten and easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Are you interested in geomaxxing your dating life and traveling to a country with aboundance of beautiful and feminine women?

I will explain what are the advantages of Geomaxxing, why you should Geomaxx yourself and for whom is Geomaxxing recommended and debunk some myths about Geomaxxing.

I found this "definition" of Geomaxxing on Reddit:

"It means to move to another country where your "SMV" is higher relative to the locals."

I wouldn't agree with this "definition". First regardless where you travel, if you look different than stereotypical men in that country, you will be percieved as exotic and interesting by the local women and score higher in desirability by females in that country. It's the very basic law of supply and demand. Everything scarce and rare is always priced higher and percieved as higher value.

There are certainly some countries with low, medium or high difficulty due to the numerous factors however note that difficulty is always relative to your origin, mindset and skills with women.

In addition many men have a certain type of ideal woman. More often than not, their ideal female body type or racial type is the opposite of their own. This is due to natural tendency of opposite traits to attract each other which can be explained by evolutionary tendency for genetics recombination and improvement.

Some men preffer slim girls, others preffer stacked with big boobs and booties, some preffer pronounced facial beauty, some like short petite women, others like tall women with endless legs and some of them preffer beautiful feet, it goes to the point where some men even prefer specific pussy color (I had a tanned latino client from US who specificaly requested to join my Live Infield Training in Russia and Ukraine due to the fact that he wanted a girlfriend with pink pussy as he said, it was very difficult for him to get a blonde girlfriend in US. And once I coached him in Russia, along with specifics of Russian dating culture, he crushed it because it was easy mode for him. He was exotic to Russian women and there was aboundance of white skin blondes for him to choose from. He eventualy found a Russian girlfriend and got married.)

Considering racial choice, some men preffer white girls (blondes, brunetes or black hair varieties), other men preffer black women, some men have Asian fever and preffer Asian women, other men preffer Latina women, some preffer Arabic women and others preffer Indian women. Some men preffer much younger women and some preffer milfs! This is also a topic for consideration as in some countries the large age difference is way more acceptable than in others.

There is no point discussing about taste in women as it greatly differs amongst men.


The main advantage of Geomaxxing is placing yourself in an environment where your preferred female body type or specific facial features and racial type is very common, so you can daygame and nightgame approach girls offten and easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

On top of this you want to select a Capital (or very large) city in order to have endless female options to cherry pick from.

Geomaxxing makes dating much easier.

You still need to have the skill to pickup and seduce women and understanding of dating norms in specific country (which I also teach at my Geomaxxed™ Live Infield Trainings) in order to maximize your results with women.

It is a misconception that just because you come from a western country, you can just swing with your passport and hot local women (9s and 10s) are gonna jump on you. The reality couldn't be further from this. Make note that top tier women in every country are in high demand and have plenty of options. You still need a tight game (which I will teach you) and knowledge about local dating culture (which I also teach you) in order to thrive with hot women in any country.



It is not a secret that some countries have way more (on average) beautiful women than others. We have recognized the demand for Geomaxxed™ Live Infield Trainings to be hosted in countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

If you are comming from leftist countries poisoned by feminism, with mainly obese and ugly women (Anglosphere and West European countries) and you want to experience very feminine and beautiful women, join one of our Geomaxxed™ Live Infield Trainings in the following countries

Easiest Countries to Get Laid








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Moscow Russia

Prague Czechia

Warsaw Poland

Bucharest Romania

Sofia Bulgaria

Bangkok Thailand

Medellin Colombia

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Sao Paulo Brazil

Medellin Colombia

Cancun Mexico

Miami FL USA

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Bucharest Romania

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