Easiest Countries to Get Laid in the World

Updated: Aug 16

A lot of my potential Clients and Clients often ask me what are the easiest countries to get laid in the world?

If you are looking to get laid while you are traveling (Geomaxing) than it is important to know which countries are the best to meet attractive and DTF (down to fuck) women.

So, today I’m going to put together my list of the easiest countries to get laid in the world.


First place is a tie between Brazil and Colombia. My Clients enjoyed picking up hot latina women in both of these countries. In both countries SDL (same day lays) are very common.

I have personaly been and hosted Live Infield Trainings in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and I can confirm majority of Brazilian women are highly attractive, very friendly and easy to pick up, open minded, very sexual, and down to fuck fast if they like you. In Brazil it's perfectly nornal to mouth kiss a girl within first 10 min of interaction with her. I rate women from Sao Paulo as better because its much bigger, wealthier and safer city. Women are better dressed and invest more money in their looks (gym, makeup, plastic surgeries).

Sex is the national sport in Brazil and Sao Paulo is by far the easiest city to get laid in the world. Brazilian women will spoil you and please you in every possible way. If you are coming from western country and you have never been in Brazil I don't really have a words to explain you as you can't even immagine this. Every man must visit Brazil once in his lifetyme. Brazil is the ultimate Pussy Paradise.

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Colombia is pretty close to Brazil both in terms of female beauty and how easy it is to get laid. I have personaly been and hosted Live Infield Training in Medellin. Girls from Medellin are very beautiful and feminine, receptive to cold approach, warm with great smile, very positive and cheerful personalities, very easy going, they really like to kiss and cuddle and have sex a lot so it is the easiest country to get laid with women. Colombian women are passionate and affectionate and they will do anything for a man they love.

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Both Brazil and Colombia have the curviest women on the planet so it is a no brainer for any traveler who is into stacked curvy women which are easy to get laid with.


Philippines and Thailand share the second place as the easiest countries to get laid in the world.

Girls in both countries are very down to fuck and to meet foreign guys who are percieved as exotic and more attractive than local men. Filipina and Thai women are much more sexually open minded than in other parts of Asia. Both Thai and Filipina women are slender with beautiful faces and great smiles with Filipina women being somewhat curvier. Girls in Philippines mainly have tanned skin while in Bangkok Thailand you can find both white and tanned Asian women. The rest of Asia kind of dislike tanned Asian women so they are the easiest pick for getting laid. Some of the dirtiest sex I had was with Filipina girls. Both Filipina and Thai women are very feminine and submissive and they will follow the lead of their man. Here you will be gaming in God mode. My Clients tend to do well in both countries. Women will give you "the look" and smiles here. Same day lays are common in both Philippines and Thailand. I suggest going to Manila or Bangkok (and not to touristy places) in order to pickup educated girls from upper middle class and richer families as they are more likely to speak English. English levels on average are way better in Manila Philippines. Both Philippines and Thailand are dirt cheap to visit.

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Multiple of my Clients picked up Hungary as their favorite country in Europe for meeting beautiful and easy women.

Hungary is the #1 world country with the most adult movie stars per 1 million people. Hungarian women are great looking and kind of slutty on average which makes Hungary one of the easiest countries to get laid in the world, a perfect location for daygame and nightgame. On top of this Hungary is cheap to live and stay with good accomodation options. Budapest is very touristy city with vivid and famous nightlife. Guys who are into nightgame will do well here.

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Poland is another easy country in Europe to get laid.

Polish women are very beautiful, mainly blondes with nice figure. Facial beauty is pronounced here. (As opposed to global myth that Polish girls are busty, I have to debunk this as untrue). Polish girls are feminine and well built with very beautiful faces on average. Out of all the places I have been (with the exception of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), I find Polish women to have the most beautiful faces on average.

In Warsaw Poland women are very approachable, easy going and polite. There are no rude rejections here. It's a great place for coaching the guys with approach anxiety due to this fact. However SDL (same day lays) are very rare here. Dating Culture of Polish women will require you to go on 2-3 dates before getting laid. Don't take this as hard, Polish women are easy going and just require more time to relax. Once you get them in the bed, you will have a blonde bombshell girlfriend afterwards.

I highly highly recommend visiting Poland for all guys who are blonde lovers. I would even say it's a must visit country for any serious player.

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The strongest travel motivation for most men is meeting an attractive, feminine, approachable and polite woman who is into them.

There are many countries where you will have success getting laid with attractive women.

According to my clients success stories and preffered destinations it is clear that South America, South East Asia and Eastern Europe are the best and easiest places in the world for meeting beautiful women and getting laid.