Countries with the Biggest Boobs on Average

Updated: Jun 19

Top 3 Countries where girls have the biggest boobs on average and fit bodies with small waist size (so that boobs pop out) are:

  1. Colombia

  2. Brazil

  3. Romania / Poland

I will also differentiate the best countries where women have big silicon boobs Vs the best countries where women have big natural boobs (for all of you who have a niche taste).

So lets explain Top Countries where girls have the Biggest Boobs on average.


Colombian women are short, pettite with insane curves, nice tan and feminine faces. They have firm naturally big boobs with big nipples and large areolas as a part of their latin genetics plus on top of that easy access to a large plastic surgery industry which is one of the best in the world.

(savage Colombian tetas grandes!)

Big fake boobs and brazilian butt lifts are common. It is not unusual that very young girls still in their teens undergo a plastic surgery with already very large boobs size. Colombian women are very attractive and sexy on average. If you haven't experienced "Pochahontas beauty" I highly advise you to check out my YouTube Live Infield Training video from Colombia to see what raw beauty and savage curves I'm talking about. 😄 Just make sure to seat first as you might pass out when you see Colombian big natural boobs:


Brazilian women are the hottest in the world with some of the biggest natural and fake boobs you will ever find on average. The difference between Brazilian women and Colombian women is that Brazilian women come in all colors and Ethnic varieties: white, black, indigenous brown (like Colombian women), Japanese-latina and all mixes and shades in between!

All of this produces insane exotic looks with big boobs bodies that defy gravity!

Note that Brazil is The world leader in plastic surgery which is affordable so many Brazilian women have fake big boobs.

On top of this Brazilian women have The very best asses in the world. Brazilian women are very feminine, passionate, happy, positive with great smiles and easy going (if your game is tight). They all cook great and love to eat. They are perfect girlfriend and wife material (if you know how to handle them, which I teach at my Live Infield Training in Brazil)

Usually when my clients who have never been in South America participate at my Geomaxed Live Infield Training in Brazil, they comment: "Mindblowing" "Staggering" "Jaw dropping" etc once they encounter Brazilian girls 😂

(Rare Japanese-latina with big boobs I met at Sao Pailo Brazil)


Romanian women have big natural tits on average with pettite bodies with super small waist and skinny legs with perky round ass on average and a long hair up until their butt. They have very beautiful distinctive facial features (that resemble latina women and slavic women). On top of this Romanian women use heavy makeup (fake eyelashes and lots of mascara) which gives them naughty, kind of a Playboy centerfold model look. Romanian women are "latinas of Europe". They are a nice overall package with somewhat smaller boobs than Colombian and Brazilian women.

(Romanian "latina" look girl with big boobs from Bucharest)

(Romanian busty girl that resemble slavic girls)

You can check crazy Busty (and Bootilicious) Romanian GoGo dancer I have pulled at one my Live Infield Trainings in Bucharest Romania

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Polish women are on average the bustiest in Europe alongside Romanian women. Polish women have natural big tits. Plastic surgery is not common. Polish women are taller than all abowe-mentioned and mainly light haired or blondes. They have very beautiful slavic facial features. They are however more reserved than Colombian and Brazilian women. They have a great full natural booties which makes them top choice in Europe.

You can check crazy curvy 3 Polish roommates I pulled in Warsaw during my Live Infield Training in my YouTube video

Note that we won't take into account here the "obese countries" where Body Mass Index is high (like US, UK, Germany etc). Lets face it, if a chubby girl has big boobs, that doesn't really count because no one really wants to smash, date or marry a fat girl. If you are a big boobs lover, a true "Boobs Guy" than you certainly appreciate Girls who have big boobs and relatively slim rest of the body that gives them that sexy proportional look.

Overall I have been in many countries to Daygame and Nighthame where I have seduced and had sex with numerous girls (check my portfolio page) which makes me qualified to make this list which greatly differs from the official statistics you will find on Google.

Note that I have personally been in these countries, I have spent quite some time there, organized a bunch of Live Infield Trainings events and 1 on 1 Live Coaching with my clients so I am talking from my rich personal experience.

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