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Ranking the Top 10 Countries with the Biggest Boobs in Women

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In a world where beauty takes on various forms, the allure of diverse female body attributes knows no bounds. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve deep into the countries where women, on average, have the biggest boobs. Our journey takes us across the globe to uncover the nations where this unique facet of female body diversity shines. Join us as we highlight the countries that proudly rank at the top when it comes to the average size of women's busts, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of cultural and genetic influences that contribute to this fascinating aspect of femininity. If you're curious about which countries stand out for the biggest boobs on average, you've come to the right place.

So let's explore the Top 10 Countries where women boast the biggeet boobs on average:


Women in Colombia have the biggest boobs in the world on average.

Colombian women are super busty, short, and petite with massive curves, nice tans, and feminine faces. They have firm naturally big busts with big nipples and large areolas as a part of their Latin genetics. Plus easy access to a large plastic surgery industry which is one of the best in the world.

Biggest Boobs Colombia - Tetas Grande

(diving in savage natural Colombian big boobs - "tetas grandes")

Big fake boobs are a common sight in Colombia. It is not unusual that very young girls with already big natural boobs undergo plastic surgery to make their busts even bigger. Colombian women are very attractive and sexy on average. If you haven't experienced "Pochahontas beauty" I highly advise you to join my Live Infield Training in Medellin Colombia.


Brazil biggest Boobs in Women - peitos grandes

Brazilian women are among the hottest in the world with some of the biggest natural and fake boobs you will ever find. The difference between Brazilian women and Colombian women is that Brazilian women come in all colors and Ethnic varieties: white, black, indigenous brown (like Colombian women), Japanese-Latina, and all mixes and shades in between! They do have one thing in common - guess what? Big bust. All of this diversity produces insane exotic looks with big boobs and bodies that defy gravity!

Note that Brazil is The world leader in plastic surgery which is affordable so many Brazilian women have fake big boobs.

Brazilian women are very feminine, passionate, happy, positive with great smiles, and easygoing (if your game is tight). They all cook great and love to eat. They are perfect girlfriend and wife material (if you know how to handle them, which I teach at my Live Infield Training in Brazil)

Usually when my clients who have never been to South America participate in my Geomaxed Live Infield Training in Brazil, they comment: "OMG" "WTF" "Jaw-dropping" etc. once they encounter Brazilian girls 😂


When it comes to European countries, Romanian women have the biggest natural boobs in Europe. They have petite bodies with super small waist and skinny legs with perky round ass and a long hair up until their butt. So those juicy voluptuous boobs naturally pop out. They have very beautiful distinctive facial features (that resemble Latina women and Slavic women). Romanian women use heavy makeup (fake eyelashes and lots of mascara) which gives them a naughty, kind of Playboy centerfold model look. Romanian women are the "latinas of Europe". They are a nice overall package with somewhat smaller boobs than Colombian and Brazilian women.

Biggest boobs in Women Romania

Busty Romanian girl one of our coaches Tay pulled from Daygame and smashed while we were coaching guys in Romania. Kudos to Tay for the busty catch at Bucharest Romania Infield Training

Romanian girl big boobs

(Romanian black hair "Latina look" girl with some of biggest busts from Bucharest)

Romanian biggest natural boobs

(Slavic look Romanian girl with some of the biggest natural boobs)


Polish big boobs

Polish women on average have the biggest boobs in Europe after Romanian women. Polish women have naturally big breasts. Plastic surgery is not common. Polish women are taller than all the above-mentioned and mainly light-haired or blondes. They have very beautiful Slavic facial features. They are however more reserved than Colombian and Brazilian women.

Poland biggest boobs girl


vollbusiges Mädchen (German Big Tits)

Even dough I wouldn't rate German women as some of the best-looking, they do have some of the biggest boobs on average. Germany is one of the hardest countries to daygame or nightgame. I recommend it only for guys with advanced game.

(In the photo above you can see me on a date with busty German girl "vollbusiges Mädchen" I approached and picked up during my Live Infield Training in Berlin Germany)


Italian women on average have some of the biggest natural boobs in Europe. This is my long-term Italian girlfriend which I initially approached in San Francisco. She has perfect pear-shaped big natural boobs. I swear to you those breasts are so big (when unpacked from the bra) that 1 minute of looking at them causes instant dementia and causes you to forget what you were about to do only a few min before. Some of the best moments in my life. ☺️

Italian big boobs girl - grandi tette

Another busty Italian girl with a fitness body I approached and pulled in Rome to give you an idea about big Italian breasts - "grandi tette italiane".


Hungarian big boobs girl

Hungarian women are quite good-looking, mainly short and petite with pronounced big natural big boobs. Hungary is also the easiest country to get laid in Europe so it's a no-brainer for any true boob guy. Hungarian women come in all hair colors so you can take your pick. In the summer Hungarian women are dressed lightly showing all those big luscious breasts. Budapest summer is like a heaven for big natural boobs lovers. It's jiggling all around the place. And the best part: Hungarian women are friendly, playfully naughty, and DTF.

Big boobs Hungary


They say that women in cold countries have the biggest bust on average. Well, I can tell you this is true at least for Russian women. It's widely known that Russia has the most beautiful women on the planet. Yet it is not that well known that it is a gold mine when it comes to busty milfs. Once Russian women pop out one or a few kids they still keep that slender frame, slim waistline, and narrow hips yet they pack all the fat in their chest area. A true boobs overgrowth. Exquisite genetics. Beautiful to behold.

Russian women are some of the most difficult to approach and pick up in the world however if your game is at an advanced level (like our coaches) then it's a relatively easy game. Russian women fuck savagely once you melt the ice during the initial approach and seduce them. They do all kinds of naughty stuff in bed.

Big Russian boobs

(Kudos to our Dating Coach Maharaja who approached and pulled this big tits milf while coaching our clients in Moscow. What a majestic view of the twin peaks)


Japanese big boobs

What about Asian countries?

Which Asian country has women with the biggest boobs on average?

Even though Asian women are not famous for their biggest breasts, there are still some really big knockers in Asia.

From my personal experience, I would say it's Japan. One of the girls I picked up seduced and smashed in Tokyo had big natural DD boobs with huge dark areolas and nipples. It was a sight to behold. Those jiggly boobs were bouncin' while she was walking. She is a banker. Those boobs were fckn wild. I bet she issued a lot of bank loans with high-interest rates to mind-numbed male Japanese bank clients.

Only compared to other Asian countries you will find women with the biggest breasts on average in Japan.


Arabic women are known to have voluptuous figures. They are rarely mentioned because there is a certain stigma about Muslim women. However, I think Arabic women are seriously underrated on a global level. Arabic women have some of the biggest boobs in the world. They are more conservative and do not want to show their big boobs to random people around. They package their big breasts with great skill to conceal them as much as possible. The girl in the photo is a beautiful Lebanese whom I initially approached in Dubai Mall and smashed 2 days later. Can you imagine these boobs when unpacked from the bra? Well, I don't have to and I can tell you they are majestic in size and width. One of those boobs is almost as big as my head. God, I enjoyed these so much. I kid you not I felt 10 years younger while my head was in between those big knockers. And my facial expression was like a fat kid in a candy store.

Big arabic boobs


In this revealing journey across continents and cultures, we've explored the top 10 countries where women proudly embrace the title of having the biggest boobs on average. From the diversity of body shapes to the unique blend of genetics and cultural influences, these nations have showcased an array of beauty that goes beyond borders.

Let's face it, if a chubby girl has big boobs, that doesn't really count because no one really wants to smash, date, or marry a fat girl. If you are a big boobs lover, a true "Tits Guy" (like I am) then you certainly appreciate girls who have a big bust and relatively slim rest of their body, which gives them that sexy look, a body that defies gravity.

Let's face it, nobody wants to date a "land whale". If you want to experience beautiful, fit women with some of the biggest boobs in the world, get your passport ready as it will require some traveling.

What is your opinion? If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section below. 👇


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Andreas Ardent

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