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Countries with the Biggest Asses on average

Updated: Mar 16

Top Countries where girls have the biggest asses on average and fit bodies with small waist size (so that ass stands out from the rest of the body) are:




  4. Other regions and Countries (USA, Venezuela, DR, UK, Europe, Asia, India, Arabic Countries)

I will differentiate the best countries where women have big natural ass Vs the best countries where women have big fake ass (for all of you who have a niche taste).

So lets explain Top Countries where girls have the Bigges Asses on average.


Big Brazilian ass - Bunda Grande

Make no mistake, the best and biggest asses in the world are in Brazil. Brazilian women are naturally short, and super stacked with small waist and bodies that defy gravity. Brazilian women are overall a hot package, they have a sexy look with the best bodies in the world.

There is a big gym culture with majority of Brazilian women training in the gym vigorously to build their ass and keep their body fit. On top of this "Brazilian Butt Lift" surgery is invented in Brazil! Surgery is affordable and done on a mass scale which produces staggering amount of insane looking asses on average.

If you take a US 9/10 hot girl and put her in Brazil, she would merely be a 7/10 in Brazil. In the picture above you can see me with Brazilian mulata (mixed) girl I approached and seduced at my Live Infield Trainings in Sao Paulo. Note that in Brazil white, black or any girls in between have equally big asses with the typical perfectly round shape. Even Japanese looking Latinas from Brazil with asian face have massive asses! In short Big Brazilian ass ("bunda grande") is unmatched which makes Brazil The Ultimate Big Booty Heaven for Ass Guys.


Big Colombian Ass - Culo Grande

(Colombiana culona with thick perfectly shaped natural ass)

Colombian women are pretty close to Brazilian women in terms of having equaly big ass size and shape. Colombian girls have very beautiful faces, amazing smile, raw femininity, short petite frame with naturally big, round, perfectly shaped boobs and asses. On top of this (same like in Brazil) due to a very high competition between women; "Brazilian butt lift" surgery is common and cheap so many women do it to stand out from the crowd even more. All of this produces asses on steroids which are alongside Brazil unmatched in the world. Colombian "culo grande" comes at 2nd place in the world.

In ths picture above you can se me with indigenous type Colombian girl I seduced during one of my Live Infield Trainings in Medellin. But a rare Colombian negrita or a white girl have equally big and round ass on average.

If you like negrita girls (go to Cartagena), for indigenous looks with Pochahontas big ass Medellin is the king.

And for white Colombian girls Bogota is the best.


Big Mexican Ass - Culona

Mexican women are petite and short, very feminine with beautiful faces and big smiles. They have round big natural asses and slim legs. The overall ass size on average is a little bit smaller than Brazil and Colombia but pretty close. In terms of ass shape it is also a slightly behind Brazil and Colombia on average. But don't get me wrong this is still a Big Booty Heaven for all guys who like big asses.

In abowe picture you can see Natural Mexican big ass girl (culona) I picked up and seduced during one of my Live Infield Trainings in Cancun.


-Countries with mainly obese female population (like USA etc) are not considered in this post. The only good place for "Ass Guys" in US is Miami Florida due to a lot of beautiful latina women from Caribbean

Black Girl Big Ass

(savage booty Girl from Miami I seduced and pulled during one of my Live Infield Trainings in Miami)

New York big ass booty

(In US you can on very rare occasions find a big booty girl with slim body like this one. I seduced and pulled this girl during My Live Infield Training in New York City, however it was not an easy smash as it required 3 dates!)

-3rd place would actually go to Venezuela, Booties are indeed majestic in Venezuela. When you account Venezuela’s dominance at the Big 4 international beauty pageants and beauty obsessed general female culture you get one of the countries with overall most beautiful women on the planet.

However due to the fact it is the most dangerous country in south America to travel to I have excluded it from the list as I don't want to ecourage anyone to go there. Going to Brazil is like a walk in the park compared to Venezuela where you will need 24/7 security guards. Good news are that due to bad economic situation in Venezuela, you can find lots of hot, big booty Venezuelan women in Colombia, US and Spain.

Venezuela big asses
Venezzuelan latina big ass

(Venezuelan big booty girl I met and seduced at my VIP Live Infield Training at Ibiza Spain)

-Some of you will argue that Dominican Republic should be included in the top 3 however I find the wast majority of DR women with big asses to be borderline obese with big bellies and slightly fat thigs with unrefined appearance. They are simply no match for Brazilian and Colombian asses, Mexican women have more slender refined body with equaly big asses therefore 3rd place goes to Mexico.

-Arabic countries where women also have massive asses are good alternative. Arabic countries are high difficulty to do daygame and nightgame pickup so I recommend it only for Arabic men or very skilled players.

Big Arabic Ass

Arabic Girl big ass

(Insane Big Arabic Booty! The photo was taken during my Live Infield Training in Dubai UAE)

-Big Asian asses

The last but not the least, some of the Asian women have very solid perfectly round perky asses which look really nice and stand out of their pettite bodies. I would rate Filipina, Chinese and Thai women as Asians with the biggest and best shaped assess.

Big ass Filipina

(Filipina girl I seduced and pulled during my Live Infield Training in Manila Philippines)

Indian big asses, yes I know that Indian girls are not widely known for big asses but I can tell you their asses have quite nice shape, and pop out from the rest of typical Indian female body which is quite petite and feminine. I find them quite sexy.

Big Indian ass
indian Girl Big Ass

(Smashed in New Delhi nightgame)

-Which European country has women with biggest asses?

Romania and Bulgaria both have aboundance of women with big asses shaped similar like Brazilian girls (just smaller and more refined) on average.

They have short slim bodies with big tits and perky round asses and really beautiful facial features and they use a LOT of makeup with fake eyelashes being common.

They dress to impress.

Romanian women are the sexiest in Europe on average with Pornstar grade looks. I rember when my 3 students and I entered DM store in Bucharest during my first Live Infield Training in Bucharest Romania. It was a sales day and the DM store was crowded with smoking hot beautiful women scarcely dressed up on a hot May day. One of my students silently said: "Omg this is like in a porn movie". Made me laugh so much. 😅 I replied: "This is why we do Geomaxed Live Infield Trainings so that you guys (who in US and West Europe can only see hot girls like this in porn) can actually meet and experience beautiful girls while in Romania.

Highly recommended for guys who find it difficult to travel all the way to Central and South America.

Romanian Girl Big Ass

(Romanian amazing bubble but)

Big Romanian bubble butt

(Bulgarian perky booty)

Italy has women with sweet, juicy, nicely shaped big asses. I enjoyed "culo grosso Italiana" very much as some of the biggest ass in Europe. If you ask me this is as good as it gets in Europe.

Big Italian Ass
Italian Girl Big Ass - Culo Grosso Italiana

(My ex Italian bombshell girlfriend from Rome. I met her while taking affogato in a coffee shop while I was infield coaching my Italian client)

-Which UK girls have the biggest asses on average?

Average UK girls don't really excel in Booty department however if you are determined player like I am, you can still find occasional gems here and there. In my experience, UK women from Wales have the best shaped and biggest butts on average.

Big Ass UK

(Bird from Wales with perfectly shaped big ass I smashed)

-What about the guys who like tall girls? All the countries mentioned have short stacked women on average. If you are a tall girl / long legs lover, yet you also like women with big asses the best countries to visit are Netherlands, Czech Republic and Montenegro. They are the tallest women on the planet with really big natural asses and very long legs.

Czech Republic big ass girl

Big Czech Ass

(Big Ass girl with long legs I seduced and pulled in Prague Czechia during 1 on 1 Live Coaching with my client from UK)


Latinas reign supreme when it comes to big juicy perfectly round shaped booties.

Women in dangerous countries have the biggest asses on average.

As a general rule of thumb: The Greater the Danger = The Bigger the Booties!

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