Countries where women have the longest legs on average

Updated: Nov 13

Top 3 Countries where women have the longest legs on average are:





The average hight of Serbian women is 5 ft. 6 in. (168.29 cm)

Serbian women are the most beautiful on average out of the 3 countries. They are mainly tall, long legged brunetes with beautiful faces, slim bodies and big asses. You can also find blondes or black haired girls here. Big tits are very rare in Serbia. English levels are very good with majority of the populaton below 30 years speaking English.

Serbian women wear discrete makup and are very provocatively dressed and leave little to immagination. In the summer you can see an epic parade of legs, asses and tities flashing through revealing clothes. Eye candies everywhere! It is a sight to behold.

However don't let this fool you, Serbia is one of the most (if not the most) difficult countries to get laid as dating culture is quite traditional here. I rate Belgrade as high difficulty. However it is an excellent country to find a girlfriend and potential wife as cheating and hookups are not common here.

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(Note that Belgrade is not a place for newbies)

The main reason Serbia being ranked as #1 is because Belgrade being a regional center for ex Yougoslavian countries, you will easily meet plethora of Montenegro and Bosnian HOT women studying and working in Belgrade Serbia so there is not really a need to go in all 3 countries. Belgrade has it all.


The average hight of Bosnian women is 5 ft. 6 in. (167.47 cm)

Bosnian women are the most feminine and traditional out of 3.

Bosnian women are tall with long legs, big asses and beautiful (yet slightly less attractive) faces than Serbian women. However they have slightly bigger boobs on average.

Average looks is mostly the same as Serbian women with blondes and big tits being more common in Bosnia.

Bosnian women are more conservatively dressed and less expressive. They wear discrete makeup. They are more feminine and passive as dating norms are even more traditional due to Bosnia being mainly muslim country. English levels are good.

I rate Bosnia as high difficulty. Unless you are a muslim guy or very skilled player. (Note that Bosnian women living and working abroad in Belgrade Serbia are easier to hookup with since Belgrade is more metropolitan city compared to Muslim cities in Bosnia.)


The average hight of Montenegrin women is 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm)

Montenegro women are the tallest on average out of the 3 countries.

They on average have long legs, look quite feminine and have delicate features. For example, they have almond shaped eyes and they are less likely to look aggressive in features.

While this is not always a general rule, most girls are lean, yet you will also find exceptions. If you come from the west, you will be surprised by their looks. There is a natural beauty everywhere you look.

I rate Montengro women as high difficulty due to extremely traditional dating norms and patriarchal society.

(Note that Monenego women who live and work in Belgrade Serbia are much easier to hookup with than girls living in Montenegro since Belgrade is more metropolitan place)


When it comes to tall girls with long legs on average and which countries in the world have girls with the longest legs, ex Yugoslavian countries in south east Europe: Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro all have on average super tall girls with very long legs, big asses and beautiful faces. There is just something in south slavic genetics that produces beautiful tall girls with neverending legs! These countries are the ultimate long legs paradise for all guys who are into tall leggy girls.


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