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Updated: Mar 29

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is known for its beautiful women. But did you know that Budapest is also a great place to practice daygame and meet women? In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Budapest daygame, including where to go, what to do, and how to approach women to increase your chances of getting laid.

What is Daygame?

Before we dive into Budapest daygame, let's first define what daygame is. Daygame is the art of meeting and approaching women during the day, typically in public spaces such as streets, parks, cafes, or shopping malls. Unlike night game, which is often associated with bars and clubs, daygame allows you to meet women in a more relaxed and natural setting.

Why Daygame in Budapest?

Budapest is a beautiful city with many parks, cafes, and shopping areas, making it an ideal place to practice daygame.

Approaching women during the day (also known as Daygame) in Budapest can be an exciting and effective way to meet potential romantic partners. Here are a few reasons why Daygame in Budapest can be a great idea:

  1. Friendly and approachable women: Budapest is known for having friendly and approachable women who are open to meeting new people. This can make it easier and more enjoyable to strike up a conversation with someone during the day.

  2. Cultural norms: In Hungary, it is common for men to approach women in social situations, including during the day. This means that women are more receptive to being approached during the day compared to other cultures where this is less common.

  3. Outdoor cafes and public spaces: Budapest has many outdoor cafes, parks, and public spaces that are ideal for meeting women during the day. These places are often less crowded than bars and nightclubs, making it easier to have a conversation and get to know someone.

  4. Budapest is a popular tourist destination, which means there are always plenty of women from all over the world to meet.

  5. Beautiful surroundings: Budapest is a beautiful city, with stunning architecture and scenic views. This can provide a pleasant and romantic backdrop for a daygame encounter.

  6. Variety of activities: Budapest offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy during the day, including museums, markets, and sightseeing tours. This can provide a natural opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone who shares your interests.

Overall, Daygame in Budapest can be a fun and rewarding way to meet new women, especially for those men who enjoy outdoor activities and socializing during the day.

Where to Daygame in Budapest?

If you're interested in Daygame and approaching women in Budapest, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of options for you. Budapest is a vibrant and bustling city with many busy squares, streets, malls, and parks where you can confidently approach women during the day.

When it comes to busy squares, Vörösmarty Square is a great place for Daygame and approaching women. This bustling square is a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike, and it's always alive with activity. Deák Ferenc Square and Széll Kálmán Square are also excellent options for approaching women during the day, as both of these squares are bustling transportation hubs with plenty of cafes and shops in the vicinity.

If you're looking for busy streets to approach women, then Váci Street is a great choice. This pedestrianized shopping street is lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it an ideal spot for Daygame and approaching women. Andrássy Avenue is another popular option for approaching women during the day. It's home to many luxury shops, theaters, and restaurants, and it's always buzzing with activity. Lastly, Rákóczi Avenue is a busy street in the eastern part of the city, which is also great for Daygame and approaching women.

In terms of malls, WestEnd City Center, Arena Plaza, and Árkád Budapest are all excellent options for Daygame and approaching women. WestEnd City Center is the largest mall in Budapest, with over 400 shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it an ideal spot to approach women. Arena Plaza is easily accessible by public transportation, making it a convenient location for Daygame. Árkád Budapest is another great option with over 200 shops and cafes, and it's easily accessible by public transportation as well.

Finally, there are several parks in Budapest where you can confidently approach women during the day. Margaret Island is a large park in the middle of the Danube River, with many walking paths, gardens, and cafes. City Park and Városliget are also great options for Daygame and approaching women, as both of these parks are large public parks with many attractions and events throughout the year.

If you're into Daygame and approaching women in Budapest, coffee shops can be a great place to strike up a conversation. Here are some of the busiest coffee shops in Budapest where you can confidently approach women during the day.

The first coffee shop on the list is Espresso Embassy, located in the heart of Budapest. This cozy and trendy coffee shop is known for its high-quality coffee and excellent service. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for Daygame and approaching women.

The second coffee shop is Kontakt, located in the historic Jewish Quarter of Budapest. This charming coffee shop offers a unique and eclectic atmosphere with a focus on quality coffee and homemade baked goods. It's a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, and it's a great place to approach women during the day.

The third coffee shop on the list is Tamp & Pull, located in the trendy District VII of Budapest. This modern and stylish coffee shop offers a variety of specialty coffees and a welcoming atmosphere. It's a popular spot for students and professionals, and it's an ideal location for Daygame and approaching women.

With the right approach and a positive attitude, Daygame and approaching women in Budapest can be a fun and rewarding experience

How to Daygame in Budapest?

Now that you know where to go, let's look at what to do when approaching women during the day. Daygame in Budapest is all about confidently approaching women during the day with a respectful and genuine interest in getting to know them. Here are some tips to help you successfully Daygame in Budapest:

  1. If you are experiencing approach anxiety make sure to read my ebook JUST FUCKING DO IT™ - How to Get Rid of Approach Anxiety Once and For All and break free from fear to seize life's incredible opportunities!

  2. Be confident: Confidence is key when it comes to Daygame. Approach women with a positive and relaxed attitude, and don't be afraid of rejection.

  3. Click on the link to learn my world-renowned SYSTEM on how to approach women you find attractive, seduce them and rapidly build a connection, get laid, and get yourself a girlfriend. The system is optimized for fast lays and infield tested worldwide. My clients and I used this SYSTEM to get laid many many times in 58 countries!

  4. Before you go to Hungary or anywhere in Eastern Europe make sure to read my ebook: Pimp My Style - How to Game 9s & 10s and apply it in order to be successful with hot Hungarian women.

  5. Be respectful: When approaching women, it's important to be respectful and considerate. Be mindful of their body language and responses, and don't be too aggressive or pushy.

  6. Find the right location: Look for busy squares, streets, malls, parks, or coffee shops where women are likely to be during the day.

  7. Start with a simple greeting: Begin by saying hello and introducing yourself. Keep the conversation light and casual, and ask open-ended questions to get to know the woman better.

  8. Be authentic: Don't try to be someone you're not. Be yourself and show genuine interest in the woman you're talking to.

  9. Take the lead: If the conversation is going well, take the lead and suggest exchanging contact information or making plans to meet up again.

The key to a successful daygame is to be confident, relaxed, and genuine.

Unlike night games, where alcohol often plays a role in breaking down social barriers, daygame requires a more subtle approach.

Average looks of women: 3.5/5

Hungarian women are short and petite with big boobs and solid asses on average. Facial features are good (but nowhere near Russian/Ukrainian or Polish/Romanian standard). Hair color is quite diverse so you can find Hungarian women who look like Swedes and on another spectrum you can find black-haired girls who look like Turks with all colors in between. They do have typical Eastern European faces and can look quite hot. Hungarian women are quite friendly and willing to help tourists.

They are more relaxed and dressed. Hungarian women don't use a lot of makeup. They really excel in the boobs department and easiness. I find Hungarian women to be the easiest in Europe.

Foot traffic density: 4/5 High

Budapest is home to 900,000 women. It is a busy university city. On top of this Budapest is a very touristy city and the 5th most visited capital in Europe. The city is packed with solo female travelers from all over the world.

Receptiveness of women to cold approach: 4/5 High

Hungarian women are easygoing. It's easy to approach them and start a conversation (provided they are not in a hurry to get somewhere). There are also a lot of tourist girls who are in easy mode regardless of where they come from. This is the easiest European city to land an instadate.

If women don't stop when you approach them and walk past you or they are rude or uninterested when you stop them, make sure to read my ebook: PIMP™ My Style - How to Game 9s & 10s and apply it in order to get noticed and be successful when cold approaching hotties.

DTF (down to fuck) factor: 4/5 High

Multiple of my Clients picked up Hungary as their favorite country in Europe for meeting beautiful and easy women.

Hungary is the #1 world country with the most adult movie stars per 1 million people. Hungarian women are good-looking and kind of slutty on average which makes Hungary one of the easiest countries to get laid in the world, a perfect location for daygame and nightgame.

If you experience women who are difficult and unresponsive (usually the very hottest, most exceptional, and richest women) click on the link to learn how to LONG GAME™ them, another system I developed specifically to get difficult women.

Logistics: 4/5 Very Good

Where to daygame:

The main and best daygame area is located in the city center, encircled by Jozsef Attila Street, Karoly krt street, Kossuth Lajos Street, and the Danube River. The area is packed with good-looking women, particularly in the afternoon and evening, the square in front of Insula Lutherana church (which is an entrance to Fashion Street, the main daygame street), and Fashion Street itself. The best place for the Aligator game is Starbucks at the beginning of this street, Pastaio, and Hard Rock Caffee. (All 3 have outdoor seating with good foot traffic nearby)

Another gem is Arena Mall. I managed to do 2 instadates and pick a bunch of numbers from hot-looking girls in 4 hours spent here. The best place for the Aligator game is the fast food area. Skip all other streets recommended by other guides or coaches, I tried them all and they are a waste of time.

Budapest Daygame Map

Budapest Daygame Map

Where to stay:

Anywhere within 10 min walk from Fashion Street. (With the exception of Gozsdu Passage and parallel streets as this is the main nightgame area densely packed with loud music night clubs which is a guarantee for a bad sleep)

Overall quality of living: 5/5

Weather: nice and sunny

Best time to visit: April-September

Costs: Cheap

Rent in 4 4-star newly furnished aparthotel with a very large room in the best possible location 3 3-minute walk from Fashion Street was $60 per day. The food and drinks at the restaurants are also quite cheap. A cooked meal in a Fashion Street restaurant will "set you back" $8-10, and an energy drink is like $2.5 in the best area. Coffee is standard $2.5. Branded clothing is very cheap in the malls for some reason.

Infrastructure: 3.5/5

The main described daygame area in the city center is nice and renovated (I would give it 4/5) however the rest of the city buildings are old and outdated so I gave it 3/5 as an average score. If you stay in the area I described you will have a better overall experience. Public transportation looks okay. Uber is cheap so I didn't use any public transport. Budapest city kind of looks like and has a similar architecture as Vienna, it's just dirtier and less maintained. You can buy all major brands and goods here just like in any other major global city.

Safety: 5/5

The city is very safe, you can walk anywhere the whole night. I haven't encountered or seen any problems here.

English levels: 4/5

Quite good. All younger women speak and understand English. It is easy to converse.


Hungarian women are good-looking and kind of slutty. They are also easy to approach and start a conversation aka daygame. Instadates and same-day layouts are very common if your daygame is supertight and calibrated like mine.


If you are unsure how to approach Hungarian women in Budapest or struggle with approach anxiety no worries as we can help you with that. We coach men's Daygame infield. You will learn how to approach women, start a meaningful conversation, touch, kiss, pull women home, and get laid.

Join our Budapest Daygame Training where I will personally Coach and mentor you on how to overcome anxiety, approach, flirt, touch and kiss, pull women home, and get laid with beautiful Hungarian women from Budapest. You can also book 1 on 1 infield coaching with me or one of our coaches.

Budapest Daygame Guide

Andreas Ardent

World's Best Dating Coach for Men

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