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Best Book on Pickup & Seduction in 2024

Updated: Mar 29

Are you tired of living a single life and struggling in social situations with women? Don't worry, as there are many effective strategies that can help you break free from this cycle of frustration, and you can discover them all within these books.

These books on pickup offer practical tips and techniques that you can use to improve your social skills and increase your confidence when interacting with women.

Whether you're looking to learn how to start a conversation with a stranger, build attraction, or create a lasting connection, these books cover all aspects of pickup and dating. By reading and applying the lessons taught in these books, you can transform your social life and become the person you want to be.

Additionally, many of these books offer insights into the psychology of attraction and human behavior, helping you to better understand what motivates people and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. With the right mindset and a willingness to learn, you can overcome any obstacles in your social life and achieve the success you desire.

To assist you on this journey, we've compiled a list of the 23 best books on pickup that will aid you in reaching your goals. These books are some of the most recommended and highest reviewed books on the topic of pickup. You can use them to your advantage.


  1. How To Seduce Women (By Andreas Ardent)

  2. The Pickup Artist (By Mystery and Chris Odom)

  3. Just Fucking Do It - How to Get Rid of Approach Anxiety Once and For All (By Andreas Ardent)

  4. The Natural (By Richard La Ruina)

  5. Rules of the Game (By Neil Strauss)

  6. The Dating Playbook for Men (By Andrew Ferebee)

  7. The Pick-Up Artist (By Chris Hill)

  8. The Ten Seduction Secrets of Casanova (By Pickup Artists Anonymous)

  9. The Essentials (By Mr Benjamin Ritter)

  10. Game Over (By John Cooper)

  11. Convert Seduction Secrets (By Pickup Artists Anonymous)

  12. Dating Advice for Men (By Victoria Lynx)

  13. Models (By Mark Manson)

  14. Pick-Up Artists’ Secrets (By Pickup Artists Anonymous)

  15. The Diary of a Pick Up Artist (By Adam Lyons)

  16. The Hidden Power of a Master Pickup Artist (By T J C)

  17. The Art of Seduction (By Robert Greene)

  18. The Book of Pook (By Pook)

  19. The Rational Male (By Rollo Tomassi)

  20. The Mystery Method (By Mystery and Chris Odom)

  21. Mate (By Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller)

  22. Long Game How to Get Difficult Women (By Andreas Ardent)

  23. Pimp My Style How to Game 9s and 10s (By Andreas Ardent)

  24. The Game (By Neil Strauss)

The best book on pickup, in our opinion, is "How To Seduce Women". The ebook is practical and informative, as it explores the applicable techniques, psychology, and intersexual dynamics behind successful pickup. The ebook is a "how to" a step-by-step system on how to pick up women and get laid, without any fluff.

Review: Overall, "How To Seduce Women" is a must-read for any man interested in learning the whole pickup and seduction process in order to get laid and have an attractive girlfriend.

Author: Andreas Ardent, Dating Coach for Men with 18 years of experience successfully picking up, dating, and getting laid with beautiful women and coaching men around the world how to do the same.

The author has more social proof with beautiful women on his website than all other authors combined.

Pages: 43

Publisher: Andreas Ardent (February 17, 2021)

The Pickup Artist book

The book provides readers with solutions to their issues which might make them feel less confident when approaching the person they are attracted to. It also gives tips to have engaging conversations and good humor as well as the art of seduction.

Review: The methods and tips provided in the book can help a person in different situations and not just to get a woman in bed. However, many scenarios created by the author might be illusional.

Author: Erik von Markovik, also known as Mystery, is the author of the book. He is a Canadian pickup artist who is living in Los Angeles and loves to travel. Chris Odom also helped write the book. He is Mystery’s travel partner and PUA coach.

Pages: 272

Publisher: Villard (January 26, 2010)

The ebook is the ultimate guide on how to overcome and get rid of approach anxiety once and for all. Within the pages of this eBook, the author guides you through his transformative journey from timid and uncertain to confident and empowered. Drawing from his own experiences and the successes of his clients, the author has curated the best practices, techniques, and exercises to help you beat approach anxiety gain full control over your life, and live socially free. In short, this is the best book ever on how to overcome approach anxiety.

Review: Very helpful for shy people to break free from the chains of approach anxiety and build confidence to approach women and strike up a conversation without any fear or hesitation. This ebook helps readers to effortlessly connect with women, forge meaningful relationships, and seize every opportunity.

Author: Andreas Ardent, Dating Coach for Men with 18 years of experience successfully picking up, dating, and getting laid with beautiful women and coaching men around the world how to do the same.

The author has more social proof with beautiful women on his website than other authors combined.

Pages: 42

Publisher: Andreas Ardent (September 2023)

The Natural


The Natural helps readers find their inner confidence and charm, learn to initiate conversations, and perfect their body language in order to get out of their minds and get what they want in real life.

Review: The book enables readers to explore the world confidently out of their comfort zone. However, many of the mentioned things are only ‘common sense.’

Author: Richard La Raina, based in London, is famous for his pickup artistry.

Pages: 224

Publisher: HarperOne (February 7, 2012)

Rules Of The Game


The Rules of the Game is another bestseller PUA book by Neil Strauss. It is a step-by-step guide to be successful, specifically with women.

Review: The book can change your perspective of yourself and of women in an entertaining way. Yet, some of the provided techniques seemed useless.

Author: Neil Strauss, one of the best New York Times authors, has been working professionally as an editor since his college times.

Pages: 374

Publisher: It Books (October 27, 2009)

The Dating Playbook For Men


The book serves to polish your social skills and develop a mindset that will enable you to gain what you want. It allows you to take your dating game to a whole new level.

Review: The book proves to be good self-help by emphasizing the ways you can be the man you have always wanted to be. However, it becomes misogynistic at some points.

Author: Andrew Ferebee is a personal development trainer. He has experimented with all that he has mentioned in this book.

Pages: 318

Publisher: Andrew Ferebee (July 6, 2015)

The Pick-Up Artist book

The book is a comedy based on pick-up artistry attempted by an extremely shy man who is desperate to get laid.

Review: The writer has chosen a funny way to present pickup artistry and the troubles of a new PUA. However, the basic approach given in the book might seem a little outdated to some readers.

Author: Chris Hill has gained amazing reviews for his novels and has won several prizes.

Pages: 206

Publisher: Magic Oxygen (February 14, 2015)

The Ten Seduction Secrets Of Casanova book

The book dissects the psychology of Casanova, which made him one of the most charming men in history.

Review: The book is a broad description of the life of Casanova, though some may think it is a little wordy.

Author: Pickup Artists Anonymous is an association of men training PUAs by sharing their skills and knowledge with them.

Pages: 120

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 9, 2009)

The Essentials book

The book answers all the essential questions of a pickup artist to give them much better success. It has some of the best advice about self-improvement and healthy relationships.

Review: The Essentials is a short and straightforward guide to improving yourself to get the woman you want. However, it does not present a deep insight into some of his given points.

Author: Benjamin Ritter is a leader in the field of self-development with an MPH and a consulting company of his own.

Pages: 172

Publisher: Simplify Health (November 28, 2012)

Game Over book

Game Over is insightful writing that emphasizes the fact that a man does not need the approval of women or anybody else in society. Instead, he needs to dig deeper within himself to overcome his inefficiencies.

Review: This book penetrates deep into oneself, digging out the aspects that need work rather than attracting the opposite gender. The book needs a little editing.

Author: John Cooper transforms communities with his coaching techniques and knowledge to convert PUAs from hunting women to self-healing.

Pages: 230

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 24, 2015)

Covert Seduction Secrets book

The book shares strong and powerful techniques to control someone’s mind through your conversations and attract them to you.

Review: The book explains the way people process information, enabling you to use the techniques taught in the book in the right way. However, the book is not as detailed as it could have been.

Author: Pickup Artists Anonymous is a group of men determined to study the art of pickup and guide others in the field.

Pages: 142

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 11, 2010)

Dating Advice For Men book

The book discusses the things that women consider when picking a man to help men prepare themselves for a better relationship.

Review: Readers gain some useful tips and tricks for dating through this book. However, it might not provide solutions to all dating issues.

Author: Victoria Lynx is a person who lives with the idea of doing things rather than waiting for them to happen.

Pages: 59

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 9, 2017)

Models book

A sophisticated guide to be able to connect to women rather than chase them or have them chase you, providing some useful conversational advice.

Review: The book provides significant ways to form strong connections with women, but it fails to talk about the partner’s consent.

Author: Mark Manson is a New York-based author who influences people through his sensible writing in the field of personal development.

Pages: 260

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publisher (July 28, 2011)

Pick-Up Artists’ Secrets book

The Pick-Up Artists’ Secrets provides methods to gain the mentality of a PUA, helping you gain confidence and defeat approach anxiety.

Review: The book shares ways to attract people of the opposite gender and have a successful relationship with them. However, the content of the book is not very unique.

Author: Pickup Artists Anonymous is a companionship of males who study and teach tips and tricks to PUAs.

Pages: 152

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 10, 2010)

The Diary Of A Pick Up Artist book

This book shares the journey of the author from being a desperate single to a well-known dating master.

Review: Lyons has mentioned the ways he used to transform his social life into a healthy one by creating self-worth. However, he did not address the difficulties faced by many others in their interactions.

Author: Adam Lyons, also known as AFC Adam, has gone through immense transformations in his social life through PUA teachings. He intends to pass them down to others.

Pages: 264

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 14, 2009)

The Hidden Power Of A Master Pickup Artist book

The book provides ways to overcome shyness naturally to enhance your charm and attractiveness, enabling you to deal with your insecurities and fears.

Review: The methods of self-improvement discussed in the book are quite useful, but most of them are merely common sense.

Author: T J C

Pages: 118

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent (August 12, 2011)

The Art Of Seduction book

Learn the art of persuasion and seduction through the 24 activities provided in the book.

Review: The rules of attraction provided in the book are timeless and have been benefiting people for a long time, but it lack new and unique ways.

Author: Robert Greene is a famous author and speaker. He is currently residing in Los Angeles but has lived in many places and knows different languages.

Pages: 512

Publisher: Penguin Books (October 7, 2003)

The Book Of Pook

This book is mainly for those who tend to manipulate others with a few shallow tricks rather than adopting personal development.

Review: The book enables you to develop your full potential and become attractive naturally. The bad part about the book is that you cannot jump to any page of the topic because it does not have a proper table of content.

Author: Pook ran his own blog named Pook’s Mill. While he is not active anymore, he is still benefitting everyone with his knowledge via this book.

Pages: 397

Publisher: Independently published (March 19, 2018)

The Rational Male book

The book discusses the ideology behind the red pill community. It also highlights the social and mental conditions of a person in relation.

Review: The book is a real eye-opening reading material but lacks evidence.

Author: Rollo Tomassi is a famous member of the manosphere and the red pill community.

Pages: 300

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 1, 2013)

The Mystery Method book

The book unravels the deep secrets of the PUA community based on methods of social interactions and attraction.

Review: The book provides psychological reasons for people’s behavior and an insightful view of self-worth. However, it may fail to explain the dynamics of a long-term relationship.

Author: Eric Von Markovik goes by the stage name ‘Mystery’ and was the first PUA to offer live training for pickup artistry. Chris Odom is the other writer, who is Mystery’s travel partner and PUA coach.

Pages: 240

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (February 6, 2007)

Mate book

The authors have compiled the book after 20+ years of experience learning what women want so that guys can become Mr. Right.

Review: The book provides principles to develop your personality into someone you want to be. However, there is more theory than practical tricks.

Author: Tucker Max is an internationally recognized author, and Geoffrey Miller teaches evolutionary psychology at New Mexico University.

Pages: 384

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (September 15, 2015)

How to get difficult women book

The groundbreaking ebook unveils the well-guarded secrets of seducing the most beautiful, rich, and famous women. Developed by a true grandmaster in the art of seduction, this step-by-step, no-nonsense guide is unlike anything ever written before.

Review: The book teaches you Long Game - The Process for Seducing and getting laid with Difficult and unresponsive women. Short and to the point.

Author: Andreas Ardent, Dating Coach for Men with 18 years of experience successfully picking up, dating, and getting laid with beautiful women and coaching men around the world how to do the same.

The author has more social proof with beautiful women on his website than other authors combined.

Pages: 14

Publisher: Andreas Ardent (2023.)

If you are dressed in a generic black T-shirt and baggy jeans - PUA incel uniform and have zero results with 9s and 10s make sure to read this ebook and evolve your style.

Review: The ebook teaches you how to PIMP your style in order to get noticed by the hottest women and be able to game 9s and 10s

Author: Andreas Ardent, Dating Coach for Men with 18 years of experience successfully picking up, dating, and getting laid with beautiful women and coaching men around the world how to do the same.

The author has more social proof with beautiful women on his website than other authors combined.

Pages: 42

Publisher: Andreas Ardent (2023.)

The Game book

The book is a personal account of the author’s journey of transformation from a super-shy guy to the complete opposite, attracting and entertaining strangers, especially women.

Review: It can help shy people come out of their shells and socialize to their full potential, though some people might not be able to connect to certain situations given in the book.

Author: Neil Strauss, the author of the book, went undercover as a PUA for two years. The experiences he gained there enabled him to write this book.

Pages: 452

Publisher: Harper Collins (September 6, 2005)

There are several reasons why someone might choose to read a book on pickup. Here are a few possible motivations:

  1. Improving social skills: Pickup books often offer advice on how to approach and engage women in social settings, which can be helpful for men who struggle with social anxiety or shyness. By learning techniques and strategies for starting conversations and building rapport, readers can improve their ability to connect with others and feel more confident in social situations.

  2. Enhancing dating life: For those who are single and looking to meet new women, pickup books can provide insights into the dynamics of attraction and offer tips for making a good impression. By learning how to convey confidence, humor, and other desirable qualities, readers can increase their chances of success in the dating world.

  3. Personal growth: Pickup books often delve into topics such as self-improvement, mindset, and emotional intelligence, which can be valuable for personal growth and development. By examining one's own attitudes and behaviors in social situations, readers can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and work to overcome limiting beliefs or patterns.

  4. Understanding social dynamics: Even for those who are not necessarily looking to improve their own social skills or dating life, pickup books can offer insights into the dynamics of human interaction. By examining the techniques and strategies used to pick up women, readers can gain a better understanding of the social cues and psychology that underlie social interactions.

Overall, whether one is looking to improve their social skills, enhance their dating life, or simply gain a deeper understanding of human interaction, these best books on pickup can offer valuable insights and practical advice. Pickup books can provide a valuable tool for personal growth and social success.

So why wait? Take the first step today and start exploring these books on pickup. With their help, you can take control of your social life and create meaningful connections with the women around you.

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