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Best Book on Pickup & Seduction in 2023

Updated: May 17

Are you tired of living a single life and struggling in social situations with women? Don't worry, as there are many effective strategies that can help you break free from this cycle of frustration, and you can discover them all within these books.

These books on pickup offer practical tips and techniques that you can use to improve your social skills and increase your confidence when interacting with women.

Whether you're looking to learn how to start a conversation with a stranger, build attraction, or create a lasting connection, these books cover all aspects of pickup and dating. By reading and applying the lessons taught in these books, you can transform your social life and become the person you want to be.

Additionally, many of these books offer insights into the psychology of attraction and human behavior, helping you to better understand what motivates people and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. With the right mindset and a willingness to learn, you can overcome any obstacles in your social life and achieve the success you desire.

To assist you on this journey, we've compiled a list of the 21 best books on pickup that will aid you in reaching your goals. These books are some of the most recommended and highest reviewed books on the topic of pickup. You can use them to your advantage.


  1. Smash from Zero to Hero (By Andreas Ardent)

  2. The Pickup Artist (By Mystery and Chris Odom)

  3. The Game (By Neil Strauss)

  4. The Natural (By Richard La Ruina)

  5. Rules of the Game (By Neil Strauss)

  6. The Dating Playbook for Men (By Andrew Ferebee)

  7. The Pick-Up Artist (By Chris Hill)

  8. The Ten Seduction Secrets of Casanova (By Pickup Artists Anonymous)

  9. The Essentials (By Mr Benjamin Ritter)

  10. Game Over (By John Cooper)

  11. Convert Seduction Secrets (By Pickup Artists Anonymous)

  12. Dating Advice for Men (By Victoria Lynx)

  13. Models (By Mark Manson)

  14. Pick-Up Artists’ Secrets (By Pickup Artists Anonymous)

  15. The Diary of a Pick Up Artist (By Adam Lyons)

  16. The Hidden Power of a Master Pickup Artist (By T J C)

  17. The Art of Seduction (By Robert Greene)

  18. The Book of Pook (By Pook)

  19. The Rational Male (By Rollo Tomassi)

  20. The Mystery Method (By Mystery and Chris Odom)

  21. Mate (By Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller)

1. SMASH from Zero to Hero (By Andreas Ardent)

SMASH from Zero to Hero book

The best book on pickup, in our opinion, is "Smash from Zero to Hero". The book is practical and informative, as it explores the applicable techniques, psychology, and intersexual dynamics behind successful pickup. The book is "how to" step-by-step applied guide without any fluff.

Review: Overall, "Smash from Zero to Hero" is a must-read for any man interested in pickup, social dynamics, or personal development.

Author: Andreas Ardent, Dating Coach for Men with 16 years of experience successfully picking up, dating and getting laid with beautiful women and coaching men around the world how to do the same.

The author has more social proof with beautiful women on his website than other authors combined.

Pages: 43

Publisher: Andreas Ardent (February 17, 2021)


2. The Pickup Artist (By Mystery And Chris Odom)

The Pickup Artist book

The book provides readers with solutions to their issues which might make them feel less confident when approaching the person they are attracted to. It also gives tips to have engaging conversations and good humor as well as the art of seduction.

Review: The methods and tips provided in the book can help a person in different situations and not just to get a woman in bed. However, many scenarios created by the author might be illusional.

Author: Erik von Markovik, also known as Mystery, is the author of the book. He is a Canadian pickup artist who is living in Los Angeles and loves to travel. Chris Odom also helped write the book. He is Mystery’s travel partner and PUA coach.

Pages: 272

Publisher: Villard (January 26, 2010)