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Approach Anxiety Program (Get Over Your Fear Of Approaching Women)

Updated: Jun 16

If you aren't meeting women you really like, it's time to learn how. Our world-renowned approach anxiety program teaches you everything you need to get past your fear of approaching beautiful women.

Approaching and starting a conversation with a random beautiful woman you don’t know can be as easy as talking with your friends and family: whenever you see a woman you want to talk to, you don’t think about what to do or say, you don’t fight with yourself over it… you just do it! Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible. I've done it many times and I’ve helped thousands of guys overcome approach anxiety through my ebook Just Fucking Do It - How to Get Rid of Approach Anxiety Once and for All

and my Live Infield Approach Anxiety Program. You can beat Approach Anxiety forever and gain full social freedom if you commit to our live infield Approach Anxiety program.

Approach anxiety occurs when guys are overwhelmed with feelings of nervousness when approaching women who are strangers on the street. This is usually because they are scared to interact with them or have a fear of rejection.

I define overcoming Approach Anxiety as the following: You will be able to approach and start a smooth conversation with any woman you want, regardless of the situation, with no fear at all. Particularly beautiful women.

Guys who take our infield Approach Anxiety program seriously are usually able to overcome the majority of their approach anxiety within 3 days of infield coaching (5 hours each day).

Since this is a live infield program, I want you to understand how and why our program works. Our Coaches specialized in Overcoming Approach Anxiety will push you over the edge of your comfort zone and train you to approach and initiate conversation with beautiful women in public places with no hesitation or delay.

It is really important to understand and adhere to the exact steps we present to you.

The good news is, We've taken the guesswork out.

There's no more wandering around letting approach anxiety build up.

There's no more wondering what to do.

There's no more wondering what to say.

You simply follow the instructions and do it in real-life scenarios with random beautiful women.

You simply follow the program and you will beat the vast majority of your approach anxiety. We've done this with thousands of men over the course of many years to put together this live infield program to ensure your success.

Our Coaches will guide you through the process and motivate you.

I wouldn't ask you to do something I can't do or I'm not willing to do. So I'll be doing infield approaches too. As disciplined as this is - we are also going to have fun.

If you are familiar with you will know that we handle approach anxiety purposefully to enable you to Get Laid with beautiful women. This is the end goal.

I’m not humble about the success of guys that our Coaches have worked with. Our approach to killing approach anxiety is the best in the world. Each one of us had approach anxiety and beat it when it seemed impossible. It took me a few years to get over my approach anxiety, but if I had tried the methods that I teach and advocate now- it probably would have taken about 2-3 days. More importantly, our methods get RESULTS for guys.

Our process is not about “reframing” rejection or trying to convince yourself that “it’s all in your head...” It relies on a “step by step” approach and real-world infield practice a proven process to reduce the physical and psychological response to a seemingly stressful situation.

Committed to Get You Laid Our infield program combats Approach Anxiety by focusing on approach anxiety as a part of a bigger picture (being intimate with women you like). Other methods such as "self-amusement" or "just be social" don't usually work for most guys because they do not specifically focus on approach anxiety in a cold approach process (with intent to be intimate with a woman and get laid) and don't address the end goal - why you are approaching in the first place.

Masculine Frame

I absolutely need you to focus on male-to-female interaction and communicate your intentions calmly and clearly in a socially and emotionally intelligent way (and not to do jumping monkey dance or self-amusement). In the process of overcoming approach anxiety, your end goal should be to get laid. And this is precisely what we will teach you. You certainly don't want to end up friendzoned. I will train and encourage you to do real-life approaches with beautiful women. Because this is where most men struggle. It's easy to approach average girls. The hot ones are the real challenge. And this is what you want to learn right? You are certainly not reading this and thinking about our infield approach anxiety program just to be able to approach mediocre women.

Mindset to overcome approach anxiety

We will teach you a mindset for true outcome independence. Our philosophy is that there are 4.2 billion women on this planet! If few of them reject you why would you care when there is an infinite pool remaining to cherry-pick from? In dating, nothing will hold you back more than fear of rejection. Instead of rejection bruising your ego, embrace it as a time-saving tool to filter out women who are not DTF and interested. This is the winner's mentality to overcome approach anxiety.

Step-by-step / real-life exposure experience

Through repetition, approaching women infield will gradually decrease your anxiety by exposing you to low-moderate levels of social tension. We have spent over a decade perfecting our infield approaches in a very specific way. If done correctly, these drills should produce daily positive reinforcement and results with women rather than doing just stupid banter that doesn't lead you anywhere with women.

Focus on Female body language and gage her reactions in real-time in order to calibrate your approach

This is the most advanced technique in the world. We will teach you advanced intersexual dynamics used by men who are naturally successful with women.

Before, during, and after- your focus should be on understanding the reaction you get from women and fine-tuning your approach.

Transition to Insta-dates and Number closes

The approach anxiety program is the bridge between not approaching and taking women on instantiates or taking phone numbers. Within a few days your approach anxiety, outcome dependency, and nice guy default behaviors will all be significantly reduced. There are some elements in the approach anxiety infield program (direct compliments, holding eye contact, physical escalation: touching) that will directly translate into your skill set with women and ability to seal the deal (get laid).

Accountability and Effort

I've designed this program as best I could, spending hundreds of hours putting things in specific places and approaching over 10,000 women (and getting laid with many) during the course of the last 16 years. And working in person with many guys. When it comes down to it- success rests with you. Success in beating approach anxiety (with my infield program) is ultimately a decision.

But before you commit to the Approach Anxiety Infield Program in one of the cities worldwide with Ardent Dating Team, please visit my homepage to see my results (dates, lays) with women and to understand the global scope of my experience.

This is why we have the best approach anxiety infield program in the world.

Are you going to see it through, no matter what?

If you aren't sure, then beating approach anxiety is not your #1 goal. That's okay, come back another time. As a market leader, we're not going anywhere.

Unlike "work" or "school" where you complete an assignment and go home for the day, this is real life. There are no deadlines and there are no grades. No one is evaluating you. A lot of the time you will be alone, without the comfort of friends or the safety of our community. I challenge you to try to rise to the challenge when things get tougher. You will eventually need to find the strength to do so.

You have unlimited tries and are encouraged to repeat days over and over until you give a satisfactory effort and performance. But note that it might take a decade to do it by yourself without a highly skilled mentor. If you have approach anxiety and struggle to approach, seduce, date, and get laid with women, you don't have any time to waste! It is crucial to overcome your approach anxiety and learn and master all aspects of dating as soon as possible because you won't be any younger or better than now. Life is short, don't waste your best years being single and end up alone. Join our world-renewed approach anxiety infield program in all major global cities.

If you TRULY do that - you should beat approach anxiety pretty quickly.

For some guys, this might be the last time you ever try to have a reasonable sex life. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a chance to succeed.

You are going to have to address that problem at some point anyway.

Guys that should not begin the Approach Anxiety Infield Program

This can be a fragile time. Arguably your entire sex life depends on this stage. We take that very seriously. You should too.

While most guys will be just fine, I suggest that you postpone working on approach anxiety if you have any ONE of the following-

  • Guys diagnosed with Autism

  • Guys with Extreme Depression

  • Guys that are Significantly Obese

  • Very low-income Guys (can't dress and style well)

If you are dealing with any of those, you are unlikely to see the program through at this time. Approach Anxiety infield program works, but only for guys that are [at least averagely] emotionally healthy and do not have conditions/circumstances that prevent them from making positive psychological changes in the face of social tension. Remember, we are literally changing your brain, but your mind and body need to be in decent shape to change.

Let me know what you think.

When was the last time you approached a random beautiful woman and started a conversation?

  • 0%This Week

  • 0%This Month

  • 0%Past 12 Months

  • 0%Never

If the answer is anything other than "this week" then you have an approach anxiety problem. You know, that crippling fear of approaching women who are complete strangers and starting a meaningful conversation.

Is this you?

You are overthinking and finding excuses why not to approach her and why it wouldn't work. And then in the evening, you end up alone in your place depressed and sad.

Well, the good news is that it doesn't have to be like that.

Apply for Approach Anxiety Infield Training and learn how to approach women you really like.

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