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-You do not talk about PLAYERS INTERNATIONAL community!


-You must provide WhatsApp number in International format (with country code Ex: +123456789) in order to be granted access to the WhatsApp group

-You are not allowed to repost / forward media from this group to anyone outside this Exclusive group (doing so will lead to immediate and permanent ban from the group)

-Religion, politics and racial topics are not allowed.

Our Religion is SMASHING, our
political affiliation is PUSSY, and we have members OF ALL RACES

is what we stand for and what we are passionate about

PLAYERS International is Elite Global WhatsApp Group of International Men united in a common cause: To smash as much pussy as humanly possible.

Combined, Members of this Group have experience seducing and getting laid with hot women in 90+ countries.

(There is no similar group anywhere else in the world. We literally live for this!)

By gaining access to this Exclusive Group you can:

• Meet and learn from like minded Men

• Ask any Seduction, Dating, Pickup or Sex related question and receive not just one but multiple answers from Elite Players with different backgrounds and perspective which will in turn greatly reduce your learning curve

• Post pictures and videos of your girls, field reports, comment and participate in discussions and view other members girls pictures, videos and field reports

• Obtain relevant first hand information about best Worldwide travel destinations for Meeting Beautiful Women with all venue details and insider info


Andreas Ardent, Founder

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