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Westfield Forum des Halles


3 Day Live Infield Training (2 day daygame and 1 day nightgame) in the iconic city of Paris well known for hot French women. Dating Coach Nick will personally Coach and mentor You how to seduce beautiful French women. Training cost: €5000

Time & Location

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Westfield Forum des Halles, 101 Porte Berger, 75001 Paris, France

About the Event

You will learn: fundamentals of intersexual dynamics, mindset for success with women, approaching, flirting, instadates, escalating, taking numbers, texting, sorting logistics, touching and kissing, pulling girls to your place, overcoming objections and resistance, having passionate sex, giving girls orgasms, cuddling, deep connecting, and further maintenance required to having fulfilling relationships.

Whether your goal is to

●Attract, seduce and bed attractive women

●Be able to seduce and date many women to find the right one for you and make her your girlfriend

●Have sex with as many women as possible

●Have the skill to seduce women in any foreign country

I've got you covered!

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