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Learn the proper way to approach and date women, develop fully as a man and gain the confidence to seek out the type of life that you want.


Are you 20-40 year-old male with a squared jaw and an average build. Have you spent most of your life in fear of approaching beautiful women and as a result, your dating life has mostly been relegated to going after girls in your friend group. Are you extremely dissatisfied with the women that you have gotten and find it impossible to approach women let alone have a conversation with one. You spend most of your time working/studying but you wish to have a life that was full of beautiful women who would fawn over you. You value masculinity, courage, and assertiveness and wish that you had the charisma of an alpha male alongside the confidence that comes with that status. You despise weakness, fragility, and feminine males because they remind you of the weakness within yourself. You believe that your looks and natural personality are inherently off-putting to women and thus you have been “set up” from the beginning of your life to never be attractive to women?


In your current life, you find your lack of confidence and familiarity in talking with women a great frustration. It annoys you how some men just seem to have this magic skill to talk with women and attract them. Secretly, you fear that you will never gain this ability and that your life will be doomed to continue in this state of forever being written off as an awkward guy without confidence. You lie awake at night worrying that you’ll never find your dream girl, or that you’ll be left to settle with a girl whom you know you could do better than. Others perceive you as a bit of a socially awkward guy with a good heart. Your intentions are noble but you don’t quite know how to operate to show off yourself in the best way possible. You feel a tremendous lack of status as a man of value. You feel that compared with true Alpha Males that you poses almost no challenge and that they can easily steal girls away from you.


If you could wave a magic wand and change your life, you would immediately feel this resounding feeling of confidence and warmth. This confidence would be silent and could be felt by those around you as almost a warm magnet that draws them to you and makes them want to spend time with you. Men would want to be around you because they find you inspiring and women would want to be with you because your confidence and self-knowledge indicate that you are a true man of value. You would feel like living up to your full potential and that there is no challenge that you can’t overcome with your confidence.


You are stopped from living your dream life because you don’t know where or who to turn to teach you the ins and outs of dating. You continue to make the mistake of thinking that you will simply find the love of your life by going about your life as usual, but that isn’t how life works. You don’t understand that love is like the lottery, and if you want to get the jackpot then you have to go out and get as many tickets as possible. Your main roadblock is learning the proper way to behave to get women to find you attractive and develop solid confidence in yourself so that you don’t need single woman to feel fulfilled.


​​Learn the proper way to approach and date women, develop fully as a man and gain the confidence to seek out the type of life that you want.

Andreas’ dating coaching helps to teach the proper way to approach and date women by directly leading you in what to do. This drastically increases your chances of success because you are being taught exactly what to do and what is going wrong, thus allowing you to choose winning behaviors that get results. Those who go on infield coaching with Andreas or other coaches will also receive faster results as they will get immediate feedback which can be implemented to get results fast. The coaching will ultimately result in far less sacrifice than wasting years of your life worrying about whether or not you’ll find the “one” because you’ll have so many options.
What makes the dating coaching so much fun is the fact that succeeding in picking up women is addicting and thrilling. It becomes a habit that is so enjoyable the more and more you do it.
Andreas’ coaching is straightforward and to the point without the need for “tricks” to get women into bed with you.

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